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Chapter 3: Contract Al'a doom!

"Accept WHAT!!" Sora's hand flew out grabbing at the silver haired god. Though it was hard to know what to grab, he was wearing practically nothing, just some vines and twigs and if you pulled hard enough i bet they would pop right off- sora's overy stressed and imaginative mind sang out in delight much to Sora's distress.

His head moving down to look at the strange boys clad crotch...' well at least he's got on a loin cloth.' Some where in the back of his mind, though he would not admit a small 'Damn' echoed.

Sora finally got a grip on his mind and the boy,decidely snagging his shoulder and drawing him close. "WHAT ARE YOu!!!!" Sora almost shrieked, the thought that his mind was making this all up was rather disturbing in many ways.

The silver haired god just smirked, the smug looked seemed to fit his features far too well, in a 'I'm the fucking hottest shit you've ever seen and i know it kinda way'.

"Great.." Sora let go rolling his eyes and dusting off his hands, for some reason this hallucination was covered in dirt...weird, "My mind WOULD just conjure up a conceited hot ass dick."

The silver hair's eyes seemed to grow wider but it was hard to tell because as the last word left his mouth the small ball of infinate flashlight power flew out and grabbed one of his spikes pulling persistently.

At first the Silver didn't seem to notice, instead he was...well, from what Sora could tell while he was running around fighting off the pixy of death, he was for lack of a better term, checking out his own ass.

Sora glowered, how dare his own Prince Charming Hallucination not save him! "Hey!!!" Sora shouted getting in one good swat that sent the nightmare fireball hurtling to the wall. Sora ducked to the side grabbing a old army helmet from demxy's pile o'shit and clamping it onto his head, turning his furry back to the Silver now that his precious spikes were safe. "If your not to busy checking out your ass, could you do something about your attack mite?"

"Hm?" The silver turned, as if he had just noticed the boys presence in the room for the first time. Sora growled in frustrated anger, pointer finger snapping in the direction the firefly had landed. "Could you please do something about that...that THING!"

The silvers gaze followed his finger and landed on the tiny pixie, who was just coming to, a look of horror spread across his god like features as he flew through the air to her side. "Selph!! Are you okay?!" Sora stared unbelieving as the pixie suddenly developed a limp and a twitchy wing, "Mother-fucker.." Sora reached out and grabbed a near by broom, stomping towards them. The tiny bitch clung to her 'master?' with a look of falsified horror on her tiny face. The silver spun around catching the broom as in glided non to gracefully towards them. The Silver's strength was amazing, he literally ripped the broom out of his hand and had him slammed againt the wall in on liquid fast movement.

He said nothing only stared into Sora's face calculating something, his breath warm on his checks as Sora realized just how close they were.

"um..." Sora's brain tried to process an order for the boy to release him but at the same time he was rather positive he would like the small distance left between them to disappear. -One small tug would do the trick- Sora's mind suggested.

As if hearing his thoughts the boy's smug attitude returned and he leaned in lips brushing his ear causing a small shiver to run down Sora's spine. Damn hormones were going to be the end of him.

"Riku" The silver god voice was so deep, and it was so freaking hot in here all of the sudden. "huh?" Sora managed to form one word, well that was a start.

The boy pulled back much to Sora's displeasure, a pout formed on his lips and the silver laughed, floating back and seeming to sit in the air. "My name is Riku, but you can call me Ri, and that, "Riku pointed at the now in perfect health fairy o'doom, "is Selph." Ri floated about, not resting in one position for long.

'Maybe he's got A.D.D.' Sora thought absently.

"Okay, so what are you doing in my room?" Sora decided to play along with it, hell if it was a dream maybe it would come with a happy ending. Some part of him started the happy dance in his head at that thought.

"Oh, i was just passing by in the galaxy," Riku said in a matter of fact voice, 'damn, this dream sure is getting weird' Sora thought. "And you know, i heard your wish, it sounded interesting so i decided to take it." Riku's smirk grew wider.

"You heard y wish???" Sora's head tilted to the side, if he had a monitor screen it would have read Processing.....processing...'Holy SHIT BALLS!!' "You can read MINDS!!!!" Sora's flabbergasted look and and shaking finger only made to amuse Ri futher.

'Shit! He heard what i was thinking before...' Sora glanced up tentatively, the smug look on Riku's face was blinding, an affirmation to his thoughts. Sora's head dropped, shoulders slumping in defeat. He would just have to dream up a Super powered ho...'oh hohohoho' Sora mentally slapped himself for almost slipping up again, no way in hell was he going to build up this guys ego any more if he could help it. As it was he was overflowing with confidence and his smug attitude was already bouncing and hopping on his last nerve.

'Just gonna have to watch what i'm thinking around this guy....' Sora broke out in a cackled laugh, almost hysterical. "Wow here i am worrying about something that will disappear the second i wake up..." Sora swiveled on his heels once again facing Riku.

"Okay so what do i have to do? You know, "Sora shuffled his foot in the carpet making shapes, "You know to get you to go away?"

Riku tilted his head to the side in confusion, Sora's mind went flying, god he was soo freakin cute when he did that- 'NO'!! Sora beat down the thought, eyes squinting, as if that would help distort Ri's looks so he could concentrate on getting some answers....'Focus Sora, focus...'

"You want to wake up? Um..." Ri glanced to Selph for help but she merely shrugged and flitted away to the window sill and made busy with fixing her appearance.

Riku sighed and turned back to Sora, "Well, i don't really know what you mean but according to the contract you must come with me."

Sora's head dropped slightly before snapping back up, "CONTRACT?!" His arm reached out for the broom again. "I didn't sign anything you Twit!!! And i'm not going anywhere with you i have brothers and a family!!"

"oh right!!" Ri snapped his fingers, as if remembering something important. "Yeah they're coming too, almost forgot about them, eheh." Riku shrugged run a porcelain hand through his gleaming silver hair, an almost apologetic look on his face. 'Almost' Sora thought, because at this point he was sure this creature of excellence and stuck-up-ness would never apologize for anything.

"Coming with...? To where?" Sora would have yelled and the Ri but he had to admit he was rather curious...'wait a second' "You didn't answer my questions!! What contract?!?"

Riku smiled floating around the room, "Oh you know, the wish contract. Its all regulations and fine print so i won't bore you with the details", Ri paused grinning widely.

"Try me." Sora grumbled face having fallen into a solid frown.

"Well," Ri shrugged still rather cheery, " simply put, your ass is tied to mine till the wish contract is fulfilled." Ri smiled pleasantly, as if this was a everyday occurrence, like going to the supermarket or making lunch.

Sora's left brow twitched,"And if i say no?"

Riku's smile brightened significantly, "Then your soul's mine."

Sora hit the floor, fainting dead away.

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