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The time has come. After what felt like eternity, (but had actually only been two years,) it is going to happen. I am going to officially join my new family, the Cullens, forever. Tonight.


The wedding was a week ago. Edward had insisted that we be married first for two things to occur: to take our physical relations to the ultimate level…and to bite me, filling my veins with that bitter-sweet venom that I had craved from the moment I fell in love with him.

The wedding had been like a dream. It was in the Cullens' backyard. Alice was of course in charge of the decorations, and she did an amazing job. There were delicate chairs arranged in rows and aisles, each draped with a white seat cover and tied loosely with a deep red velvet bow. The shrubbery was all laced with tiny white light bulbs, illuminating the parameters of the ceremony. Candles lined the aisle and were arranged throughout the yard as well. And, as a last minute idea, Alice bought bags and bags of rhinestones of all sizes and scattered them all over the grass. They reflected the candlelight spectacularly, and created the same glistening affect as vampire skin in the sunlight.

Rosalie was the bridesmaid and Alice was the maid of honor, naturally. They were sinfully gorgeous in their dresses of deep red. Emmett was the best man and Jasper was a groomsman. Mom, Carlisle, and Esme had front row seats, with an empty one for Charlie after he escorted me down the aisle.

I was nervous. Excited, but nervous. Alice and Rosalie had worked wonders on my hair and makeup; my long, brown tresses had been curled and secured in a low ponytail at the nape of my neck, tiny tendrils had been left loose, and baby's-breath had been woven throughout. And, even I have to admit that my dress was very flattering. It was made of a pearly-white silk that stood out in the candlelit night. It had a corset-style bodice and long, angular sleeves. I wore white stiletto heels… I had to constantly remind myself the entire night to walk carefully, or risk tripping and ruining the wedding. Edward would just smirk, I know, but I would never live it down. Oh, and my bouquet was of red roses and baby's-breath; the deep red theme seemed fitting for a vampire wedding in my eyes.

The ceremony ran smoothly, and I even felt tears of happiness prickling my eyes when Edward slid the icy ring on my finger, making me Mrs. Edward Cullen...forever. After the post wedding festivities, Edward and I said goodbye to our families and left for the honeymoon.

We chose a Parisian honeymoon for multiple reasons. I had mentioned fleetingly one day that I had always wanted to go there, and he, with his vampire-sharp attention to details, had stored that little bit of information in his mind. Also, Paris is obviously known as a romantic destination for young lovers…and the night life made it easy to avoid the sunlight, and therefore not give away Edward's secret.

Edward was true to his word; on our first night in Paris, I lost my virginity to the man I love. It was…breathtaking, to say the least. I was standing at the vanity running my fingers through my hair, trying to still my throbbing heart. I saw his reflection approaching in the mirror and closed my eyes. I was anticipating it, but when I felt his cool arms slip around my waist and pull my body against his, my pulse took off again. I sighed as he began kissing my neck slowly. He then began to nibble on my neck, which took me off guard; Edward had never allowed himself to do that! I opened my eyes and gazed into the mirror. He too looked into the mirror as he continued his attentions to my neck. And as I caught his eyes there, I could see a hunger…like an animal. But I wasn't afraid, even as his tongue and teeth glided over my flesh. In fact, I had never been more aroused in my entire life…because I knew he was fighting the urge to have his way with me, be it sexually or predatorily, and it was thrilling.

It was at this point that I turned to face him. I'm sure that my face was flushed, and he let out a low growl in response. He kissed me fiercely, and then swooped me up and had me lying on the bed in a matter of seconds.

"Bella Cullen," he murmured as he slid off my negligee, "you are the most tempting creature on the face of this planet. I love you now, and I will love you for all eternity."

Well, that did me in. I lost all self-control at that point. I started fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, and ended up getting frustrated with them and ripping the shirt open instead. His body was like a marble carving of a god, perfectly chiseled and smooth. I ran my hands over his cool chest and his body reacted by jumping a little. Somehow, he managed to lose his pants and boxers in one motion, never breaking our lip to lip contact. So there we were, completely exposed and completely in love. The next twenty minutes were full of stimulating experiments that had us both shaking with anticipation. At one point, as his mouth began its seconds trek over my entire body, he began to focus on my neck again. This time, instead of just kissing, licking, and nibbling, he began to suck and bite harder. Just a hickey, but a hickey from a vampire? Dangerous territory. It was still thoroughly exciting, but at one point, I lifted his head up and brought his eyes even with mine. His eyes did the most amazing thing: they went from black, to red, to topaz, to green…. Then back to topaz. Green… Carlisle said that Edward's eyes as a human had been green. So, in that instant of color changing, I saw all of the divisions of Edward Cullen, from the most animalistic to the most human. And it made my love for him swell in my chest to the point that I thought I would explode.

"Bella… Bella… are you ready?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded yes as my heart raced. And I knew that if Edward still had a heart beat, his heart would be racing too. As he positioned himself above me, his eyes shone topaz. And as he entered me for the first time, they flashed green, and then turned back to topaz. The line between pleasure and pain was so fine… I couldn't help but scream.

Afterwards, I felt closer to him than ever before. For my sake, Edward arranged the blankets over us. He pulled my body to his, draped his arm over me, and nestled his face in my hair. I had never been happier in my entire life. As we lay there, he began humming my song softly. With a sigh, I snuggle against his icy body and fell asleep to his humming.


That was a week ago. We spent the rest of the honeymoon in much the same way: exploring the city by night, and spending our days inside. A nocturnal lifestyle; a vampiristic lifestyle.

Now we are back in Forks at the Cull… I mean, our house. Everyone agreed that this would be the best place to turn me, because I would be surrounded by all of them to help me through the change. Today I visited Charlie and Mom, (who stayed in town long enough to see that I arrived safely.) I went with her to the airport. Not that I have any doubt whatsoever about doing this, but… Saying hello, and saying goodbye to my parents was difficult for me, because I knew it would be the last time I would see them for a very long time. After all, it will take me quite a while to get my new vampire instincts in check. It will be difficult to not see them, possibly for years, but it is all for the best. But that's all part of our grand plan; my parents think we are moving to Alaska for college. That at least will give us a few years to get my instincts under control. From there, we'll just have to improvise.

The sun is setting now. I am in Edward's room, our room. He still has that beautifully ornate bed that he surprised me with last year. It is where I am sitting, and he is pacing the floor in front of me.

"Edward?" I ask hesitantly. "It's going to be ok, I promise." I pause. "I love you, and I trust you."

He stops his pacing and looks at me for what seems like hours, but was only a minute or two. He nods, takes a deep, albeit unnecessary breath, walks my way, and rubs his hand together…

The door is shut, but I know the rest of the family is standing just outside of it. Not that they don't believe in Edward, just that it never hurts to be cautious. He knows it too; he can hear all of their thoughts. He casts a sideways glance at the door, but seems to feel better knowing they are there.

Hit sits down on the bed beside me. He takes my chin in his hand and turns my face towards his. He kisses me softly, but emotionally. It's not the same as the last time he kissed me before he left me; it's not a goodbye kiss. Rather, this seems to be a kiss of promise, a promise of what's to come in our future. When we separate, he tucks my hair behind my ear out of his way. He begins by kissing my neck. When his lips come to rest over my throbbing artery, they hesitate. I take his wedding-band clad hand in my own, entwining our fingers and squeezing them firmly. This seems to give him the last bit of courage he needs. I feel him begin to suckle my neck, trying to make this as pleasant as is possible. He kisses a trail up to my ear and whispers, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Now he's back to the spot on my neck… I feel his teeth, like so many times before…. But now he's biting, biting… I feel the 'pop' as he pierces my skin, and I yell. My instinct is to yank away, but he is now the one squeezing MY hand, so I squeeze back with all my power. His teeth continue to sink into my neck, and at this moment I love him and hate him for it, because it hurts, God it hurts so bad! A million, no, a billion times worse than that one scratch on my hand a couple of years ago. But in the back of my mind I remember Carlisle telling me that the more venom there is, the less agonizing the transformation will be. The pain is…well it would be unbearable. It's soo cold and hot at the same time! I'm screaming, I know I'm screaming, and crying, and my body is flailing around. Edward is pulling away from my neck now, and even in my pain, I feel bad for him, because his eyes are flashing between red and gold very quickly, his lips are covered in my blood, and he is paler than I have ever seen. He hates to see me like this, hates to know that he caused it. And at the same time, he is having to fight to maintain control of his inner beast, fighting to not drain me of my life right here and now. I am his singer; my blood is the most delectable he has ever encountered. And now he has tasted it. But still he struggles, still he fights, because he loves me. And as his eyes flash dangerously between red and gold, and as I am approaching being out of my mind from the pain, I lift our entwined hands to my lips and kiss his. His eyes stopped flashing, and they settled into their light, golden color. He wipes my blood from his lips and kisses me.

"Carlisle, Esme, and anyone who can bear it, come in and help me stop this bleeding now!"

Immediately the door swings open and Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Emmett entered the room. Rosalie enters slowly, and then Jasper does too. I'm surprised that Jasper can do it, but am pleased in a warped way.

I'm still screaming and crying and twitching.

Carlisle helps Edward to his feet. I have never seen him look prouder than he does now as he hugs his son. And I have never seen Edward look prouder either as he did in that fleeting second. But his attention quickly turns back to me.

I cannot control my body any more. I want to sit up, suck up the pain, and talk to them, but it's impossible. My mind is still my own, but who knows how much longer that will last either? I'm so cold, and so sleepy…

As Carlisle sees to stopping the bleeding, Alice smoothes my hair and wipes the tears from my cheeks. Esme stands by Carlisle and coos lovingly, "Darling, you will be fine. I am so proud to be able to call you my daughter now!... Love…trust us, we will make this as easy as possible for you. There's a good girl…"

Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie stand a few paces behind the rest. They are there for moral support, but aren't quite capable of getting too close. I understand.

But Edward… my love, my husband, is pacing the floor and wringing his hands. His eyes have never left mine. This is one of the only times that I wish that he could read my mind, that I wasn't the exception to the rule. If he could, he would know that I am ok, and that I love him. He should know that already. But from the look on his face…

"Isn't there anything we can give her to dull the pain?" He asks Carlisle desperately. "Like a sedative or something?"

I have been wondering the same thing.

Carlisle shakes his head slowly. "I'm afraid not. If we add anything else to her bloodstream, she will die. The venom has to work of its own accord; we cannot interfere."

"So what do we do, just leave her here for the next few days?!?" Edward asks incredulously. Apparently, he hadn't thought this far ahead.

Esme turns her head in his direction and replies calmly, "Yes. You can come in whenever you'd like, but I would advice against it. She won't be able to remember whether you stay with her or not, and I think that seeing her in that condition will only serve to upset you more, dear."

Everything is cold now, how do they not feel it? It must have dropped 20 degrees in here in the past 5 minutes. I am shaking more violently than I knew was possible.

And still crying.

And moaning.

But I'm so very tired now…. I think I'll just lie down and close my eyes…

But first, I have to see Edward. I force my eyes back open. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion, but I find him. He comes to me, and hugs me, and I try to hug him back, but I cannot lift my arms. He says that he loves me, and I try to respond, but I cannot speak. But he looks into my eyes and I know he sees it there. So it is with that that he leaves the room. And the others quickly follow. Carlisle is the last to go.

"Bella… I will check on you ever single hour until your transformation is complete. Just know, that we all love you. And, I am fairly sure that Edward injected enough venom into your bloodstream that you will be unconscious for most of the transformation……so when you wake up, be sure to thank him for that." And now, of all things, he smiles! "Welcome to the family, Bells." He turns and leaves the room.

I let my eyes close. My entire body is now on icy fire, or fiery ice. I cannot decide which one. Perhaps molten ice? Yes… molten ice. I think I am still crying, but cannot be sure. As I drift out of consciousness, the last thing I hear in my mind is Edward humming my song…


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