Naruto Fanfic - "An Excessive Chain of Hugs"

Written November 2007 by Astra M.


Author's Note: Explaining this bit of bizarreness may make it as long as the fic itself... Well, this is basically another one of those one-shot drabble collections, but with a particular twist of my own. It's based on the "Fifteen Hugs" LJ community, but instead of focusing on one couple I tried chaining a string of characters in a believable way through one action (in this case, a hug) until it circles back and connects the last character to the first... sort of. Does that make sense? Well, just read and find out.


Hug 01: Sleeping (Kurenai x Asuma)

Kurenai sat on the bedside, lost in thought as she watched the steady rise of Asuma's chest. She could hear Kakashi's words echoing inside her head.

What's the use of falling in love? Everyone I've ever cared for is already dead.

A sad smile touched her face; she'd often witnessed the truth of that statement firsthand. Love in the ninja world could be a cruel, bitter thing.

She sighed.

Moving under the covers, Kurenai slid her arms around Asuma, drawing herself close to his slumbering form.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but for now... rest here with me.