Hey Guys's I've decided that I wanted to write this story, It's an AU story that mixes with the Regular Titans universe. Revised Version 2.0!

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"Alternate Titans Universe"

In a room of the Titans tower, there was a boy in a dark room. He wore spandex pants, a sleeveless spandex shirt, a navy blue cloak, and fingerless gloves similar to Raven's. His hair was purple, and combed to the sides, and he had pale gray skin, a red chakra, and a form that was small and frail.

Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, he was just as tall as Beast Boy. He was currently meditating, and this Titan's name was Ravon. He appeared calm, floating inches from the ground. He was meditating because he was preparing himself to ask a certain someone something really important. He opened his eye's and floated back down to his bed.

"I hope Beast Girl says yes," he said. His voice was frail as well, but still similar to Raven's. He was preparing to ask Beast Girl out on a date--that's the reason why he was meditating, to keep himself in check. Unfortunately, he didn't finish--he just couldn't wait any longer, and so he thought it was time. "Well I hope this works," he said. He'd felt this way about her for some time, ever since the time the dread dragon Malkiana had deceived him, and Beast Girl had been there to comfort him. She told him he wasn't alone, and he had hugged her. She had seemed surprised. Even though she tended to tell him her lousy jokes, he always liked to be near her. But the thing was that Beast Girl was completely clueless about his crush... and tonight, he was gonna let her know.


In the common room of Titans Tower were the Titans Cybra, Starblaze, and Robin. Cybra was different from Cyborg--sure her tech was similar, but she had a slim feminine titanium frame and long curly hair. She was currently playing Gamestation, and was just as tall as Cyborg.

Starblaze was talking to Robyn. Starblaze had short red hair, with bangs just like Starfire's. His suit was almost like Starfire's, though his shirt reached his waist line, and he wore spandex pants. His shirt was also sleeveless, and he was well built.

Robyn's suit was the same as... Robin's, the only difference between them being that she had a slender female body with long black hair.

Beast Girl was in the kitchen, and had just finished her tofu sandwich. She was similar to Beast Boy, only taller; she was five foot eight. She wore her sleeveless Doom Patrol uniform, and had long green hair that she wore with a black headband.

The common room's doors opened with a swish, and Ravon stepped in and noticed Beast Girl. "Okay," he thought. "It's now or never." As he neared Beast Girl, she noticed him and got up, moving towards the male empath.

"Hey Rav! whats ups? " she asked excitedly. Her voice was slightly more high pitched then Beast Boy's, and very feminine. Ravon seemed to have a stressed look, making an uncomfortable grin.

"Well Beast Girl, I don't know how to say this... but... I... I... was wondering," he said shakily, his heart beating a mile a minute. His breath caught short, and his palms got sweaty. As he was speaking, the objects in the kitchen started levitating behind them, but everybody was too busy to actually notice. Beast Girl began to get tired of his stalling.

"Come on Ravon, it can't be that hard?" said Beast Girl, showing confidence. For Ravon, however, it was entirely different story. He was visibly shaking and blushing so much he looked as though he had a fever.

"Beast Girl I rea-" He never get the chance to complete his sentence; his powers suddenly went haywire and sucked them through a dimensional rift.


"Regular Titans Universe"

"Come on Raven, please!" begged Beast Boy, putting his hands together. Raven just looked away from him. Apparently asking her out wasn't working.

"Beast Boy, stop asking! I'm not going to go out with you! Why do you even want to go out with me?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Because you're independent, strong, beautiful, and really smart, and-" he stopped suddenly and let out a sigh. "You're right, why would you want to go out with me anyways?" he asked rhetorically. "I'm green, short, and annoying." Raven noticed that he seemed really hurt, and was worried. She felt awful for the green changeling, and was about to comfort him, when they both heard a strange noise. They turned their heads to see a whirlpool of swirling dark energy open up beside them. Beast Boy and Raven watched as the portal shot out two oddly familiar-looking people.

"Dude, who are they?!" shouted Beast Boy.


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