Chapter 11: Sweet "Normalcy" Once More

The next morning, there wasn't much to show that anything out of the ordinary had happened in Peach Creek. The school was now minus one classmate, on account that she had been flung into space with her SIR unit and overridden space ship. The jawbreaker factory had mysteriously crumbled on one side, so jawbreaker production would have to momentarily halt.

Nope, nothing out-of-the-ordinary there.

There was one last thing that was different this morning: the glowing green house that had, before, resided deep in the woods outside Peach Creek, was gone.

Now, the only thing in Peach Creek's woods (besides the enormous Ice Hotel) was a small, floating space ship containing a green-skinned alien, a small blue-eyed robot, and a purple floating moose. Three boys with the same name were bidding them farewell.

"Aww…do you really have to leave, Zim?" asked Ed.

"You're perfectly welcome to stay here," said Double D.

"Yeah, if it weren't for the fact that you want to take over the Earth," said Eddy, who was disappointed now that he had finished his jawbreaker.

Zim looked at the three boys standing beside his Voot Cruiser. He sighed. "I suppose Zim should be…flattered by your offers," he said, "but this town just isn't the same as the one where we previously resided. Plus, there are too many people here who want to beat up Zim."

"Well, you got a point there," said Eddy.

"Like I said, do whatever what will make you happy, Zim," said Double D.

"Well, it's not like Zim actually misses his old rival," said Zim. "It's just that…it's easier to beat him because there's only one of him, unlike three of you."

"And one head is better than three!" said Ed.

"Indeed…one extremely big head…" said Zim. "Well, anyway, I suppose this is…goodbye, Ed-humans."

"Bye, Peanut Head!" Gir called to Ed.

"Bye, Puppy!" said Ed.

MiniMoose squeaked.

And with that, Zim's Voot Cruiser rose into the air and began to sail away from Peach Creek.

"Well, what a day, huh?" asked Double D.

"And all the cheese is still intact," said Ed.

"Whatever," said Eddy. Then, he began to walk back in the direction of his latest pride and joy. "Now that all the drama's over, how about getting back to what's important. Like, say, our Ice Hotel?"

"You're still thinking about that even after all that has happened?" asked Double D.

"Why shouldn't I?" asked Eddy. "We've been busting our butts for weeks to get that thing done, and now we just got it done just as…" At this point, the Eds had made it to the Ice Hotel. "Just as…" Then, as Eddy was talking, he turned to his Ice Hotel. But what he saw made his words stop on the edge of his tongue.

Apparently, when the Earth's molten core was being drained, it had a drastic effect on the Ice Hotel; it didn't help that the sun was now blazing right above it. However, the point was this: Ed Edd n Eddy's Ice Hotel was now halfway melted to the ground.

"Just as the spring thaw comes in, huh Eddy?" asked Ed.


As Zim was flying away with Gir and MiniMoose, he suddenly heard a far-off cry in the distance.


"Master!" said Gir. "That big-mouthed boy's talkin' like you again!"

Zim just shook his head, allowing a small smirk appear on his face.

"Humans," he mumbled.

Author's Note: And there you have it. Zim's adventure with the Eds has finally come to a close. Albeit, this chapter's a little short, but what are you gonna do? I should probably be thrilled now; I'm free to finally start work on Spring Break with an Ed. It's a good thing, too; I've been brainstorming about that story forever! Anyway, thanks to everyone who has favorited and reviewed Invad-Ed. I'm grateful, as with all my stories. Keep your eyes peeled for the last story in the "Ed Edd n Eddy/Nightmare Before Christmas/Gorillaz" saga, which is coming very soon. Until then, happy reading! ;)-AMX

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