Chapter 6: Stepsons v. Stepdad

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By the time Yusuke got home and put the icecream in the freezer, kagome had finished dinner, She set out the sushi and grilled fish, Shippo's favorite. A pot roast and riceballs, Hiei's favorite. Steamed dumplings for her and Yusuke could get what he wanted since he already ate. She set the food on the table.

As if on cue, the door bell rang as Kagome put the last of the silverware on the table. " Yus-koi, could you get that?" Asked Kagome, " Ya 'Gome-chan, I'll get it." replied Yusuke. He opened the door 'when did the door get fixed?' Yusuke thought. He opened the door and there stood Shippo scowling at his step-father, Yusuke. " Hello Father." Scowled Shippo. " Hi son." Said Yusuke smirking, knowing that it pissed Shippo off." May I come in?" Scowled Shippo. Yusuke got out of the doorway. As he was walking in, Shippo stepped o Yusuke's foot, hard. Yusuke yelped in his mouth, as to not alert his wife, who could be very wrathful when it came to her sons. " Hi Mama, I'm here." Shippo called, smiling brightly. " Shippo, I missed you!" Greeted Kagome as she rushed up and hugged him.

He was atwo inches taller than Kagome and had ruffled black hair( like Souta's) and brown eyes. " Oh Shippo, you don't have to been in a human disguise, you look much cuter as a demon." Kagome said smiling. Shippo changed into his demon form. He had aubrn hair and pointed ears, sparkling emerald eyes and his tail which was slightly smoother. kagome kissed his cheek and said, "let me call Hiei and you guys can go into the other room and wait at the table." Kagome went in to the next room. " I hope you know I despise you. You don't deserve my mother," Said Shippo. Shippo walked into the dining room and sat at the table after kicking Yusuke in the shin and stepping on his foot.

Yusuke screamed in his mouth again. " Hiei'll be coming in a few seconds. Are you okay, you look a little red honey." Said Kagome. The doorbell rang. " I'll get it," Said Yusuke. At the door was Hiei and Yukina. " Detective." Hiei greeted as he nodded. " Hi Dad." Said Yukina. Yusuke's eyes bugged out of his head. " What the he--! When did I become your dad. KAGOME!!" Cried Yusuke. Kagome poked her head out of the kitchen." What- Hiei Yukina, hi!" Greeted Kagome who kissed them on the cheek. " Hello Mother." Said Hiei hugging his mother briefly. " Hi Mom." Yukina greeted, giving her mother a kiss." Kagome, when did I become Yukina's dad?! I already have two sons!" Said Yusuke. "Step-sons." Hiei and Kagome said at the same time, wanting to be as disatantly related to yusuke as possible. "Hi Shippo/Hiei." Greeted the two brothers. I adopted her like two days ago Yus-kun, I was sure I told you about it." Kagome said, tapping her finger to her lips. " Oh, Shippo, meet your new sister Yukina." : Hi Yukina-chan." Shippo said. "Oh my gosh YUkina, I forgot you were coming I'm so sorry, I didn't cook anything for you. I;m a horrible mother."Kagome cried as tears started to fall friom her eyes. " Oh Mama, it's okay. really you're a wonderful mother handling three children at your young ageI don't think I could've been any luckier." Yukina comforted her mother. "Okay, what's your favorite food for future reference?" Kagome asked, wiping her tears. " um, I like riceballs and fish and fried icecream." Yukina said. " Okay, Shippo, your cake is cooling and Hiei, your icecream is in the freezer, chocolate, your favorite." Kagome said happily." before everyone digs in, have a surprise." " What is it Mama?" Questioned Shippo. I'm pregnant!" Kagome said happily.

"Congrats Mama" Yukina said. Shippo and Hiei were currently glaring at Yusuke for infecting their beloved mother with his offspring. " Congrats Mother." The brothers finally said, hoping their mother's genes would over power Yusuke's. " I'm glad you guys are happy, I would have aborted if you guys didn't like it." Kagome said. Hiei and Shippo were about to say something ( I think you all know) but YUkina gave them a hard glare, while Yusuke was praying his step-sons wouldn't say anything, he really wanted a kid. " Are demon pregnancies different from human ones?" Kagome asked. " Yes, it is shorter so the demoness won't be vunerable for a long period of time." Hiei answered, stuffing a riceball in his mouth. The rest of dinner was fairly nice. Hiei was swallowing down his icecream and Shippo was shoveling down his chocolate cake.. All of a sudden...

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