Reggies POV

God we are finally landing. Oh you might want to know what im talking about, well I, Reggie Rocket, am coming home from New York. Raymundo thought it would be nice if I spent a little time with my uncle and aunt who live there. I ended up stayingfor an entire school year. It was supposed to be just a summer but I loved it there. After the last day of school though I was ready to come back home.

I guess you could say I grew up over the time I spent away. My hair got longer and it was down to my lower back now, I always had it in a side part or a pony tail. I guess I was pretty for a 17 year old. I had a lot of boyfriends in New York, but none of them could compair to someone back home. Anyway, I was always wearing a tank top with the signature Rocket on it. The tank was blue and the rocket was yellow like always, and it normally showed off a little of the bottom of my belly. I still wore the army pants but now they are more like really long shorts or capris. Im constantly wearing these wristbands that my uncle bought me. Their Checkerd and one is always on my wrist while the other is slightly below my elbow. I have pretty weird tan lines form it too. And if your wondering I still have my sunglasses, my mom gave them to me. Why wouldnt I have them? I grew about 4 inches taller and I grew up in...certain places. Well I went from flat chested to C's over night it seems.

The seat belt sign came off as the captian told us that we could 'depart form our seats and blah blah blah'. I grabbed my back pack which contained my lap top. Yep I still had the Zine. I would have Sammy tell me stuff that happens around Ocean Shores and I would make it into a killer story and send it back to him. I finally got off the plane and looked around, I saw a bunch of tourists, and finally I spotted my Dad, Otto and Sam but not Twister. Oh well, I get to live without the stupidity for a day. I put my sunglasses on because they didnt see me yet. I walked up to them and pushed them down a little.

"Miss me?" I asked smiling as Sammy ran over to me and hugged me tightly.

"God I missed you Reg, I was stuck here with Dumb and Dumber." Sam said. He maybe grew a foot taller but he was still the Sam that I knew. From what Otto would tell me in emails he was still a klutz and he was still really smart. He still wore his N shirt and pants that were way to long for him. I out grew him by about 3 inches.

"Am I the Dumb or Dumber of the two?" Otto asked about to womp Sam.

"Dumb because you at least knew who I was talking about." Sam said hiding behind me. Wow, Otto got way taller. He out grew me by about a good 7 inches. He still looked the same but his wardrobe changed a little. He had on a red and white shirt with the Rocket on it in yellow. He still wore trunks all the time, but now they were black with red stripes.

"Whats up little bro?" I asked with a smile.

"Well Regina, Im not so little any more." He said as we did the classic Rocket hand shake.

"Dad." I said hugging him tightly.

"Its good to have you back Rocket-girl. Lets go get your bags." He said letting go. He looked the same, maybe a few more wrinkels but you get thoes being with Otto a lot.

"I dont have any other bags other then this. Their going to send my stuff tomorrow." I said. Raymundo shrugged and we all walked out to the car. Otto grabbed the front seat and I was in the back with Sammy."So wheres Twist?"

"He had to make up a test so he dosent have to go to summer school." Otto answered. Sammy started to babble on about how well everything was going back here in the O.S but I sort of Zoned out. I looked out the window. It was about 3:45 pm when my plane landed, but we didnt get out of the airport until around 4:15. It was already starting to get dark.

"Hey Reggie? Reg?" I heard Sammy say. I looked at him. "Did you hear Ray?"

"Nope, sorry, day dreaming." I answered.

"I know your probley really tired, so when we get home you can go strait to bed and tomorrow we're going to be throwing you a welcome home party at the Shack, Is that good with you?" He asked looking at me through the rear view mirror. I smiled and he smiled back.

"This party is gonna be so rad, it's gonna be the best the Shack has ever seen! Everyone in the OS is gonna be there." Otto said excitedly. I thought of a pretty evil idea, to get him to shut up.

"So, Otto, how's your relationship with Trish going?" I asked smirking. Raymundo slammed on the breaks.

"His what!?" He yelled. Otto's eyes grew wide and he moved farther into his seat.

"Oh yeah, he didnt tell you? He's been going out with Trish for about 3 months now. Right Otto?" I said smirking. Otto glared at me.

"Are you mad?" Otto asked hesitating a little.

"Im not mad, I just want to know if she has been sneaking in your room at night?" He asked calming down. That was so not the reaction I wanted. I leaned back in my seat and pouted.

"Not really, im sorta the one sneaking out." Otto said. Ray was trying to hold it all in.

"You arent allowed to do that anymore, im gonna have to put locks on your windows, now." Ray said in all seriousness.

"Weak!" Otto complained. That was much better.

"Or are you going to follow my rules about dating?" Ray asked. I rolled my eyes. Otto was allowed to have her over untill midnight at the latest on weekends. That was one of the reasons I loved my dad so much, he let the same rules apply to me and Otto even though I was a girl. I had already heard the rest of the rules so I zoned out again. The next thing I knew we we're pulling up on my house. I looked out of the window and saw Lars and his cronies all sitting on the bed of his truck laughing about something stupid probley. When we stopped I got out of the car and I heard them stop laughing. I knew they were looking at me, I could feel their eyes on me. Twister came out of the house and ran over to us.

"Reggie! Dude you were gone so long, now that your hear can you make Sam do my stupid science project?" He asked with puppy dog eyes. He probley changed the most out of all of the gang. He was probley 6 foot and he got way tanner. He still wore his hat and had on his shark necklace, but he wasn't wearing a shirt. His mussels showing off. Otto told me that he didnt like wearing a shirt. He still had the same color pants they were just longer.

"I already told you Twister, there is no way im doing your project." Sam said sternly. Twister glared at him and Sam yelped and hid behind me.

"You guys havent changed at all." I said with a smile.

"I think i've changed a lot." Twister said flexing his mussels. I laughed and hit him in the stomach. He bent over in pain.

"And I can still take you." I said. Sammy and me did the Rocket hand shake.

"Ok, ok you guys. Lets let Reggie get some sleep. You guys can catch up tomorrow. Now go home." Ray yelled. I went to the back of the car and got my bag. I closed the trunk and shot a quick look at Lars and his dorks. He gave me a nod and I blushed. Im really glad it was dark out. I went up to my room and layed down in my bed. I dont know why but I couldnt get to sleep. I knew I was tired but something was telling me not to. After about 10 minutes of tossing and turning, I sat up. I put on my flip floops and climbed out my window. I got my skateboard and I skated down to the pier. I saw Madtown totally empty but I saw a light on inm Conroy's trailor. I have only seen the board walk this empty when I come to the beach to think. Its either the beach or I hop the fence to the Amusment park and sit at the very edge of the pier. I went down the ramp, did a little grinding, and stoped at the sand's edge. I took off all my gear and my shoes and sunk my feet into the cool sand.

The beach is always cooler at night. No shoobies to ruin it or trash it. I always come here to think. I seriously think I like the beach at night more then in the day when I can surf or be out in the waves. I got about 5 feet from the water's edge before I sat down. I laughed to myself thinking about how I used to imagine me and the guy of my dream's walking on the beach at night hand and hand, but it was stupid and I dreamed it when I was 7. I was just about to start day dreaming again but I felt someone sit down next to me. I saw the last person I would have ever thought would sit down next to me...

Well what do you think?

Presley aka Crash