The halls of the Faerie Academy were filled with the noise of its students. Older students let out excited cries as they saw their friends and ran to hug them. First year students rushed frantically through the maze of hallways as they desperately tried to find their way to their next class.

Lithine, a first year light faerie, walked quickly through the halls while studying a map of the school. Despite the map, she was having trouble finding her way to her beginner's spell casting class. She looked up to check her surroundings and muttered curses under her breath when she saw a fork in the hallway she was in. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't see the air faerie until she ran into her. Both Lithine and the other girl let out small yelps as they collided and their books tumbled to the floor.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" cried Lithine as she bent down to help the air faerie pick up the fallen books.

"No that's okay," replied the air faerie in a shy voice. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"I wasn't either." Both faeries smiled at each other. "I'm Lithine by the way."

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Ariella. I'm a first year here"

"Me too." Lithine smiled. Suddenly, a thought came to her. "Do you by any chance know where room 428 is? It's the beginner's spell casting class."

The light faerie watched as Ariella pulled a map like hers out of her book bag along with a schedule of classes. The air faerie glanced over it. A grin spread over her face and she looked up at Lithine.

"How ironic. That's my next class." she said.

"Really?" asked Lithine happily. Ariella nodded. "Want to walk together?"

"Sure," replied the air faerie. Lithine smiled. Maybe now she would have someone to talk to.

It took all of the girls' passing period to find the classroom. When they entered, they were the last people in their seats. An older light faerie smiled at them as she stepped forward from behind the desk which was placed in front of the room.

"Good morning students and welcome to your first class of beginner's spell casting." Her voice was soft and quiet. It was the kind of voice which would have put Lithine to sleep if the subject had been boring. Luckily, the class was quite the opposite.

As Ms. Myra, or as the students called her, Ms. M explained what they would be learning in the class, Lithine took the chance to observe her classmates. It was a small class with about twenty faeries in it. Other than Ariella, who was seated next to Lithine, there were about five other air faeries. A group of four earth faeries sat on the opposite side of the room from the two dark faeries in the class. The six fire faeries sat whispering in the very back of the class, no doubt plotting their next set of pranks. Two other light faeries sat on Lithine's right. Lithine was surprised that there were no water faeries.

"They all probably got put in the advanced class," she thought. Water faeries always were the best students.

Ms. M was just about to hand out their first assignment when the door of the classroom opened. Lithine was startled to see a small dark faerie walk in. She wore a simple purple tank top with a black skirt. Her book bag was thrown over her shoulder and she held a note in one hand. Without looking at her classmates, she strode over to Ms. M and gave her the note. The teacher glanced down at the faerie before beginning to read it.

"Thank you," she said to the dark faerie. "I'll talk to you about what you missed after class. Go ahead and have a seat."

As the dark faerie strode toward the empty desk in the back of the class, Lithine watched her. The other two dark faeries glared at the newcomer when she passed. The little dark faerie returned their angry looks before sitting down.

Lithine turned her attention back to the front of the class as Ms. M began to explain how to complete the assignment. All thoughts about the little faerie disappeared from her mind as she listened to the lesson.

The rest of the day flew by for Lithine. She had been glad to find that she and Ariella had several classes together. They had also met a lively fire faerie in their potions class by the name of Nova. The three girls were now relaxing in the school courtyard during their free time before dinner.

Lithine studied her newfound friends as they chatted about classes. Over the course of the day, she had gotten to know them better. Ariella, though shy at first, was quite clever and Lithine was very glad about this since math had never been her strong point. Nova on the other hand was very different from her quiet air faerie friend. She was energetic and, like all fire faeries, very mischievous. She had a short temper and often spoke her mind.

Just then, the bell which summoned the students to dinner rang. Still taking idly, the three friends made their way to the dining hall.

The room where the students ate was packed by the time Lithine and the others got there. Quickly, they grabbed trays and hurried into line. The line was moving very slowly and the friends wished the people in front of them would hurry up.

Suddenly, the doors to the cafeteria were slammed open and five dark faeries stalked inside. The room became silent for a second as the faeries watched the newcomers before returning to its original noise level. Being a light faerie, Lithine had a natural dislike for dark faeries and she eyed the five warily.

The dark faeries were older, probably in their fifth or sixth year. The five grabbed trays and without a second thought, made their way up to the front of the line. Lithine, Nova and Ariella watched as they approached a first year dark faerie and cut in front of her. Startled, the little faerie stumbled backward. One of the older faeries smiled evilly as she stuck her foot out. The little faerie let out a small cry as she tripped and landed hard on the tiled floor.

"Dark faeries," muttered Nova with a shake of her head. "Always causing trouble. They're even worse than us fire faeries."

"You have to admit that that's pretty bad," teased Ariella as Nova elbowed her.

"Hey Ariella," said Lithine as she studied the fallen dark faerie. "Isn't that the dark faerie that came into class late this morning?"

"I don't know. Maybe," the air faerie paused as she tried to get a good look at the girl. "It is."

When Nova asked what they were talking about, the girls quickly explained what had occurred during their spell casting class. When they had gotten their food, they went and sat down at an empty table. When Lithine looked around, she saw that the little dark faerie was seated at an empty table not far from them. It puzzled the light faerie that the girl had no friends. She hadn't seemed like a particularly mean faerie. She was actually a very pretty girl with raven black hair which contained several purple streaks in it. Her amethyst eyes warily watched the people around her.

Lithine shrugged and turned back to her food. She was a light faerie so she shouldn't care about how a dark faerie was treated. She stopped eating and started to think, something she rarely did seriously.

"I shouldn't care," she thought. "Or should I?"

Mithana the dark faerie sighed as she made her way to the Dark Faerie Dormitory. It had been an awful first day. She had made no friends but then again, that wasn't surprising. Who wanted to be a friend with a dark faerie?

The little faerie stopped in front of the dark purple and black door which signaled the beginning of dark faerie territory. No faerie of another element was allowed to enter. Mithana sighed and pushed the door open.

The door revealed a staircase which spiraled upward. Every few steps or so there would be a door with a number on it. First years were always put in the lower level rooms while the older students were in the higher ones. Mithana passed the first five before entering into room 6.

Each room in the dorm contained two beds and a large desk for studying. Despite the fact that most students ate in the dining hall, there was a small kitchen connecting to each room. The walls were a dark purple, symbolizing her element. A window near the desk overlooked one of the school courtyards.

Though most students had roommates, Mithana did not. She was glad for she liked peace and quiet. Moving over to the desk, the dark faerie sat down and pulled out her beginner's spell casting homework out of her backpack. She sat staring at the half completed sheet as she recalled the occurrence in the dining hall. She closed her eyes as she remembered the embarrassment she had felt when those five girls had pushed her.

Oh she knew who they were all right. They were a group of dark faeries who took all their pleasure from bullying others. Their names were Sirine, Ada, Bethany, Elaine, and Dyra. The only reason Mithana knew this was because Sirine, their leader, was her older cousin.

This was one of the main reasons Mithana had no friends amongst the dark faeries of the school. It was well known that Sirine and her friends loved to humiliate her younger cousin. Anyone with any sense would want to stay away from her for just that reason.

The little faerie sighed. Of course there were more reasons that people disliked her but she didn't even want to think about them. Casting these depressing thoughts aside, the girl returned to her homework. Perhaps tomorrow would be at least a little bit better.