Chapter 4: A New Day

Within a few days, Cody got over his mom's death and began to enjoy life at Pen Gu Island. The next morning, Cody watches the sunrise and sees Z behind him.

"Morning, Cody." Z said, sleepily.

"Hey, Z." said Cody.

"Heard you got over your mom's death. Did all of your talks help?" asks Z.

"Yeah, they did." said Cody.

Later on, Kelly Slater and Rob Machado comes over to see Cody and notices Cody feeling better.

"Hey, Cody." greets Kelly.

"Hey, Rob, Kelly. How are you guys?" asks Cody.

"Okay. You?" asks Rob.

"Doing fine." said Cody.

"Joe told us you got over the loss of your mom and that all of your friends' talks helped." said Rob.

"Thanks, dudes." said Cody.

"You know, we came to see how you're doing." said Kelly.

"I'm doing just fine." said Cody.

"That's good to hear." said Rob.

"So want to join us for breakfast?" asks Kelly.

"Sure. Can Z come too?" asks Cody.

"Of course." said Rob.

"Cool. I'll meet you guys later." said Cody.

Rob and Kelly looked at each other and said, "All right. See you then." Then they walked off leaving Z and Cody to talk.

"You didn't have to do that." said Z.

Cody looked at him and said, "Hey, what are friends for? I first recognized you when I got to Pen Gu, you helped me learned how to make my own surfboard, you helped me how to surf and how to have fun, you helped me on the surfing competition, but on top of all that, you helped me out to get over my mom's death and they all worked. Thanks, Z."

Z smiles and said, "You're welcome, man."

Later on, Z and Cody comes through the beach seeing Kelly and Rob along with Chicken Joe, Lani and everyone else having breakfast, and began to socialize. Later on, Cody began to feel like he has real friends that stood right by him whenever he needs it.