Fevered Pain

SummarySalem likes Kurama, Kurama turns him down repeatedly. Duo likes Trowa and vice versa. when Kurama turns down Zechs, he wants revenge. and takes it out on Salem. broken hearts, healing touches, and found love. I warn thee now, there is a rape scene. BE WARNED!!!

"…And then he finally realized what the professor was saying, dropped his frog, and ran out of the room screaming." Salem explained, laughing as he walked to a lunch table along with some fan girls.

'Ah, finally, I get respected.' Salem thought as he calmed down.

"You know, when you do things like this, it reminds me of who your parents are, and how much sense it makes." Duo said, sipping a soda behind him.

'Well, almost respected.'

"Hey dipshit, my parents are your parents too." Salem growled playfully and slugged his half-brother.

"Well, your…half right." Duo laughed, and Salem joined in. An old argument between brothers.

"Will you two please sit down? You're drawing attention to yourselves." Trowa stated as he sat down next to Kurama, eating his lunch.

"Oke-doke." Duo immediately smiled and sat down beside him.

Salem rolled his eyes at his brother and waved the girls off. He glanced at Kurama and smirked. He stalked behind him and slung himself over him.

"Ah, honey I'm home." Salem purred and relaxed…until an elbow was jammed into his stomach. Coughing, he backed off and sat down next to Kurama.

"How many times have I told you not to do that!" Kurama snapped as he chewed on his sandwich.

"Aw, c'mon. You should be more thankful. I'm the reason those fangirls don't follow you anymore." Salem thought aloud, stealing an apple from Duo, who was too busy staring/talking to Trowa.

"Ah, yes. And now, I have an even larger group of yaoi fans, thank you ever so much." Kurama growled and grabbed an orange.

"Ah, he he." Salem chuckled nervously and bit into the apple.

The group finished up their lunch and walked out of the cafeteria. With Trowa and Duo still chatting about something and Kurama's face stuck in a book, Salem became bored quickly.

Walking up behind Kurama, Salem lunged and cornered him into some lockers.

"Ah, just where I want you." Salem growled and leaned in to nip at Kurama's neck…until he was shoved into some lockers across from them.

"Don't you ever do that again, or next time, I'll use my deathplant. Promise or no, I will do it." Kurama snarled ferally, picked up his book, and walked down the hallway.

Salem stood up and rubbed his head from where it hit the lock from the locker. He sighed and pouted that 'life wasn't fair' and 'why aren't my advances wanted in this cruel, cruel world?'

"How many attempts was that now?" Trowa asked as he walked over to Salem.

"Umm…twelve this week?" Salem muttered abashedly.

"Wow, that's a new record considering its only Tuesday." Duo butted in, then he grabbed his brother's shoulder, and sighed dramatically. "When are you going to learn that he just doesn't like you?"

"Never! I'll never give up on him! He'll love me eventually, you'll see…and then you could hand over that twenty we bet on." Salem grinned vilely and patted his brother on the head.

"Come on you two. I can't believe you guys bet on Kurama." Trowa said with a 'I'm very disappointed in you tone.'

"You're right. I'm sorry…but Salem isn't." Duo shrieked quickly and ducked behind Trowa for defense.

"You little..!!" Salem growled and tried to get to him.

"Little, I'm older than you!" Duo shouted in retaliation.

"Oh yea, well I'm taller." Salem reached over but was stopped by Trowa.

"That was a low blow." Duo hissed as he stood next to Trowa.

"You're right, low." Salem got out before Trowa interrupted them.

"As much fun as it is to watch you two bludger each other, the bell is about to ring. I suggest we get going to class." With that, Trowa walked towards class.

"Thank God its Friday." Duo cried, and followed quickly.

Salem shook his head and hissed. Placing his hand back to his head, he pulled back and blinked. Blood. His head was bleeding. Racing to the bathroom, he checked him self out.

Because of his long black hair, you really couldn't see the blood. Salem quickly washed away any traces and grabbed some towels. Sitting on the counter, he held the towels to his head.

'This is going to take awhile. Better not tell anyone. I know Duo would flip out on Kurama. Trowa would lecture him. And he would feel guilty…yea, better not tell anyone.' Salem thought as he changed towels.

'Good thing I have separate classes then everyone else…This is gonna be such a headache.'

After school, everyone met up at the gate and walked home. After meeting each other in the 4th grade, they couldn't be separated. They all went to Zech's house to hang out after school, even though he already graduated and had a great paying job, they still hung out.

As they were walking, Trowa and Duo were, can you guess, talking about that subject from lunch…and Kurama was being strangely quiet. He seemed to be in deep thought. Salem frowned and decided to ask him when they got to Zech's.

Ah, speaking of which. The mansion that belonged to Zechs came into view. They walked to the gate, entered their password, and walked inside.

As they got to the door, the butler(a kindly old man by the name of Charles) greeted them and took them to the living room.

"I must apologize. Master Marquise is out at the moment. But I know the drill. Grape sodas for all?" Charles asked.

"Sure." Duo cheered out. Charles nodded and left the room. Duo leaned over and whispered loud enough for everyone, "What is it with Zechs and grape sodas?"

Everyone laughed and continued to chat. Salem glanced over to find Kurama still strangely quiet. Salem turned to him and decided to get his attention…the proper way.

"Are you alright Kurama, you seem quieter than usual?" Salem asked, watching as Kurama snapped out of it and stared at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking, that's all." Kurama answered quietly and seemed like he was going back to what he was thinking.

"Well, why don't you tell me about it?" Salem inquired and sat facing him.

Kurama blinked and sighed. He got up and moved to sit next to Salem on the couch. But before he could reach it, a pair of strong arms wrapped around him, and pulled him to them.

"Well, well, well. Hello my darling Kurama. Have a nice day at school?" Zechs asked as he sat on his lazy chair.

Salem growled quietly as he felt his chest tighten. He watched as Kurama sighed even more and just went limp in Zech's arms.

Salem sighed softly and stood up. He walked over to his school bag and picked it up. He glanced once more at Kurama and decided that now was the time to leave, he couldn't bear with the picture.

"Hey Zechs. Hey guys, I got a lot of homework and stuff, so I'll catch you later. See ya." Salem muttered quickly and left, Duo and Trowa staring after him in confusion. They turned to Zechs, and everything fell into place.

"Oi, Zechs. Shouldn't ya stop molesting a minor." Duo called out, strangely frustrated with him.

"Oh, hello Duo, Trowa, nice of you to come." Zechs replied as if he just noticed their presence. "And to your question, no. I love my Kurama and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Well, nothing they can do, but I can." Kurama hissed and elbowed Zechs nose, then stepped on his crotch.

Zechs howled in pain, and stared at Kurama in question.

"I hate it when you do that. Next time, if even that, I will make sure your reproductive organ may never be needed." Kurama snarled, grabbing his bag, and left.

Duo and Trowa stared at each other, then grabbed their own bags.

"I have a feeling that this isn't going to be a good day for anyone, so we'll let ourselves out." Trowa said, dragging Duo to the door, and left.

Zechs limped over to the window and glared at the retreating figures. No one did that to him. No one.

"Did they all leave Master Marquise?" Charles asked, holding a platter with four sodas on it.

"Charles…" Zechs started, still staring out the window.

"Yes Master Marquise?"

"…you're fired."(1)

Salem walked down the street in silent rage. His body nearly radiated it, causing bystanders to avoid him.

'How could Kurama do that? With him of all people. He's… not with me.' Salem sighed and stopped. He looked around and found himself at the very gate that Kurama said he wanted to be friends from 4th grade.

Sighing again, he jumped the fence and walked the path to their 'outside hang out'. He stopped in the clearing and looked around.

After they had become better friends, Trowa had taken them here and they had built forts. Though they were older now, they still came there occasionally.

Salem sat down on their makeshift chair and looked around again. They hadn't been there for a long time now, and their forts were getting…shady and old.

'Great, now I'm making myself depressed.' Salem thought and stood up to leave…but hesitated. They had never traveled farther than where their forts where…

'What the hell, I'll be adventurous. It'll pass the time.' Salem thought, and walked deeper into the woods.

He walked for what seemed like a couple miles before he came to a hill. Strangely tired, Salem looked around and spotted a fairly decent tree. Climbing up, he rested against a branch and closed his tired eyes, one thought passing through his mind before he collapsed.


Three days later, on Monday, Kurama walked into school as always and started walking towards his class, but was suddenly stopped as a black blur ran into him…literally.

"Kurama!!!" Duo shouted as he clung to him.

Kurama blinked, and watched as Trowa came forward, an unusual frown set into place.

"Is…there something wrong?" Kurama asked as Trowa managed to pull Duo off of him.

"I'll say! You haven't seen Salem all weekend, have you?" Duo asked, his usual happy front now overrun by worry.

"No, why? Has something happened?" Kurama asked, confused as he felt his chest tighten.

"He's been missing since we went to Zechs'. No one knows what's happened to him. My folks and I were looking for him all weekend." Duo mumbled, tears starting to spring to his eyes.

"Since Zechs'…have you looked at the old forts?" Kurama asked, suddenly worried as well.

"Yea, we checked. Four times. No trace of him." Trowa informed as he tried to comfort Duo.

Kurama blinked. Trowa seemed more affectionate to Duo…Kurama smiled a small smile. They had finally gotten together it seemed.

"Well, we have school, but afterwards, I can use my plants and I'll try to find him with you."

"What?! Are you fucking mad!?! My little brother has been missing since Friday night!! And you want to wait until after school?! Fuck you!! I'll find him myself." Duo hissed and turned abruptly.

Kurama stood in shock as he watched Duo storm off. In all the time that he'd known him, only that time in 4th grade had he showed his anger. Trowa stood next to him, his sympathy reaching out to Duo.

"I apologize. Duo has been angsty since he found out Salem was missing." Trowa whispered as they watched Duo punch a hole in a locker.

"I bet…so, when did you two get together?" Kurama asked slyly.

Trowa blushed and turned his head to the side. "…Since yesterday. He was so upset, I had to shut him up somehow."

"I bet." Kurama chuckled.

"He's been really stressed out lately and," Trowa started, his frown deepening into a dark glare, "he thinks that Zechs had something to do with it."

Kurama did a double-take and stared at Trowa's retreating form. 'Zechs had something…to do with this?' Kurama thought in shock. The bell rung and snapped Kurama out of his daze.

He turned around and walked out the doors.

"I can't believe that prick. He's not gonna help us?!" Duo shouted as he walked down the street.

"Calm down Duo, you know why he has to do it. His mom doesn't know he's one of you. You've got to give him some slack." Trowa reasoned to his disturbed lover.

"That still doesn't make him any less of a prick. Salem's his friend too." Duo mumbled, a tear escaping his closed eyes.

"You're right. I am a prick. A selfish one at that." Kurama's voice broke in between them.

"Kurama!" they cried in unison and ran up to him.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I did. Now, shall we find our Salem?" Kurama asked determinedly.

"Hell yes." Duo muttered and turned to smile at Trowa, who smiled in return.

Kurama concentrated his energy and manipulated some vines to locate Salem's life force.

Minutes went by, when he finally found him. Sleeping in an old burnt up oak. Coming back to himself, Kurama looked at his friends and smiled.

"I've found him."

"Lets go." Trowa commanded, and they headed to their friend.

"But…we've already searched this area, he's not here." Duo mumbled and stopped next to a tree by their forts.

"Yes, but according to my plants, he traveled farther than this, about two miles north-east of here." Kurama interrupted, and continued walking.

They walked those two miles, and came to a grassy hill. Kurama looked up and spotted the old tree. He pointed it out and they walked over to it. At the base of the tree, Duo shot his arm up and pointed up.

"Look, there he is!! You've found him again Kurama!" Duo exclaimed, a bright smile in place.

"Yea. Hey! Salem!! Come on, we need to get home!" Kurama shouted. Only silence greeted them.

Duo's smile slowly faded as the seconds dragged by. He turned to Trowa who shrugged and pointed to Kurama.

"Why don't you go get him? He listens to you." Trowa suggested and pulled Duo to him.

Kurama growled and climbed the tree. Cursing Salem the whole time. When he finally reached the branch, he kicked Salem in the side, hoping to wake him…still nothing.

"Come on Salem. I had to climb this damn tree, now get your ass up." Kurama snarled and kicked him again, emitting a small groan. Kurama's chest tightened up again, and he kneeled down next to him.

"Salem?" Kurama reached down to touch his cheek, and pulled back hastily. He was freaking burning up!

"Oh boy. Duo!" Kurama shouted down.


"You and Trowa get to your house! Salem's gonna need some medicine and a cold bath!"


"Because he has a fever, now move it!!"

Duo started to move, but stopped when Trowa placed his hand on his shoulder. Trowa turned up to Kurama and asked,

"Do you need any help with him? Like carrying him or anything?"

"No, I'll get it. But I do need you to get your car. I don't think I'd be able to carry him all the way to Duo's by myself."

"Right." Trowa and Duo raced down the hill and out of sight.

Kurama turned back to Salem and sighed. 'What happened to get you sick?' Kurama thought, and picked up Salem's unconscious body.

Holding Salem's head, he felt a dampness. Glancing at his hand, he nearly dropped the boy in shock. Blood. Salem's head was bleeding. Kurama hastened them down to the ground.

Once there, Kurama checked him out, searching for the wound…and found it. A small cut to the near back of his head. But how…?

Salem's eyelids started to twitch, and his glazed eyes open. He took a look around and finally stopped on Kurama. Emerald green eyes shot open and he jumped up, trying to get away from him.

Kurama looked up and was automatically confused with Salem's attitude. Usually it would be the other way around. Kurama slowly crept towards Salem and held out his hand in offering.

"No! Don't hit me again!!" Salem cried out and cowered next to the tree.

Kurama blinked(2) and hesitated, then smiled reassuringly.

"I'm not going to hit you. You've been missing for three days, everyone was worried. Its time for you to come home." Kurama whispered softly, holding out his hand.

Salem stared at him. He opened his mouth, then his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he passed out. Kurama caught him before he hit the ground, and cradled him. He stood up, and carried him to the gate.

Salem woke up again in his dazed world when he felt a soft bed under him. Glancing around himself, he saw Kurama walk into the attached bathroom, and grab a white box and set it down next to him.

Kurama spoke to him…but the words were jumbled and he couldn't understand, although he was pretty sure it was supposed to be a reassurance.

Kurama picked up an alcohol swab and reached for Salem's head. Smiling at him, he placed it on his cut.

Salem jumped up and tried to get away from the sting, but was held down by Kurama. He tried to squirm away, but found himself immobile. Looking down, he found vines wrapped around him. Hissing in pain, he clamped his mouth shut and waited out the torture.

Afterwards, Kurama put everything away and stood up to go, but was stopped by a pull on his sleeve. Glancing down, he found Salem's eyes boring into his own.

"I'm sorry." Salem whispered as he finally broke the contact.

"Huh?" Kurama answered intelligently.

"I said, I'm sorry. For everything and anything I've done to make you upset." Salem mumbled incoherently, slowly falling into unconsciousness.

Kurama stared at him and finally realized what he was mumbling about. Friday when he was upset, Salem thought it was his fault. Kurama's face softened and he leaned in close to Salem's face, nearly touching his cheek.

"Its not your fault. You might be annoying sometimes, but I like you all the same."

In the doorway stood Duo and Trowa. They glanced at each other and smiled. Then walked into the room.

"Ahem." Trowa interrupted quietly causing Kurama to jump ten ft. and whirl around.

"Sorry to bother you in this special moment, but Trowa and I are going out tonight and we were wondering if you'd watch Salem for us." Duo queried and started to walk out.

"Wait. You just found your brother, and now your going out?" Kurama asked calmly.

"He's in good hands." Trowa acknowledged, also backing away.

"Yea. Very good hands." Duo snickered and ran out of the room, barely missing the snap dragons that attempted to kill him.

"Why those….they're incorrigible." Kurama mumbled and stared at Salem's sleeping form.

'Something to do, to take my mind away from…something else to do.' Kurama thought and walked over to a desk in the corner, and started his schoolwork.

'Yes. That still needs to be done, I'll just do some work, then go…watch Salem.' Kurama sighed, and sat down to work.

"Kurama." A quiet voice called out.

"Hmm." Kurama mumbled tiredly.

"Kurama. Wake up, my dear…Kurama." The voice turned nasty and Kurama was awoken by hands grabbing and shaking him.

"Wha…?!" Kurama gasped and looked up to see Zechs with a creepy look in his eyes.

"Ah, how nice of you to join us now." He said and nuzzled Kurama's cheek.

"What? Why you… what are you doing here?!" Kurama demanded, pushing himself away from Zechs.

Zechs glared at him, but it quickly changed back into a smirk. "I just came to see you my dear Kurama. It's a shame you have to be stuck here…when you could be with me." He purred, walking closer.

"Zechs, how many times do I have to tell you? I don't like you like that!" Kurama hissed and backed away further.

"NO!" Zechs yelled and cornered Kurama hands on either side of his head. "I won't hear it!! You are mine Kurama! Do you hear me, mine."

"No I'm not. I don't like you, never have. Not since you went to high school. You're a jackass."

"How dare you, you… wait…I get it now. You like Salem…don't you?" Zechs asked boldly, eyes glancing over to his unconscious form.

"You leave Salem alone you sick fu…" Kurama gasped as Zechs suddenly punched his stomach. Kurama collapsed into Zechs arms and was immediately thrown into the bathroom.

"If I can't have you, then no one can have you." Zechs exclaimed through the door, making Kurama's heart stop.


(WARNING: Rape scene)

Zechs walked over to Salem's sleeping form. His snarl still in place. He hated Salem. He could touch Kurama when he couldn't. And if Kurama liked Salem better than him, then he'd have to make Salem unwantable.

Zechs walked over to the bed and crawled on top of Salem. He started to undue Salem's pajama bottoms and peel them off his sweating body. Then he roughly grabbed his member and tugged.

Salem felt a tugging and woke up to the worst nightmare he'd ever experience. Zechs was above him, tearing off his cloths and grabbing his dick. Salem brought up his hands to push him away, but they were caught and held above his head.

Zechs grinned when Salem became aware of the situation and nearly ripped off his jeans. Then he positioned himself and leaned down to whisper in Salem's ear.

"This will most definitely hurt you, more than it will hurt me." Zechs smirked and shoved himself inside.

Salem screamed out in pain and tried even harder to escape. But in his weakened state, all he received was more pain. Zechs thrust in harder and harder, ripping his insides. Blood already pooling on the sheets.

"Yes…yes…uhn…now…Kurama will never love you. You're dirty, used…uhn…you're a dirty whore…that's what you are." Zechs droned, grabbing Salem's hair and nearly ripping it out.

"Nooooooo!!!!" Salem cried, trying to claw Zech's eyes out.

"Ye…sss." Zechs grunted, thrusting faster, nearly reaching his climax.

"Stop…please, stop." Salem whispered, throat hoarse from screaming.

"AHHhhhhhhh!!" Zechs shouted as he came inside the broken body of Salem.

"…Kurama…" Salem muttered, tears streaming down his face.

(End Rape Scene)

Kurama rammed into the door several times, trying to get out. He could hear the screaming and could only imagine what Zechs was doing. Steadying himself, Kurama ran and kicked the door open, revealing to him, a sight of pure horror…

He had just witnessed Zechs completing his rape. Kurama's eyes traveled to Salem's, and his heart nearly broke into a thousand pieces. Salem's eyes were nearly hollow, his tears the sign of his pain.

Zechs sighed and sat up, still inside the poor feline. He turned his head and saw Kurama, his expression of horror. Zechs smirked and pulled out, walking over towards him.

"Ah, Kurama. See what I've done. I did that for you. I now prove to you, that you can't have anyone else, you can only have me. And I'll show you, by force if I have to." Zechs growled and stepped closer to him.

Kurama turned to Zechs and a fury that he never knew existed burst forth from him. His energy spiked through the roof and engulfed Zechs. All the plants surrounding and inside the house became deadly and attacked him.

Kurama almost enjoyed his blood-curling scream. He wanted Zechs to feel all the pain that he put Salem through. Zechs would Die for what he did.

Minutes went by, and finally Zechs body was unrecognizable. Kurama stopped and just stared at his mangled corpse. A deep sigh broke through to him and he looked over at Salem in time to catch his sarcastic remark.

"Whoa...remind me…not to piss…you off…" Salem scoffed and fell into blissful unconsciousness.

Worried, Kurama raced over to him and checked his pulse. Normal. Sighing in relief, Kurama raced back into the bathroom and grabbed the med box again. Kurama could barely manage to clean Salem's newest injury. An injury caused because of him. Kurama blinked back unshed tears, and finished cleaning him up.

Kurama glanced at the body on the floor, and commanded a plant to dispose of it. Sighing, he brought Salem's body close to his, his chin resting on top of Salem's head, and rocked him back and forth. He brought his hands up and stroked his fingers through Salem's hair, and softly whispered comforting words.

The slamming of the bedroom door alerted him that Duo and Trowa had arrived.

"Hey Kurama, how's Sal…"Duo started, but faltered when he saw the mess and blood. Trowa stood beside Duo, equally shocked. Both turned their heads to Kurama for an answer.

"What the Hell happened here?" Duo asked roughly, swallowing a lump in his throat.

"…Zechs showed up while I was asleep. He…he…" Kurama couldn't bear to finish his sentence; he just jerked his head to the dark stain on the floor.

"…What did he do? Kurama, he didn't…" Duo's voice started to get panicky and he leaned against Trowa for support.

Kurama continued to stroke Salem's hair, and nodded. "He…took Salem." He whispered, still unable to say the word.

Duo stared at Salem and slowly started to growl. The growl turning more into a snarl as Duo lunged at Kurama, Kurama jerked back in surprise, and Duo landed a punch on his face. Kurama slammed into the ground, then slowly sat up and held his cheek. Glancing at Duo, he saw Trowa trying to restrain him, and not doing a very good job of it.

"You Bastard!! I leave him in your care, and this is what happens?! I can't believe I thought you could take care of him!! You're just hurting him, more then before!! Get Out!!" Duo shouted, tears trailing down his face as he started to sob.

Kurama stared at Duo in confusion, "What do you mean, more then before?" He whispered.

Duo shook from suppressed rage and turned in Trowa's arms, sobbing. Trowa whispered soft comforts and looked at Kurama. "Have you really been so blind?"

"What?" Kurama asked as he stood up. No one noticed the twitch of fingers, or the stiffening figure on the bed.

"He likes you. Really likes you, and more than likely loves you. But you don't care, you push him away like he's nothing. But he still tries to get you to notice." Trowa explained and held Duo tighter.

Kurama stared at him for a minute then turned to Salem's still form. Shaking his head, he turned back to them and stuttered.

"B.but, I thought he was j.just joking." Kurama stared at the stained floor, shocked and ashamed.

"Salem might joke around with everyone else, but he's always told you the truth." Duo hissed out and glared at him.

Kurama swayed as he stood and grabbed the bed. Duo was right. Salem had never lied to him. He'd always sent signals but Kurama just couldn't accept it. Tears sprung to his eyes and flowed over. 'Oh, Salem.'

Kurama glimpsed over to the others and watched as they held each other in comfort. Kurama shook his head, walked past them, and out the door. He needed time to think.

"I can't believe Kurama. He…he just left." Duo whispered as he was slowly rocked back and forth in Trowa's arms.

"He's got a lot to think about. And I'm sure he feels guilty about what happened to Salem. We just need to give him some time." Trowa counseled and led Duo out of the room.

"But what if you're wrong? What if Kurama's never gonna come back? Salem…oh, poor Salem." Duo cried as he was dragged down the hall and into his own room.

After the door shut, Salem opened his eyes and allowed a few tears to escape. 'Kurama left. He's never gonna come back. Its just as Zechs said, I'm used goods, he's never gonna love me now.'

'If I can't have him…I don't want to live. Kurama's gone. Duo has Trowa…I have nothing…Gods, I wanna die.' Salem thought and tried to sit up, pain shooting up his spine and causing him to fall back onto the bed with a small cry.

Taking deep breaths, Salem rolled over and fell out of the bed. Panting, he once again tried to sit up, and achieved it. Sniffling, he got on his hands and knees and crawled towards the bathroom, and towards sharp objects.

Crawling over to the toilet, Salem pulled himself up and looked at himself in the mirror. What he saw brought more tears to his eyes. All he saw was a dirty hollowed out husk of his usual happy, cheerful self.

Shaking his head, he reached over and opened the medicine cabinet. Searching in the cabinet, he tossed the many pill bottles and cough syrup to the floor. Finally, he found the razors. Pulling one out, he studied the blades and ran his finger over them. Cutting his finger, he stared as the blood dripped onto the floor. Taking a deep breath, Salem placed the blade at his neck.

'Goodbye Kurama.'

Kurama opened the front door of Duo and Salem's house, but then remembered that his schoolbag was still in…Salem's room. Half tempted to leave it, he sighed and closed the door, turning around and walking back up the stairs to…that room.

As he topped the stairs he saw Duo's bedroom door close and figured they'd be there for a while. As he entered Salem's room he distinctly turned his head away from the bed and grabbed his bag. As he turned, he could have sworn he heard things clatter to the floor in the bathroom. Glancing at the bed, he found that Salem wasn't there.

A deep feeling of dread came over him and he rushed into the bathroom only to find Salem holding a razor to his neck. He ran up and snatched his hand before he could move, took and threw the blade to the floor.

Salem glanced at him startled. "Wha…?"

"You idiot! What the Hell do you think you're doing?!" Kurama shouted, grabbing both of Salem's wrists and holding them tightly.

Salem glanced down ashamed and tried to curl into himself. Torn from happiness that Kurama came back, and sadness because what Zechs had said. Thinking about Zechs, Salem went further into depression and turned his head away from Kurama.

"What are you doing here?" Salem whispered.

Kurama stared at him and noticed that his heart was pounding again. Kurama thought back to all the times he was with Salem, and his true reasons for pushing him away. Then it clicked. He really did…

Kurama smiled and let one of Salem's wrists go to lift his chin so he was eye to eye with him. Salem blinked as Kurama smiled at him and took a deep breath.

"Salem…I…I like you." Kurama paused and took another deep breath. "I like you a lot." Kurama admitted and stared at Salem's expression.

Salem lips started to twitch into a smile, but then faltered. 'Why is he saying this now? Does he really like me? Or is this just pity?' Salem frowned and shook his head. 'Of course its just pity. He could never really like me the way I do him.'

Kurama frowned when he saw Salem shake his head; something seemed to contract inside him. Was he too late? Kurama loosened his hold on Salem's wrist and Salem pushed him away.

Landing on the floor, Kurama glanced up teary-eyed and saw Salem dive for the razor. Gasping, he automatically leaped up and grabbed Salem, holding him down.

"Let me go!" Salem shouted, struggling futilely against Kurama. He was still so weak.

"No! Not if you're just going to kill yourself!!" Kurama tried, holding him tighter.

"Why do you even care?! Why can't you just let me die?" Salem started crying, not trying to stop it this time. "Why can't you just let me…"

Salem immediately shut up as he felt soft lips touch his in a hesitant kiss. A kiss that answered all his questions. After it ended. Salem glanced up at Kurama and felt his tears fall harder as he tackled Kurama and sobbed onto his shirt. Kurama just held him and comforted him. Rocking him slowly back and forth and running his fingers through his hair.

After a bit, Salem calmed down and stared up at Kurama's face and smiled. Kurama smiled back and kissed him again. Salem sighed and enjoyed himself, then laid his head on Kurama's chest.

Taking a deep breath, Salem looked at Kurama again, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I, I just didn't want to…I mean…I'm sorry." Salem stuttered and bowed his head so Kurama wouldn't see his blush.

Taking a deep breath, Kurama tipped Salem's head so he could look at him. "No Salem, it's I who should apologize. Because of me, you ran away, got sick, and were…were…" Kurama stammered and held Salem closer to him.

"It seems we were both at fault. So, how about this. We start over and pretend this never happened?" Salem asked, watching as Kurama started to smile.

"I wish I could, but Zechs…" Kurama started, and turned his head away.

"Forget Zechs, he's dead. Its just us, ok?" Salem turned Kurama's head and smiled at him.

Kurama stared, and smiled as well. Picking Salem up, he cradled him and walked into his bedroom. Lying him on his bed, Kurama crawled over and laid next to him, holding him again.

Sighing, Salem snuggled into Kurama's embrace, ready to fall asleep, when a sudden thought occurred to him.

"So, which one of us is uke?" Laughter erupted from the room followed by an almost silent moan.

Duo gasped and bucked as Trowa thrust in and out of him faster, harder. He moaned as Trowa hit his sweet spot and cried out as he came, Trowa following closely after.

Panting, they smiled at each other as they heard sounds coming from Salem's room.

"I guess it didn't take them long to get it on." Duo joked as Trowa laughed and kissed him.

"I'm just happy they finally figured it out. I would hate to think if they found someone else, or…" Trowa stopped and stared into Duo's enchanted amethyst eyes.

"Yea well, we don't have to worry about that now, do we?" Duo asked, then growled playfully and flipped them over so Duo was now straddling Trowa, who was still inside him.

"I wonder if they know that bottom is best?" Trowa asked as they started up again.

Wow, corny at the end, but all in all, not that bad.

(1) yes, i know, Charles was a great character, but it had to be doneTT

(2) he does that a lot doesn't he?

(3) I also WARNED you that there was this kind of content in it, so if you read it, its ur own fault, so don't blame me!!

(4) hoped you like, and, I really hate suicidal scenes, but it works I think….ew.