A/N In case you hadn't noticed I redid the first four chapters due to a change in Max's character. Hope you liked it. Secondly for this section it helps you have read Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon in order to understand the Peter/Imogen/Remus triangle as Peter suffers from a Lancelot complex (He is in love with Remus and wants Imogen cause she's his) Now I know all you naughty naughty people want this to turn into that scene where Arthur Lancelot and Gwenyfar have a threesome... admit it!

Xenia was unabashedly swing dancing with Gilderoy in the Entrance Hall. The two were laughing and having a great time, as he spun her towards him, "But I really do think that the blue is so much better than the orange. After all it accents your eyes." Xenia remarked.
"That's true, but it looks too much like what Lucius wore last year. You know how I hate looking like anybody else...." He replied, pulling her through his legs.
"Okay then... wear the green!"
"My god Xenia! You are a genius. I hadn't thought of that" he exclaimed, dipping her, gracefully.
Just then, Narcissa walked up, looking impatient. She scowled at Xenia, and her brother. "Time to go" she said coldly.
"Okay Cis" Gilderoy happily replied, bringing Xenia to her feet, "Well Xen, see you New Years!" And with that he trotted off in front of Narcissa, who turned back to scowl at Xenia.
Xenia turned around to find Max, "Damn girl!" he said, "Every time I see you it makes me want to take you in my arms and do a sexy little dance" And he did. Xenia found herself pressed against him, tangoing across the hall seductively. He released her, and Xenia, smiling, turned and went off to find Lily, who was sitting despondently on the stairs.
Lily was trying to figure out what was really going on. Remus had kissed her that night; but since then, he had not said a word about it, acting instead as if it had never happened. Lily didn't mind so much that it obviously had just been lust, what bothered her was that she had no idea where she stood with him now. What worried her was his denial, "Really I wouldn't mind if he said it was just an accident or a one time thing, she told Xenia, "But his pretending that it didn't happen is driving me insane!" Then she thought about it, and about Remus' behavior during the entire time she had known him, some more, "He has always had a tendency toward denial. Like the time he and Sirius had to kiss in Imperious Verita Syrum...( A/N Imperious Verita Syrum is the wizarding version of Truth or Dare, read my fic by that name to learn more) and he always says that it hadn't happened and he doesn't know what we are talking about. Or there was that time head that crush on that slytherin girl... and admitted it one night but then he heard she was dating Chang, and he denied ever having said such a thing. He went out with poor Vashti Patil for over a month but later claimed to never have had even a passing interest in her. Remus might be hot, but he sure is fucked up".
She gazed across the hall where he stood... waiting for Imogen she realized.
"Lily I am going to talk to Remus" Xenia announced, "He may be able to fuck with other girls but he can't do it to you, who is actually his friend. He needs to be honorable with you... he cant just use you like that!"
"No!" Lily cried, "It isn't any good. Besides, I don't even want to make him pretend. I don't even want to go out with him really. I mean he is cute and sometimes I just want to kiss him, but honestly Xen I wouldn't be happy; he wouldn't be happy; I would ruin our friendship, and besides, I think I am ready to move on from all this foolishness. I want a nice guy."
Lily jumped as she heard a voice right behind her. She spun around to see James standing there, "Oh hi," she said, blushing and wondering if he had heard her conversation with Xenia.
"We're leaving" Sirius, who had joined them as well, told Xenia.
"Okay... well maybe we can all hang out new years or something" Xenia said lightly.
Sirius hugged her, nuzzling his face in her hair. Lily and James turned away, they were used to Sirius and Xenia but still didn't feel the need to watch them unabashedly cuddle. "I hope we do get together" Lily told James.
"So do I" he replied.
"Xenia!" Sirius exclaimed, "Did you just grab my ass?"
"Who me?" she smiled innocently
"Well I guess we're going" James said, he looked hesitantly for a minute and then quickly hugged Lily. They both blushed and looked at the ground. Lily had not expected that. Not that it was unwelcome, in fact it was rather nice, but it just seemed odd for James to have done; he was usually to bashful and timid to initiate anything. "So I'll see you soon..." he said, and turned and followed Sirius out of the hall.
Lily and Xenia watched him go. Xenia looked gleefully at Lily, "Now I see" she smiled.
"Honesty Xen..."
"You are so cute. So when did all this happen?"
"What happen?"
"You and Jamesy of course"
"What about us? We've been friends since second year..." but in spite of her brave words she blushed.
"Come off it. Jimmy wouldn't just hug me"
"Well maybe that's because he's afraid of you."
Xenia had to contemplate this, "Well what about Immie then" she retorted. Lily couldn't think of a good response. "Do you like him Lily?" Xenia asked.
"What do you mean... I like Remus... or..."
"But you said you wanted to get over him and like a "nice guy". And then I see you hugging James, whose middle name ought to be "nice guy". I think you've been hiding something from me."
"Honestly whatever else you say, he hugged me..."
"You're not going to tell me you minded..."
"No, and what gives you the right to analyze anyone. You're the one attacking Sirius."
Lily never got to hear Xenia's response because at that moment Peter walked up. "Have you seen Imogen?" he asked, "I thought she might have come down to see you guys off".
"No. She probably didn't want to risk the wrath of Dumbledore, I wonder if she will chicken out about staying in our tower over break too." Xenia replied.
Peter seemed interested in this notion. That would leave him and Remus alone. Peter was overwhelmed by a vision of Remus lying next to him... naked. Then he caught himself and looked disappointed at the thought of not seeing Imogen.
"Hey! Weren't you girls leaving like 20 minutes ago" Remus said, joining them.
"Yes but then we got distracted... What? In such a hurry to be rid of us so you can be alone with your lover" Xenia remarked snidely. Peter turned scarlet and tried not to wish that Xenia's words had truth to them. "Well we'll leave to you that then" she snapped, and dragged Lily out of the hall laughing.
"Be good to Imogen" Lily whispered.


"Have you seen Lodessa?" Max asked Imogen.
"She was in here earlier but I don't see her now. I really I don't know... have you tried the common room" Imogen replied.
"Thanks" he said, "Take care babe" and he walked out.
"Oh there's my blue shirt" Lodessa exclaimed, emerging from under her bed.
"You do know that Max was just in here looking for you" Imogen told her.
"Oh was he? Oh well." Lodessa said, trying to act uninterested, and not show that she was disappointed in his casual response to not finding her.
"Lodessa" came Igor's voice from the door, "Are you sure you don't want to come to Malfoy's".
"Yes. Absolutely." she replied firmly; she didn't tell him that the real reason she wasn't going was that Max wasn't and she didn't want to hook up with him, or the rest of them.
"Well then... I guess... if you're sure..." he turned and started to shuffle off, "Well, I'll miss you"
Lodessa sat down, and turned to say something to Imogen but she had disappeared. Looking around she saw Severus standing in the doorway. She felt a sudden urge to run up and embrace him but knew better than to follow it. Instead she merely smiled at him.
"Have you seen my sister?" He said gruffly.
Lodessa looked around, suddenly realizing the reason for Imogen's timely disappearance.
"No" she lied, "Have you tried the entrance hall? She might be saying goodbye to those blasted griffindors of hers..."
"Yes I was just there..."
"I have no idea where she went then. She really needs to start choosing better friends, I don't know why she insists on hanging out with that kind of scum really" Lodessa said, consciously stroking Severus' sensibilities.
Severus looked at her inquisitively. "I thought you and Narcissa were too good for us Snapes, too busy with Malfoy and Nott to notice." He snapped.
Lodessa flushed, "I guess you were wrong then..." she half whispered.

Remus was beating Peter badly at chess. It was not that Peter was particularly bad or Remus was particularly good at chess; Remus was winning because Peter was distracted by his proximity. He tried not to study the other boy's features too much. Tried to pretend that he was merely projecting his feelings for Imogen onto Remus... but it was a lie, a lie to himself as well as the rest of the world. "Oh god but he looks hot..." Peter caught himself thinking.
They were just setting up to play yet another game of chess when the door opened and Imogen entered. Remus saw her first. His eyes lit up and he knocked over the chessmen, not paying attention, "Why if it isn't our little Imogen!" He cried, and got up to give her a hug.
Peter looked over in jealousy, wanting to be part of that embrace, an embrace about to be terminated by Remus' departure to the Shrieking Shack. It was that time of the month, and Remus had only been waiting for Imogen's arrival before departing.
Remus sighed and moved towards the door. He had to. The sun would set soon and he would transform into his werewolf form. This wasn't so bad when everyone was there to keep him company, but tonight he was afraid...like he had been in the old times. There was more than that on the trio's minds however.
As of late, Peter had been acting strangely. Mood swings hit him frequently, making him seem bitter. Imogen, who had always been friends with Peter, suddenly felt uncomfortable around him and didn't like him touching her. Remus sometimes felt as though Peter was waiting to pounce But both of them thought this was silliness on their parts and tried to take no heed of it. Nevertheless no body was very keen on his and Imogen's night alone. Even Peter wished that Remus coudl remain before remembering that he should be happy for this opportunity to be alone with Imogen. Maybe, Peter reminded himself, without Remus around she might see him in a different light.


"I really need to go find my sister... If anything happens to her it will be my fault" Severus said awkwardly, backing towards the door.
"Don't say that..." Lodessa interrupted, cutting in between Severus and the exit, "I mean it's not your job to babysit her... she's a big girl and can be responsible for herself. You wouldn't want to jeopardize your life trying to help an ungrateful brat who doesn't appreciate you"
"I know, I have no influence on her... but I'll take her fall for her screwing up anyway from our mother" Severus persisted.
"What do you mean?"
"Mamma favors Imogen, so whenever she messes up mamma blames it on me instead... so I have a bit more invested in her well being than most brothers would be"
"That's really not fair to you... you work so hard. I mean you get top marks in everything... no one should ask you to go off and get detention looking for your rebellious little sister and ruin your chances of being head boy" Lodessa reached toward him to touch his shoulder but he backed away.
"Why would you care? It's not like you'd want to see me succeed..." Severus scowled bitterly, retreating to a corner.
"How would you know? Besides, if you are busy running after Imogen how am I ever going to convince you to help me out with Potions..." "You need help" Severus asked incredulously, "You're a top student in that class... your grades are better than mine half the time!"
"I know... that's why I feel embarrassed asking you for help... but I just can't seem to get this candid concoction to work out right. if you won't help me I don't know who I could ask but Potter... and I don't think I could bring myself to do that." Lodessa lied, pleading with her luminous Topaz eyes locking onto him.
Severus was clearly still skeptical that the beautiful and undisciplined genius would need his help or think to ask for it, but he couldn't think of a good excuse for declining to help her. Besides, it was a good excuse to forget about his sister, who he would rather didn't exist most of the time, protective though he was.