DarkShadow At Midnight

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Demanded Request: First Crime Chapter One"Tasks"

"I want ice cream, Mom!"called the eight year old Kagome.

Mrs.Higurashi called up the stairs, "Come down, and I'll fix it for you!"

"I'll be right down!"called Kagome.

She quickly put on a white t-shirt, and black baggy jeans. Kagome put on her silver oval locket, then ran downstairs. Her father walked in,

"No running down the stairs, Kags."

Kagome squealed "Daddies home!"

Kagome hugged her father's mid, for that was how tall she was. He hugged her, and patted her back lightly.

"Sotoiya?Why are you home so early?"asked Ms.Higurashi.

Sotoiya kissed her cheeked, and sighed, "I need to talk to you, Miyazaki."

Miyazaki looked down at Kagome, "Your ice creams on the table, dear.We'll be in there in a bit."

"Okay!"smiled Kagome skipping into the kitchen.

She sat at the table, and ate the chocolate ice ream. She hummed a tone to herself as her parents talked.

Miyazaki whispered, "What is it, Sotoiya?"

"I need to confess something."he whispered sadly.

Kagome stopped her humming, and listened carefully.

Miyazaki asked, "What is it?"

"I've been working for The Vianda."whispered Sotoiya lowly.

Miyazaki gasped softly, "You said you'd never work for them, Sotoiya."

"I know, but listen.The company merged with them, and I was chosen as one the employee to work for them more often then the original company.The Camcor's have been bought over, and now I've been working for them more than a year."explained Sotoiya.

Miyazaki asked, "Please tell me you haven't been doing what I think you've been doing, Sotoiya."

"Hai.I've been...-

Miyazaki's voice was shaky, "You've put me, and Kagome in danger now.Why didn't you just quit soon as they merged."

"I need to take care of you, and Kagome.I killed one the main boss.Their after me, and we need to get out of here."whispered Sotoiya.

Kagome coughed when she heard the word 'I killed' Miyazaki, and Sotoiya walked in. Sotoiya rubbed his daughters back,

"Are you okay?"

Kagome nodded, "Yes, Daddy.Is something wrong?"

"Yes.We are g-

Before he could finish there was a loud crash at the door. Miyazaki screamed. A boy with long red hair, and hazel eyes walked in. He looked two years older than Kagome. Then a man with spiky blond hair, and sharp dark brown eyes, her fathers age stomped in.

A pistol in hand. Kagome froze like frozen water.

Sotoiya yelled, "Shun!Let's not be rash!Please don't do this!"

"You bastard!Don't preach to me!"snarled Shun.

Kagome screamed in fear.

Sotoiya yelled, "Kagome!Run!Miy-

Sotoiya, and Miyazaki were shot right before Kagome. Right in the heart. blood covered the floor. Both lay dead before her very eyes.

"Mom!Dad!No!Why did you kill them!NO!"sobbed Kagome.

Shun grimaced, "You'll come in handy later.Seiji!Take her to the truck!"

The ten year old boy walked up to Kagome, and took her, then whispered,

"I'm sorry...b..but come with me without screaming, and you won't get punished."

Kagome whimpered, and nodded. First, she knelt to her parents, and kissed each of them on the cheek. Kagome took the silver bracelets from their wrist, and took Seiji hand. They left the house. Kagome cried softly all the way to wherever she was going.

Next Day At Dawn

Kagome looked at a sign, and saw that it said Tokyo. She use to live in Kyoto. Seiji took her hand, and whispered,

"Don't be afraid."

Kagome looked at him, and nodded. That walked in a two story house. Shun slammed the door behind him, and stomped into the kitchen. He grabbed a beer, and yanked to top off, and gulped it down. He threw it into the wall,

"Alright...Kagome...you're now, and forever apart of the The Vianda.People that kill for money, got it?Any protest?"he asked with a smug smirk.

Kagome's eyes darkened, and she kept her mouth shut. He rustled her head,

"Good girl.Now, Seiji get her cleaned up.She covered in that piece of dirts blood.For now on...I'm your dad."

Kagome only nodded. She glared at the floor. Seiji took her upstairs, and then she began to sob her eyes out. Her life was over. Nothing was right, anymore.

When she got to her room. She slammed the door, locked it, and fell on her bed then sobbed. Her life darkened. Her voice was leaving her, and she wasn't gonna fight to keep it.

She gave up everything. A girl with long red hair with jet black highlights, and jade eyes walked in. She was exactly her age.

Kagome yelled, "Leave me alone!"

"Calm down, sis."smiled the girl. "I'm Raiden, and don't mention it's a boys name."

Kagome repeated, "Sis?"

"You're apart of or family now.Me, you, and Seiji parents were all killed by the Vianda."smiled Raiden.

Kagome yelled, "You're smiling!"

"My parents beat me like a worthless pillow.I'm glad their dead.I call Shun dad with pride."smiled Raiden.

Kagome wiped her tears, "Oh."

"Yep, well...let's go shopping."giggled Raiden taking her hand.

Kagome shouted as she dragged her, "I hate shopping!"

"Yay!Tomboy!Let's go skateboard!"laughed Raiden.

Kagome didn't argue with that. Something foul was building up inside her, and she couldn't pinpoint what it was...

Six Years Later

Thirteen- year old Kagome laughed as the new kid, Inuyasha, tripped on the milk she left laying for him. Some laughed, and others just watched then glaring at Kagome.

Inuyasha, the fourteen year old boy, growled, "You bitch!"

"Thank you."smirked Kagome.

Inuyasha growled, "Why you!"

"Knock it off, Kagome!"came a pissed off voice.

Kagome turned toward her fifteen year old, 'brother', Seiji, "Lighten up, bro."

"No!I said knock it off!"he grabbed her hand, and shoved her out the door, and then turned toward Inuyasha, "Sorry dude."

Seiji offered a hand. Inuyasha took, and got up.

Inuyasha asked, "What's your sister's problem?"

"She doesn't have a problem...you just have to know the whole story to understand her.Later."he said coolly, and then leaving.

A lot of girls squealed at him, and called, "We love you Seiji!"

Seiji looked back at Inuyasha, and then walked out the door.

"Are you alright, Inuyasha?"asked Sango, and Miroku.

Inuyasha nodded, "Yeah.I was actually going to talk to Kagome...I didn't even notice she planted that little trap."

"Yo, Say...you seen my sis, and bro?"asked Raiden, with a serious face, and a cell phone to her ear.

Sango pointed to the double doors, "Is Kagome drunk, or something?She actually bullied someone.She seems-

"Not again...sorry, Inuyasha!I'll make her apologize...someday!See you guys, Monday!"called Raiden beginning to walk. "Yeah, I know Dad.We'll have all these tasks done before midnight.Later."

Sango repeated, "Tasks?"

"They might be talking about chores.So what?"grumbled Inuyasha poking her wet shirt.

Miroku asked, "Around midnight?Schools out at three, Inuyasha.They can do that soon as they get home."

"Stop being so negative.Let's get lunch.I'm starving."smirked Inuyasha.

Miroku, and Sango yelled, "YOU'RE HOPELESS!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."grumbled Inuyasha. "Lets.Get.FOOD!"

They sighed heavily, and followed the 'starving' boy.

Sango grumbled, "It's amazing how you can be so rich, and starving."

"Yes.I agree very much with you, Sango."nodded Miroku.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

That Night

Kagome yanked the knife out the man's body, and wiped it off with her shirt. She glared down at the body.

Seiji sighed, "Let's get out-

Sirens were heard in the distance.

"Damn it all!Let's get out of here!"yelled Raiden.

They ran out the back door, and jumped over the fence. When they were far from the scene, they slowed down. Their house not far away. When they got their, Shun was on the porch pacing.

He gave a sigh of relief, "The Camcor marked our next target.Lucky you got away."

"If we hadn't?"asked Kagome illy.

Shun sighed, "We'd have to start a war."

"Okay."smiled Raiden elbowing Kagome.

They all went inside. When Kagome got into her room. She busted into tears, and slid down her door. Kagome held her knees, and whispered,

"I can't believe I've been doing this for six years.I'm so cruel...

Four Years Later

Kagome walked down the dark roads with a black hood on her head. A smirk plastered on her face. She walked into the woods, and stopped at the little lake, and washed her knife off. After that, she took off home. When she got there, she stopped dead in her track.

When she walked in Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku were in the living room. She quickly stuffed the knife into her pocket, and took off her hood.

"Kagome!"called Seiji.

Kagome walked into the living room. She relaxed at the look of Raiden, Seiji, and Shun's face.

Kagome smiled, "Back.What are you all doing here?"

"No reason.Where you been?"asked Inuyasha with a suspicious eye.

Kagome shrugged, "Just walking around."

"At night?"asked Inuyasha.

Kagome yelled, "Yes!At night!Get off my back!"

She ran upstairs, and slammed the door behind her. The room was quiet for a second. Shun stood,

"If you all will excuse me."

He walked up the stairs. Seiji frowned, and hissed quietly,

"Damn it all."

Sango asked, "Something wrong?"

"You all should leave."whispered Raiden.

Before they could say of protest, they heard Shun yelled, "Dan it, Kagome!Grow up!you're not eight years old anymore!You're still acting like a brat!I'm sick of you coming back with a attitude!"

"Leave me alone!"yelled Kagome with her voice sobbing.

There was a loud crash upstairs, and Kagome screamed out in pain.

Seiji stood, "Damn it!"

He got up, and ran upstairs.

"You three need to leave n-

Before they could even get to the door, Kagome ran down the stairs. Her face had a red bruise on it. She opened the door, and stormed out. Shun, and then Seiji came downstairs.

Seiji yelled, "You're on thin ice, Father!She has only a week to decide if she still wants to do your foul work!Same thing for Raiden!"

"Oh, Raiden!You're gonna be a bitch just like your sister!HUH!"yelled Shun taking a step toward her.

Raiden whimpered, and back up to the wall, "Please don't."

"Do it!I dare you!Next time you lay a hand on them!I'll beat the crap out of you!"growled Seiji.

Inuyasha growled, "What 'work' Seiji...what's going on!?"

"Only time can tell."whispered Seiji.

Inuyasha glared at Shun. He was pissed off.

Shun grabbed his coat, and keys then stomped out, "Kagome better be back in this house before midnight.If she isn't...I won't be held responsible for what happens to her."

When he opened the door. Kagome was on the porch hugging her knees.

"Brat.."muttered Shun under his breath.

He got into his mustang, and left. Kagome stood up, and walked in. She closed the door behind herself.

Raiden touched Kagome's cheek, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine.Stop touching it...it hurts."whispered Kagome.

Seiji opened the door, "Your best bet is to go home.Forget this ever happened, ne?"

"Uh...okay."nodded Sango.

Miroku grabbed Inuyasha, and walked out, "See you later."

Inuyasha gave Kagome a look she never seen before. Was he worried? She looked away. Seiji closed the door behind them.

"Alright.Lights out in an hour you two."sighed Seiji.

Raiden nodded, "Right.See you tommorow, Sei!"

"Bye, Rai...bye Kags."smiled Seiji. "Keep your head up.One more week to go."

Kagome smiled, "Right."

He walked out the house. Next thing they heard was his car speeding down the road. Kagome hugged Raiden, and cried silently.

"It's okay, Kagome."whispered Raiden beginning to cry herself.