Mermaid Dreams

by GiGi

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Chapter 1

Ned reached under the counter to get a plate when his hands brushed against something wooden. Placing the plate on the counter, he pulled out a pie box...with pie in it. What was this doing underneath the counter? Ned examined the box to find the addressee and found an envelope.

To Lily and Vivian

Chuck's aunts? Why would they order from the Pie Hole? Curiosity got the better of Ned. He opened the envelope.

Inside was a picture...of Olive? Even weirder, she was wearing a mermaid outfit whose neckline could hardly be named so. Worse, she was slightly bent over with her arms going to one side, making her...b-breasts pop out even more.

At the bottom of the photo, someone--Olive, most likely--had written in a very feminine hand, "See? You've inspired me so much already. Don't stop now," with a smiley face next to it.

Ned's eyes went back to the photo. Had she always had such large br--body parts?

Only when the bell above the door jingled announcing another customer did Ned realized he just spent the last five minutes ogling Olive. Hisemployee! But he was with Chuck and she was his employee, too. But she was supposed to be dead so it's not like she could press charges for sexual harassment like Olive could if the relationship went sour.

Never mind that. What about Chuck?


Stuffing the picture back into the envelope and replacing the box where it was, Ned tried to resume his work as if it were any ordinary day and not a day where he was attracted to Olive.

Wait. He was attracted to Olive?


"Chuck, are you sure this will help anymore than it has the past two months?" Olive asked her new friend. "I don't think the pies have helped so far."

"Ugh, their bodies may have become used to the mood stabilizer. Maybe I should try another one," Chuck muttered as if to herself.

"Mood stabilizer?" Olive repeated and watched as Chuck's eyes went wide once she realized she'd said it aloud. "When do they take a mood stabili--oh my God. You put it in the pie?!" she exclaimed, hardly waiting for Chuck's guilty nod before continuing, "No wonder you always ask if they ate their pie."

"Well, come on, Olive. It's the only way I can help my aunts. Please tell me you'll keep going there," Chuck pleaded.

"Of course I'll keep going, but at least tell me when I'm drugging your family so I know."

"Thank you."


Ring ring!

Ned hurried to answer the phone, nearly tripping across his entire apartment on his way there. "Hello?"

"Ned?" A high voice came through the phone.

"Olive!" Ned squeaked, his voice going up an octave or two. Clearing his throat, he said in a much more masculine voice, "Olive, what's up?"

"My car just broke down."


"Ugh," Olive sighed over the phone at having to spell it out for him. "Can you please come and pick me up? And soon? It's starting to rain."


"Sure, where are you?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Mentally slapping himself, he wrote down where she was and left the apartment.


Pulling up in front of Olive's car, Ned got out and popped the hood of her Mini-Cooper. He tried not to notice that, in the rain, Olive's dress clung to her body in a more than suggestive way and was a little see-through. She obviously didn't notice, because she hugged Ned, declaring her gratitude for him.

This was going to take a while.

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