Summary: "I'll be coming home late, so don't be waiting for me." She waits and waits, he never comes. He won't be coming home, so don't be waiting for him anymore.


"I'll be coming home late, so don't be waiting for me."

He always says that, each and every time. Haruno Sakura finds herself alone on the bed with cold sheets besides her. She gets up and runs down the stairs just in time to see her love leave the house. He's at the door and hears her at the top of the stairs. He nods at her presence and closes the door. Sakura hears the engine starts as the care pulls down the drive way. Her smile is gone, it has long disappeared from her face.

And she waits.


It's been like this for a long time. Early mornings she sees him leave. Late nights, she sees him coming in the front door as she drifts off to sleep. At times, she wonders, why does she put up with this? She shakes her head, she loves him, she loves him, she repeats to herself, as if trying to convince something to someone that isn't true. She's on the couch, television turned on, but no one's watching. Instead, she looks out the window, particularly at nothing, The phone rings at 3:00PM, it's her love, Uchiha Sasuke.

"Will you be coming home anytime soon?"

"I'll be coming home late, so don't be waiting for me."

"Oh," she says slowly, "OK, I'll... see you when you come back.."


He hangs up. Same routine, same motion, same words.


The first time she met Sasuke, she thought he was the love of her life. Back then, he had picked her over all the other girls. She thought he felt the same way. She left her best friend for him, she left her dream job, stayed home for him. Back then, they talked, and he didn't hate her like he did to everyone else. She was special. Back then, she loved him. No, not just loved, she still does love him. No way can she ever not. They talk now, everything is wrong. It ends in argument. The clock hits 2:15AM, keys jingle, and the door unlocks from the outside. Sakura has no need to turn to the door, she knows who it is. She's lost count to how long it has been this way.

"What are you doing?" he asks, not facing her as he takes off his coat. It seemed like a rhetorical question, he knew the answer, she knew the question, but she answers anyways. "I wanted to spend some time with you," she says, with some hopefulness in her voice, though deep down, she knew it couldn't really happen.

"I don't have time." She looks down, quietly asking "When do you ever have the time for me?" Sasuke gives her an annoyed expression.

"Don't get started Sakura."

She brings her eyes away from the ground to his face, "What.." she begins, "do you mean by that? 'Don't get started?' Start what?"

Sasuke doesn't say anything but keeps his same annoyed face. "I.. I thought we could be happy together, ever since that day. I thought.. we were perfect for each other." She stuttered, trying to keep her voice from cracking. "You married me, you cared for me, you loved me.. why can't you do it anymore?"

A few moments pass, his deep, calm voice prevented her from breaking into tears.

"I never said that."

Though it had broke something else.


Next morning, she does the same thing. He's not there when she wakes up. She catches him right before he leaves, but he doesn't turn to acknowledge her this time. A few hours pass, it's three in the afternoon, but the phone doesn't ring. More hours pass, it's two fifteen in the morning, she doesn't hear the keys jingle.

She wakes up again, not realizing she had fallen asleep.

Sakura, you're so stupid. Waiting on someone like this... you're so pathetic, she thinks to herself.

He didn't call to say he'd be coming home late, or at all. She had not heard his voice since that argument. There was nothing. But she disregards it. It's alright.

And she waits.