AN--- So. This is my first Micah peice, something that just hit me during... Well, that episode when we first meet Monica. All the episode names are running together for me.

Anyway, I actually rather like it, which is unusal.

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He felt ridiculously cut off from reality.

Here, perhaps, the time should be taken to mention that Micah's definition of reality is slightly warped. For Micah, reality included schizophrenic, super-strong mothers and unstable (molecule wise) dead fathers and controlling electronics and saving the world and evil men who cut the tops off of people's scalps and superpowers.

So it was understandable that Micah would find bickering about watching boxing-matches on pay-per-view and promotions and tomatoes cut like roses boring but simultaneously out of the ordinary.

It wasn't in Micah's nature to be surly or upset or really any thing other than determined and optimistic (and he wasn't too sure which side of the family he'd gotten these particular attributes from, because neither of his parents were quite like him in this respect). So he smiled and would sit and watch his cousins go on, bustling about, oblivious to reality.

But when the opportunity arose to practice his abilities (Micah believed you could never be too ready for what was coming) he took it. And when any news of his mother finally filtered through to him, he took that, too (although admittedly with a grain of salt). And he would sit and wait and bide his time until his Mom finally got fed up (or done, whichever happened first) with whatever she was doing and finally came back to him, so they could go save the world.

And then they could finally be the Fantastic Four, minus two, plus everyone else.