Congratulations Pokemon Master

Author's Note: It's been sooo long since I've written anything! OMG! But I'm kind of in a sour mood today and decided that the only way to cure this bug is by writing something. So how better to write a story then how Mr. Ketchum and Miss. Waterflower finally get together, at least in my eyes. So without furtherado, and forward look into the future, here is my story 'Congratulations, Pokemon Master.'

Disclaimer: Pokemon obviously doesn't belong to me. I own no rights to the characters presented, they all belong to the orginal creator and current Pokemon owner whom you can easily google since I don't remember off the top of my head who they happen to be. So thanks, and please, don't sue me. I'm a student in debt as it is.


The crowds roared with the strength that only a boisterous crowd of tens of thousands of people crowded into the biggest pokemon stadium in the world could muster. Balloons filled the night sky and colourful confetti extolled on the winner of the world's most renowned pokemon competition; the Pokemon Masters Championships. He was back in Indigo where his first competition once was, and now, 10 years later to become the world's youngest pokemon master. He was now elite, he had fought hard and sent his competitor into retirement; a former pokemon elite member; the former pokemon master. Tears welled in his eyes as though he was still apprehending what just happened. He was the new pokemon master; he had just reached his dream. He caught sight of his furry best friend running to greet him for the first time since the battle ended.

"Pikapi!" Pikachu cried as he leaped into his friend's arms. Tears also clouded the skilled pokemon's eyes.

"We did it Pikachu!" Exclaimed his friend, Ash. "We did it! It's done! We did it!" His pokemon all stood at the edge of the stadium; each with renowned loyalty and love toward their friend and master, Ash Ketchum.

The crowds continued to cheer. For the first time in 10 years, a new pokemon master reigned supreme. It was truly a historic event.

He turned around and waved to the crowds. His competitor smiled and politely stepped away from the stadium, retirement was going to be wonderful. Ash saw his mother crying uncontrollably in the first row with the friendly comfort of Professor Oak's arm wrapped around her shoulders, Brock happily shouted along with the crowds waving his 'Go Ash Go' flag, beside him was Brock's long-time girlfriend May Oak, politely smiling as the child she formally babysat was now a full grown man. Gary smirked beside his sister and beside him was May and Drew and May's parents and brother, Max; all proud and happy for Ash at this exact moment. Among the others were Dawn (his long time travelling partner), Richie, and the ex-teamrocket members, James and his newly wed and heavily pregnant wife, Jessie, and their youngest daughter along with their mischievous pokemon Meowth. Tracey Sketchem was also present along with Daisy, Lily and Violet Waterflower. They were all there, cheering him on in his sweet victory.

To the side of the open stadium, stood a young beautiful girl; she had the dignity of claiming to be one of Ash's first travelling companions. She watched her first love from afar, full of pride and joy. Her Ash had finally become a pokemon master; her Ash had finally done it. In the distance she could hear the theme music of the pokemon masters championships sung by some famous band present, 'I want to be the very best, that no one ever was…' A hoard of woman presented Ash with his trophy and the cheering continued…