Yoshi's Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: I got bored, and I have an interest in the Kirby series now, so I decided to write an adventure fanfic based on an awesome platformer. And I decided that it would star my favorite videogame character, Yoshi. So now that I have said that, I hope that you enjoy this adventure fanfic!

Disclaimer: Yoshi, Birdo, Boshi, and practically everyone in this fanfic belong to Nintendo. Anything else is either part of the public domain or is owned by Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus (okay, so Peppy Ankylosaurus, Dr. Hoshi, Chad the Charmander, Heppy Ankylosaurus, Zirdo the Birdosaurus, Shelia the Stegosaurus, Bronto the Brontosaurus, and the Tyrannoyoshi species primarily belong to him).


The Prologue

Ahhhh, it is the early afternoon on the peaceful continent of Dinosaur Land. It's so peaceful on Yoshi island, even the flowers are blooming with bright, vibrant colors. The Yoshisauruses residing in the Yoshi Village make friendly conversations with each other. And a few miles west of the village is Yoshi's House.

And what better way to examine this than to note the fact that today is the celebration that is Yoshi's birthday! Yoshi has invited all nine of his friends to celebrate his birthday with him, and each of the nine friends have their own gifts for good ol' Yoshi. After opening the gifts, the big surprise comes - a giant, vanilla cake! Topped with rainbow sprinkles and bearing the taste of delicious vanilla, Yoshi attempts to cut the first piece...

Whoosh! The wind blows in the western direction, causing Yoshi and his friends to duck in the ground, covering their heads from the gusty blow of dust. It is then that a shadowy figure snatches the giant, vanilla cake! Yoshi looks up, and gasps, much to his surprise, to find the cake gone!

He turns around and tells everyone that the vanilla cake he was about to eat and share was gone! That scrumptious, sprinkled top of delicious, sweet, fluffy and sugary vanilla... No doubt about it! Dr. Hoshi then stood up and suggested that he and the others go get back the cake. Bronto, Shelia, Boshi, Heppy, Zirdo, and Chad the Charmander all agreed, and they followed Dr. Hoshi, to chase after the thief of the vanilla cake. Yoshi, Peppy, and Birdo all wait patiently as they watch their seven friends run downwards the grassy path.


After waiting patiently for three hours, Birdo knew that her friends haven't succeeded. She then tells Yoshi and Peppy that they'll have to rescue their friends and get back the vanilla cake themselves. Yoshi and Peppy look at each other, then at Birdo, and nod with agreement. Birdo smiles, and she runs downward the grassy path with her two friends, determined to get back the vanilla cake and rescue their friends.

And that is how Yoshi's latest, fantastic adventure throughout the gigantic, expanding continent of Dinosaur Land begins...


To Be Continued...