Yoshi's Adventure: Triceratops Cove (Level 4)

Yoshi felt the cavern get colder and colder as he made his way through the cold, damp caverns of the Triceratops Cove. Glancing to his left and right to make sure everything was all right, the green Yoshisaurus made his way around as he was cautious not to mess up. Coming across a herd of peaceful Dino Rhinos, Yoshi ignored the ceratopsids and continued on his way, hearing the cries of his friends. Running towards their cries, Yoshi tripped over his right foot and tumbled down the stone hill, crashing into a rather large rock, with enough force to garner a headache.

Moaning in pain from the powerful collision, Yoshi shook his head and turned to the right, heading eastbound as the cries got louder. He looked at the ground to see the foot tracks of his friends, and he knew that he was nearby. Not stopping anytime soon, Yoshi turned around the right bank and headed into the large canvas that the tracks led inside, awaiting another fight...

Level Complete! Upcoming: Boss Battle!