I had so much time to write this weekend...actually...I just wrote everything down in a notebook. XD Wootness...

Random drabble I came up with. Totally pointless.

Mukahi Gaskuto hated Sundays.

He hated them.

Why, may you ask? Sundays were the days when he had an overload of homework because his teachers were too stupid to know the meaning of 'weekends'. It was the day when Atobe insisted that all the regulars meet at his mansion for an "informational" interview. All Atobe really ever talked about were his "charming" good looks, and how he was helping the world. Egotistical bastard. Those stupid meetings lasted for five hours, thus only giving Mukahi and extremely limited amount of time to finish his homework.

"I hate this stupid essay," Mukahi complained, lying on the floor of Oshitari's room. "Why do I have to write a stupid sensory detail essay anyways?"

"Because everyone else in your class has to, Gakuto," Oshitari replied, not looking up from the book he was currently reading.

"This is so frustrating!" Mukahi buried his face in one of Oshitari's cushions. "I can't think of anything to write about!"

Oshitari sighed and placed his book on the desk. He got up from his chair and sat next to Mukahi. "Okay, tell me what you see right now."

Mukahi glanced up." Um...you?"

"And?" Oshitari pressed on.

"And..." Mukahi's eyes glanced about the room. "I see the book that you were reading that's sitting on that desk right over there. And I see your stupid old desktop computer that bugs the crap out of me. Why do you have that thing anyways? Don't you own a laptop?"

"Let's not get into that," Oshitari said. "Now, what do you hear?"


"Nothing at all?"

Mukahi looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, I can hear you watch ticking like, every second."

"...Gakuto, watches are supposed to tick every second. If not, then there's something wrong with it."

"Yeah yeah." Mukahi rolled hie eyes. "No need to get so picky about details."

"Okay. Now what do you smell?"

Mukahi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "The really tasty pumpkin pie that your cook makes every other Sunday. Agh, I'm getting hungry."

"Just two more things and then you can get some pie," Oshitari urged. "What do you taste?"

"I dunno. Spit?"

"Okay. Anything else?"

Mukahi winced. "Yeah. The pencil eraser that I was chewing on a few minutes ago. Yick."

"And now what do you feel?"

"Tired. And pissed."


"Agh. I mean seriously, aren't you at least a bit angry at Atobe? He made us wake up at 7 A.M, demanding us to come over to his mansion immediately, just because he was PMSing. I don't know about you, but I'm hella pissed."

"Gakuto, you do realize that males can't PMS, right?"

Mukahi rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "Well, in Atobe's case, he can PMS. Hell, he's like, the most feminine person that I know of. In Hyoutei."

"Oh?" Oshitari raised his eyebrows. "So you know more feminine people from different schools?"

"Psh. Yeah. Like that Fuji guy from Seigaku, or even that Yukimura guy from Rikkai Dai. Oh my gosh, they're like, freakishly creepy."

"...Gakuto, you also do realize that I was asking how you were physically feeling, not mentally, right?"


And thus another study session in Oshitari's house.

"Gakuto, would you please get off my bed?"


Again, random brainfart I thought of during my extremely long and boring road trip. XD