To Fight Destiny...

Two people destined to join together and save their world… can't seem to get it right. Derek Venturi and Casey McDonald have to begin new lives over and over again in different time periods until they get it right… or the world is destroyed.



It was a very dark time. The king over a large kingdom was in trouble. An evil magician had cursed him and his kingdom was falling apart before his very eyes. His advisor, who happened to be a magician himself, had tried very hard to lift the curse, but his magic could not compare to the dark magic. The king could do nothing to stop the impending doom that was coming upon his kingdom. Then, surprisingly, one day his magician told a prophecy of two young adults who would save the king and end his curse.

The king sat down as his magician went into the subconscious phase of prophesying, "There will come two young adults, one male, one female, who will restore peace among the havoc that Richard has brought upon his people. If they should fail before they turn seventeen, they will be sent forward in time until they get it right."

Richard, the king, stood up anxiously and interrogated Verdd, his magician, "Verdd, what do you mean by it? Why would they not get it right? What are they getting right? Verdd, explain this!"

Verdd shook his head sadly, "I am sorry, sire, but I can only tell the predictions, I do not have the knowledge to explain them."

Richard let out a groan, "But Verdd, this could take years, decades, even. I do not know when this will happen. How long will my people be suffering from my mistake?"

The old magician stroked his long, white beard thoughtfully, "I do not know sire, all I know that it will come true, I can promise you that. I do not tell untrue prophecies."

Richard collapsed into his chair and rubbed his temples, "I do not know what to do, Verdd, if this takes decades to come true, then I will be the most hated king in all of history because I led my people to their demise. If this does not happen soon, my people will either die from the famine, or the monsters that Rampart has sent out will kill them." Rampart was the evil magician who had cursed King Richard.

Verdd walked over to the window and looked out of the window at the dying land, "Then we must pray that those young adults come soon. And know what they need to do."


Meanwhile, two mothers passed by each other on the streets of the town. One of the mothers was holding the hand of a small toddler boy with almost long brown locks and brown eyes. The other mother was carrying a toddler girl of about the same age, with long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. The little boy made a face at the girl and laughed as she screwed up her face and began to pout. The mother looked at her daughter curiously and then looked over at the little boy and frowned. The mother holding the boy's hand did not notice any of this, but tugged on his hand and made him walk faster. He quickly made another face at the girl and her mother and then hurried after his own mother.

The girl's mother looked down at her and sighed, "Oh, Elizabeth, I don't know what parents are teaching their children. We should all try our best to keep you all well educated. With all this fear and terror around, one thing we can do is to keep order in our children's lives."

Elizabeth just stared after the little boy over her mother's shoulder, making a face too late for him to see, as two fat tears slid down her cheeks.

A/N: I got the inspiration for this fanfic by watching a trailer on YouTube.. so you all should check it out! It's called Avalon High: A Dasey Trailer... created by AllyPorter!! check it out!! it's awesome!!

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