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Cyborg sighed. Looking over at Raven he wondered what made her be so reckless and risk her own safety to get close enough for Beast Boy to get a clear shot of her back, because of that one single move she had to get her back bandaged and recover from her lose of blood. Which explained why she lost consciousness. Raven breathed slowly as a blood pouch was near by, filling her with the much needed blood she needed. Currently she was laying on her bed, while wearing a hospital gown her wounds all healed. Of course Beast Girl and Starfire had dressed her into that, so it wouldn't be awkward for Cyborg nor Raven to deal with.

"Man Rae... I didn't know you'd be crazy enough to almost get killed by BB. Must be love..." he said, smiling at her. Closing his eyes he went back to check her condition. But as soon as he did, groaning could be heard, turning his head he turned to look and saw that Raven was sitting up, while one hand was holding her head.

"W-what happened...?" she asked, gritting her teeth feeling a strong headache come up. Cyborg smiled and sat down next to her bed.

"I see you're alive...." joked Cyborg. Raven squinted her eyes for a moment and turned her head to the metal titan and noticed she was in a gown. She sighed and slapped her forehead.

"I was hoping to avoid being in the medical wing..." she said. Raven never really liked being in the medical room. It usually meant that one of her friends was hurt or she needed help. She preferred to use her powers to heal herself up. "Oh... and of course I'm alive. I'm not planning on dieing anytime soon." she replied. Cyborg nodded his head, looking to the side and wondering why she risked her life and got close to an insane controlled Beast Boy.

"Rae.... why'd you do something so stupid.... that's not like you girl!" he said in an annoyed tone. Raven stared at him, not being effected by what he said.

"Because... I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get Beast Boy back." she replied. That just shocked Cyborg, it was common for Beast Boy to say those things about Raven when he was around her and them but for Raven actually take a step and proclaim what she felt for someone. This must have been deep. Though she would've risked her life for the rest of her friends, though it was known amongst them all, they really didn't need to, they just knew.

"Wow....when did ya' start talking like this?" Cyborg asked, his eyes widening.

"Since I've had my last meeting with Beast Boy...?" she said. Staring out in front of her as she pulled knee's and held them closely together. At the moment she felt vulnerable, since had just spoken in a way most of them would've never thought she'd say. Cyborg shook his head with a shocked look, slowly he picked up his communicator and pushed the button.

"Uh.... guys.... Y'all might wanna' come in here, I think somethings wrong with Rae!" he exclaimed, Raven's eye twitched as she was holding up her knee's and turned her head to him, glaring.

~Moments later~

All of the titans were gathered inside the medical wing. Which had Raven feeling odd, since she was in nothing but a hospital gown, she knew she'd have to make Cyborg pay for this, but now wasn't the time for that. Everyone watched Raven and waited for her to say something as Cyborg was sitting down next to her in his swivel chair. Raven leaned against the bed frame and looked towards the others.

"I think I should start." Started Robyn."It seems that Sleade and Slade have taken our friends, for what possible reason I'm not sure." announced Robyn, while she crossed her arms. Cybra turned and looked towards the girl wonder.

"Yeah. But those two are out numbered!" exclaimed Cybra. Robin turned his head towards the Metal girl.

"If Sleade's anything like Slade.... then numbers shouldn't matter to her." Robin commented. Causing Cybra to stop and think about the clever master minds. "What could they be planning...?" whispered Robin.

"Could it not be simply because they're are strong warriors?" asked Starblaze. Putting his hand on Robyn. Robyn shook her head.

"It can't be that simple...?" stated Raven, finally speaking. "This is what I've gathered from fighting them. You've noticed the change. it's obvious.... yet, you guys haven't noticed something else, Sleade and Slade had control over their emotions, if this was him just threatening them with something, they wouldn't need to have those things on their heads." All of them stared at her with serious looks, Beast Girl looked up and nodded her head.

"Yeah. I saw those thingies... when Ravon was gonna' crush me. That thing on his head started making sparks, kinda' like when Cybra short circuits." Said the female changeling.

"She's right." Said Cyborg, crossing his arms and nodding his head. "I saw that too. He was fighting against it, meaning they don't have complete control over them. Which must meant their mind control things aren't ready, yet...." Cyborg said sighing.

"Yes, I too have noticed that effect on friend Beast Boy as he threatened to cause harm to friend Raven!" Starfire exclaimed, remembering the moment that Beast Boy tried to end Raven. "It seems that our friends 'old selves' are still present within their controlled states." That was enough to get Beast Girl to notice something.

"That much is true. But that doesn't tell us why they need them, couldn't they take Raven or me, and still get the same thing?" asked Beast Girl. Raven turned her head to Beast Girl.

"That's also true. They would've taken me or Beast Girl." replied Raven. Starblaze closed his eyes and held his hands together, thinking of anything to possible help.

"Could it be that he wishes to use them as 'the bait' and capture all of us?" Starblaze said. That single phrase gave Robin and Robyn a possible idea.

"I think I've figured it out!" Both said at the same time, which was weird, causing all the others to look at them as if they were the same person. Which they sorta were, so it shouldn't have been all that surprising, but at the moment nothing really made since. Fake coughing to clear the atmosphere, Robyn nodded her head as she seemed to be staring at the floor.

~With Slade and Sleade~

Slade and Sleade made their way to the operation room, the sounds of their boots clinking with each step. Sleade turned her head towards Slade, raising something that appeared to be an eyebrow, somehow it was visible, considering she wore a steel mask to conceal her identity.

"Are you certain we're able to control their much stronger forms?' she asked, then turned her head back to see the operations room, entrance. Slade's pupil moved to look at her, right before it went back to looking forward.

"I'm not certain of anything. There could be a malfunction if everything doesn't go according to schedule..." Slade replied. Though Sleade didn't seem all that worried, in truth she knew they could just kill them by making the devices on their heads explode, thous for damage their brains so far, that though would die in the process, even if they were precious pieces to their plans. They always needed a back up plan.

"Either way, we shall have our way..." she stated, chuckling. Slade nodded his head and joined her in her sinister laughter. Doing so, the two evil masterminds entered past the sliding operations room entrance. Once they had entered the room, a Slade bit had approached them, as he held a chart that seemed to hold all the information of the titans current conditions. Said Slade bot handed Sleade the charts, Scanning the paper she smirked under her steel mask.

"It appears as though the operation was a success!" Sleade exclaimed. "Let's pay our guests a little visit...." she announced.

"Yes. Indeed." Slade replied. The Slade bot knew what they wanted, so, it gestured for them to follow it. Moments later they arrived in a special chamber which held the two former super hero's. Both stood in a dark, isolated room, either spoke nor did they seem alive. Ravon's clothes were much more different then before, his once navy blue cloak was now a deep crimson red. The edges seemed to be torn or scratched at from the bottom. His clasp that held the symbol of a raven, was replaced by the symbol of 'Slade'. Ravon appeared to be slouching forward, his cloak shadowing his eyes, but even so, his eyes could be seen. Which was difficult not to, since the irises of his eyes were a glowing red color. The moment that he heard the sound of Slades and Sleade's foot steps. He revealed his wicked smile, with teeth that were razor sharp. Obviously chuckling quietly. That sound even had a small effect on Sleade and Slade, which of course, must have meant something bad.

To Ravon's side, stood Beast Boy. The formerly green changeling was also slouched over, his head tilted downwards, casting a shadow over his eyes, his eyes on the other hand, weren't visible. If anyone looked closely enough, they could notice the shadow of the mind control device on his head. His hands hung loosely to his sides, though his hands seem much sharper; almost claw like in appearance, yet. They still resembled human hands. His uniform had changed somewhat, his hair grew a bit longer and spikier then before. In place of his purple, there was a deep red color which seemed to match Ravons. Must have been a uniform thing Slade and Sleade had for things around there. When Beast Boy had heard Slade and Sleade enter, he merely chuckled and kept grinning in a malicious way.

As Slade and Sleade stood before them, they held their arms behind their backs. With both of them facing the two dark Titans, Slade walked over to Beast Boy and put his hand on his shoulder. "Boy.... what is your purpose?" he asked. Narrowing his eye at him. Beast Boy just stared at him, smirking, revealing his usual sharp teeth.

"To serve my masters..." Beast Boy replied. Not once did he take his eyes off his master Slade. Sleade knew she she'd be the one to see if Ravon was disobedient. Taking a step closer she reached out her hand, then touched the top of Ravon's head. The boy didn't respond negatively, which was good, because Sleade felt that frying their minds was a waste of apprentices.

"And what would your purpose be, my dear boy?" Sleade asked, raising a brow. Ravon slowly tilted his head upwards and revealed his sharp demonic like teeth.

"To serve my masters as well..." Ravon replied. Pulling their hands back, they turned their backs to them. Slade looked towards Sleade, Sleade looked at Slade. Nodding her head Sleade turned her head towards the changeling and the empath.

"Come children.... there is much preparation we must do." Sleade command. Neither seemed to object to this and simply followed behind them, while they walked down the halls, several doors could be seen to the sides. Occasionally a Slade bot would pass by, they didn't speak to anyone; due to the fact that not many of them were designed for that purpose. Only very few Slade bots spoke or did anything else, then be used for combat. Making a turn to the end of the hall, they came across huge sliding open doors.

"What's this place master...?" asked Beast Boy. Still smirking, eager to attack anything at the moment. Ravon wished to know as well.

"Patience's child, all will be explained in due time...," Sleade began. "just be clam and allow us to lead you." she finished. Slade didn't need to say anything at the moment as they passed through the sliding door. Once inside they walked to the center of the room, which was dimly lit. Both of the dark titans raised a brow, did every room have to be dimly lit and mostly covered in shadows? Beast Boy figured that his master was cheap with the electric bill. Slade noticed their looks, it didn't bother him what they thought of how he ran things around there.

"Shall we begin?" Slade asked. Moving so that he was facing everyone. With that he gestured with his hands and presented their obstacle course. Sleade had already known about the course, so, this wasn't new to her, but for Ravon and Beast Boy it looked like they would need to put some serious effort into it. But even when they were in the first stage of their mind control devices, their strength was greatly improved. So, then they merely smirked. Both Beast Boy and Ravon seemed as though they were gonna' enjoy their time in the course. Since some thing contained dangerous animals that could threaten their lives, Ravon knew he cloud phase through everything and finished without even trying. Beast Boy could change into a fly and pass everything as well. It was just that their blood lust wouldn't allow them to do what they wanted to. Harm something.

Smirking both made looks that seemed to plead to their masters. "Of course, enjoy children" Said the dark villainous. But as they got to the obstacle course, everything vanished and were actually holograms, both stopped and turned their heads towards their masters, Sleade and Slade both chuckled, the area seemed like a battlefield of some sort. Turning to face each other, both of the apprentices smirked. Ravon raised his hand and clenched his fist. Beast Boy mimicked his action, though his hand was more threatening, since he had somewhat sharp finger nails on his hands.

"I see you've figured out the reason for the holograms, though I figured you two would be much more surprised to find out that your opponents are each other..." he lied. In truth he knew that they wouldn't have a problem with that, it showed that all the flaws might have been terminated, before he hadn't asked, due to their special relationships with the female versions of themselves, if they could fight each other. Then it proved that they would no longer have to be concerned with the devices short circuiting anymore.

"As am I." Sleade commented. looking at both of them. "When I shout 'Go!', you two will commence the battle!" she shouted.

"Now both of you, please stand at each ends of the field." Slade announced. Both did as they were told. Taking their places both stared each other down with wicked intents, Slade and Sleade knew they might take it too far, with that Slade decided to address this issue.

"You may draw blood, though I suggest neither of you cause too much harm towards the other, we'll need our strength to defeat the titans!" he shouted. Beast Boy had to admit he was disappointed in that little announcement. Though figured the titans would be even better to defeat, especially Robin or Robyn. He wasn't sure which one kicked him through the window, all he knew that his revenge would be sweet.

Ravon wasn't all that effected, he just wanted to hurt something or someone, no matter what the cost; Excluding his masters of course. Sleade looked from side to side, seeing both of their eager faces just waiting to attack the other. Raising her right arm, while the other was to her back, Sleade swiftly swung her arm down.

"Go!" she shouted. As that very moment Beast Boy ran forward. As for Ravon he merely raised both of his hands, since he was more of the magic user then a brute force type of person. Beast Boy lunged forward, but not before he pulled his right arm back for a quick punch, Ravon easily avoided it, not expecting much from the changeling, So Ravon aimed to use his left arm to send a blast of dark energy at him. At that very second Beast Boy narrowed his eyes and smirked as he ducked from that hit, as he was ducking, Beast Boy attempted to do a leg swipe at him, to make his fall on his feet, which didn't work as Ravon himself caught in a split second, though he was truly impressed and surprised. But that the moment it wasn't a good idea to admire someones movements. As he was in midair Ravon adjusted himself in the air and sent a barrage of Kicks, almost like a one legged version of the bicycle kick. Beast Boy of course was practically open, since the leg swipe basically turned to your back towards the enemy.

With his heightened senses Beast Boy barely managed to transform in a rat, then quickly ran away, then transformed back. Ravon landed on the ground, smirking. "Is that all you've got?" Ravon asked, in a clearly cocky tone.

"Not even close... I was just checking you out!" he exclaimed. Ravon used this time to launch strong blasts of magical energy towards Beast Boy. Beast Boy jumped to the side to avoid the first one. Though Ravon predicted his move, so, he launched a blast to the place where Beast Boy was gonna' land, even before he got there, Beast Boy hadn't seen it coming.

"AH!" screamed Beast Boy, as a large cloud of smoke; mostly made of dry cement. Was scattered, all in Beast Boy's location. Ravon knew he had won and turned his back to Beast Boy, smirking all the way. Sleade was about to call it off, until the smoke seemed to be swifting a bit, then out of it came Beast Boy flying as a Rhino. Ravon quickly turned his head back, raising his shield for such a close attack.

"Argh!" he grunted, as his energy shield was shattered, thous for sending him flying backwards, into a cement wall. Ravon grunted as he slammed against it, sliding down the wall, Ravon landed on his stomach. Beast Boy who had turned back to himself the moment that he had slammed against Ravon, reverted back into his normal self, in a crouching position, though he didn't wanna' let Ravon win at all, so he tried to attack him while he was down. Slade and Sleade both knew it was time for them to test out the new feature, turning their heads towards each other Slade and Sleade nodded once, as if they were in complete sync by accident.

While Beast Boy was running towards Ravon. He suddenly stopped and grabbed his head, falling to his knee's, the young changeling grabbed his head and felt immense anger surge through his body. He could tell that it was being forced up too quickly, slamming his arms down on the ground Beast Boy closed his eyes and bared his fangs, from there he quickly grew in size and suddenly became his most feared form. 'The Beast' roared as it arched it's head back and shoot his head back.

Ravon as he was down had already quickly recovered during Beast Boy's charge and was planning to surprise attack him, until his eyes widened, he could feel hatred and evil spread throughout his body. Digging his fingers into the cement ground, Ravon shot his head back and felt his eyes start to fade, as they somehow almost did, since his pupils vanished and so did the rest of his eyes, now they were replaced by bright glowing yellow eyes, that of which matched Ravon's mothers. Bearing his sharp fangs Ravon revealed his razor like teeth and grinned wickedly at Beast Boy or 'The Beast' as he currently was. Laughing as wickedly as he looked, Ravon shot up about ten feet and stared down at the eight foot monster below him. That didn't bother 'The Beast' at all. They turned their heads towards their masters.

Slade and Sleade had the terminate buttons ready to be pushed if they actually tried to destroy them. Neither one of them took their eyes off their forearms and waited for them to say or do anything. It appeared to be a stand off. Narrowing his eyes Slade was ready to end them, so was Sleade.

Suddenly both of the demonic titans bowed before them. "Excellent..." both commented. "Phase one: Make our to apprentices do combat without hesitation!" Slade announced.

"Check!" exclaimed Sleade. "Phase two: Control our apprentices more primal forms." she stated. Slade raised his head.

"Check." Slade replied. The two massive figures still waited on their command. "Both of you must try to defeat the other, began!" he shouted, with that Ravon and Beast Boy set their sits on each other.

When both were close enough Ravon sent out black tentacles to try and stab, slash or choke 'The Beast'. Though when he would grab one of his arms or legs, 'The Beast' would have the strength to pull himself loose. Glaring at him 'The Beast' Ravon shot some of his tentacles at the large hulk covered with hair. 'The Beast' dodged some of them, though two had managed to slash the sides of his arms, which didn't seem to slow 'The Beast' down at all, when he was close enough 'The Beast' rolled himself up int a huge ball of grey fur and rolled at great speeds towards Ravon, Ravon wasn't aware of this and took the hit as 'The Beast' gridded his huge body at Ravon's small demonic chest, grunting in Pain Ravon managed to wrap his tentacles around the huge ball of fur, then grabbed it and shocked it with a large amount of his power, though he was struggling ot keep it up, since he had taken a big hit to the chest. 'The Beast' Had been thrown back by the demonic boy and managed to regain his footing, as he skidded backwards on the ground, the force of the throw was actually that intense. Both eyed each other before going to charge at each other once more, Ravon Made it so all of his tentacles to try and stab 'The Beast', said beast Merely charged Ravon, with one of his arms as he somehow managed to maneuver through most of the tentacles.

Slade and Sleade knew this would end badly and pushed a button on their wrist controllers to make them stop at once. At that moment they both instantly seized their attacks.

Ravon had one tentacle to 'The Beast's throat and 'The Beast' had one claw to Ravon's throat as well. Both of them stared each other down.

"it seems we have a draw...though we couldn't let you two kill each other, that is for the titans!" Shouted Slade, laughing evilly. Sleade smirked under her mask.

"Yes. For the next day, shall be the end of the titans..." Sleade commented.



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