Hug 15: KISS (Guy x Kakashi)


"Are you sure that's what it means?"

"I'm positive."

"And that means I don't have to, er, you know...?"

"No, you don't."

Kakashi could see by the look on Guy's face that he was wavering. He had to seize the chance to end this now.

"It's an acronym. K-I-S-S. It means whatever dare you decide to do, Keep It Simple, Stupid."

Guy stared back at him, looking thunderstruck. Then he suddenly threw his arms around Kakashi, sobbing in relief.

Weakly returning the hug, Kakashi congratulated himself. This game of Truth or Dare was getting scary.

You're a devious woman, Kurenai.


Author's Note: And so it ends, having come full circle again. Cheers!