"The Powerless"- By RoseHustle

"I'm not the same person I used to be, Kal," she said as she sat on the sandy beach.

He watched her as she made little cirlces in the sand. He hated to see her so unsure of herself. He hated to see her so lost.

"The Gods took your powers, but you are still a hero. You still stand for strength and justice. None of that has changed," he said as he took a seat next to her. His cape blew behind him.

"Kal, I'm not strong like I was, and my bracelets were taken from me. I can barely hold my own with the League..."

"Then you'll train. Bruce will teach you everything he knows. He's only a man but he's more powerful than most Meta's combined. You can also get Dinah and Shayera to help you get accustomed to these changes...and there's always me," he said as he placed his arm around her bringing them closer together.

Diana looked up at him. There was a promise hidden in his dark green eyes. He never looked at her with so much longing before. Well, he had, but always when he thought she wouldn't notice. This time he didn't care. He held her tightly to him. The stare never breaking.

Diana began to trail her finger against his lower lip. Clark closed his eyes and started kissing her hand. Gradually, he made his way to her mouth. The kiss was tentative at first but then became much deeper. After a few minutes of tasting one another, Diana pulled back.

"Kal, we shouldn't do this. You're with Lois."

Clark took in a sigh and shifted his body so he was completely facing her.

"I have ended things with Lois..."

"Kal, what happened? It wasn't because of me?"

"No, it was because of me. I couldn't go on pretending that I could be the happy husband while I dreamt of you. You're in my thoughts all the time, and when I go a day without seeing you I feel so lonely," he said as he held her face.

"Kal, you don't know how long I have wanted to hear you say these words, but are you sure that you are done with your marriage?"

"I love Lo, but the way I love you is too intense to ignore. It wouldn't be fair to put her through that. She needs a man that will love her and her alone. I just can't be that man for her. I've tried for so long to deny these feelings for you, but I can't find the will power anymore. You hold a sacred place within my heart that I have never entrusted to another, not even Lois...I want to spend my life with you, Diana."

Diana placed her hand on Clark's chest. She could feel his heart beating rapidly. A smile started to form on his face. Then a smile began to form on her own.

"I want to spend my life with you too."

Clark pulled Diana in for a hug. They held each for awhile in a soothing silence. So much had been said over the years that they could finally just surrender to the moment without regret.

"Why now?" Diana asked.

"I had been thinking about this for some time. I was going to tell you that day before you lost your powers. I decided to wait because I didn't want you to think that I was doing it because of what happened. I didn't want you to doubt my intentions.The last thing that I wanted was for you to doubt my faith in you as a warrior."

Diana looked up at him once more and then drew his lips into her own.

"You know me more than anyone, Kal, but you're wrong about one thing."

"What's that?"

"I have never doubted you."

With that Clark kissed her once more and the two began to leave the beach.

"So, what will you teach me when we train, Kal?" she said with a seductive tone.

"Oh, you'll just have to wait and see," he said as he scooped her up in his arms and flew off into the horizon.