Congratulations Pokémon Master

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"Kiss me, Ash, after all those years, after everything we've been through, kiss me."

"As you wish, Mist," Ash whispered as his lips captured his orange-haired lover's. Misty sighed as she felt Ash's soft lips against her own. This kiss was different; it was soft, gentle, loving. Misty parted her lips as she felt Ash's tongue sweep across her lips, requesting entrance. Ash's tongue entered her mouth. Misty's eyes opened in shock as she felt Ash roll his tongue around in her mouth, across her palate and intertwining with her own tongue. When the hell did he learn to kiss? Slowly Ash broke the kiss and began pleasuring her neck, sucking and kissing. Misty moaned in unexpected pleasure; who knew her neck was so sensitive? Being a virgin, and never getting as far as she had now, Misty was pleased to discover her new sensitive areas…however her pleasure mainly stemmed from the fact that Ash was the one helping her discover these new territories. It was funny thinking about it, Misty thought, this man situated on top of her was once the boy she thought she could hardly stand; the arrogant, stubborn, clueless, adorable Pokémon trainer who was now a man; an arrogant, stubborn, adorable, clueless, irresistible Pokémon master. Through her heavy breathing and soft moans, Misty giggled. Ash glanced up at Misty, her head thrown back, neck glistening from his kisses.

"What are you laughing at?" Ash panted.

Misty's eyes met Ash's as she took his face in her hands, "I'm making love to you."

Ash quirked an eyebrow, "So?"

"I love it," Misty purred bringing his face up to hers and opening her lips to his; changing the pace of their kisses from soft and gentle to hot and passionate. Misty clung desperately to Ash's neck as Ash placed his hands on either side of her. As the kiss picked up pace, Misty wrapped her legs over Ash's torso; slightly bumping her lower body under his. Unexpectedly, Misty felt a trifling bulge form every time her pelvis would bump against his. "A-a-ash, you're…" Misty began, as Ash's bulge was feeling noticeably harder and harder.

"Mmmm," Ash groaned, "I know. I know."

Breaking their passionate kiss, Ash trailed his lips against Misty's delicate cheek, back down to her neck where a considerable red hickey was making itself visible and down to the crease of her breasts. Misty slid her hands from Ash's back to undo her bra that kept her breasts hidden by a mere clasp at the front. As the clasp parted, Misty's breasts released from their constraints. Ash starred, rather abruptly, at Misty's bare chest.

Rather annoyed, Misty glared at her lover as he starred, mesmerized by her breasts, "Y'know Ash, its rude to stare."

"I-I-I-I…I mean, I've never- you-boobs-uhm," Ash stammered.

"You can touch them," Misty smiled, amused at Ash's incoherency. The oh-so-powerful Pokémon master once again reminded Misty of the bumbling-novice Pokémon trainer she had grown to love.

Ash shook his gaze away from her chest to meet her eyes. "Are y-you sure?" Ash stumbled, unsure.

Misty held Ash's gaze and smiled sweetly, "Definitely." The look of uncertainty was slowly replaced by a look of gratefulness, a look of understanding, of sweetness.

"I love you," Ash smiled.

"I love you, too," Misty sighed, as Ash grazed his fingers against Misty's hardened nipples.

"You're hard, Mist," Ash exclaimed, playing with her nipples.

Misty laughed, "So are you!"

Ash smirked as he caught Misty's eyes with his own slowly lowering his mouth to her right breast. Misty gasped and collapsed against her pillow as Ash took her right areola into his mouth, teasing her nipple with his tongue. "A-ash!" Misty exclaimed, grabbing his hair in her hands. Ash continued to suckle her nipple as his body slowly bounced against hers. Releasing one hand away from Ash's hair, Misty's hand traveled down to her womanhood as she slipped her hand into her panties and played with her wet folds.

Ash continued to suckle on her breast, increasing the pace to the point that Misty began to feel her nipple throb under the pressure Ash exerted on it. With one last flick of his tongue against her swollen nipple, Ash released his hold on her right nipple and immediately switched to her left, once again teasing her left breast softly and gently, feeling her teat harden in response to his ministrations. As the teat hardened, Ash picked up his pace and created a fast and hard suction against her left breast. Meanwhile, Misty moaned and groaned feeling Ash pleasure her breasts. Slowly Ash released his hold on Misty's left breast.

"Hey!" Ash blurted as he caught sight of Misty's hand inside her bottoms, "That's my job!"

Misty raised her head from her pillow eyes half-lidded to meet Ash's brown, insulted eyes. "I'm helping you out," Misty panted continuing to rub her womanhood.

"Hmm," Ash inquired, watching her hand move inside her thin fabric, "you do this often?"




Ash smirked, "Okay. But can I help?"

"You better!" Misty exclaimed, grabbing Ash's hand and bringing it into her warm, wet, panties. Ash gasped at Misty's abruptness.

"Gee Mist," Ash remarked, clearly amused, " You know what you want."

"Ash!" Misty shouted, clearly irked, "You wanted to help…stop talking."

"Fine," Ash sighed as he moved his fingers around Misty's tight space. He let his fingers glide across what felt like slick folds. Among his exploration of Misty's womanhood he felt a slippery nub. Curiously, he let his thumb graze over the area, which caused Misty of gasp in pleasure and grasp Ash's shoulders somewhat violently. Finding her reaction quite unexpected and somewhat thrilled that he had such an effect on her, decided to rub the tiny bulb.

"Ash!" Misty exclaimed, completely overtaken by pleasure. Ash had just discovered an area she never ventured to explore and she felt as though she were about to burst. Automatically she arched her back, eyes closed, ecstasy filling her senses.

Ash watched, entertained as Misty squirmed under his touch. He watched as beads of sweat trailed their way down her abdomen; as Misty arched her back, eyes closed, pleasured noises escaping her lips. Before he knew what had happened, he became aware of a painful erection protruding from his boxers. "Ah," Ash moaned as his penis demanded to be released from its own constraints. Ash removed his hand from Misty's underwear and pulled off his boxers, divulging a rather large, inflamed manhood.

Misty relaxed as Ash removed his hand from her swollen clitoris, her vision, blurred by pure bliss, gradually rested onto what was Ash's throbbing manhood. "Oh!" Misty exclaimed, taking into account the length and size of his penis.

"Mist, I think I'm ready," Ash blushed, motioning to his rather large erection.

"O-okay," Misty stammered.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ash asked hesitantly, noticing the look of uncertainty on Misty's face.

"Yes," Misty whispered, bringing her finger to her mouth in nervousness, "I'm just a little scared."

"We don't need to-"

"Shh," Misty replied, bringing her finger to Ash's lips, "I want to do this."

Ash and Misty's eyes remained locked as Ash's hand clasped unto the elastic band of Misty's panties. Misty slowly lifted her hips up against Ash as she helped him slip off her wet panties. Misty brought her hand back towards her womanhood rubbing the natural lubricant between her hands, "I'm ready too," Misty sighed.

Slowly, nervously, Misty spread her knees out, allowing Ash full access to her opening. Ash broke their gaze to aim his penis properly at her vagina. He was afraid to mess up, that he wouldn't get it right. He quickly glanced back up at the Cerulean gym leader underneath him for a last-minute confirmation of what was about to happen. Misty smiled softly, nodding for the Pokémon master to continue with the task at hand. With a sigh in anticipation, Ash positioned himself closer to her opening and with a quick push entered Misty. Misty gasped as her eyes shot open. Ash's thrust had ruptured her virginity. She had never expected to experience pain. Pain that was so different from the pleasure Ash had inflicted on her earlier.

"Ah," Misty moaned, with tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"It hurts?" Ash asked, hands on her knees, his manhood connected to her womanhood.

"Ah, I-I- didn't expect that," Misty whispered.

"I'm sorry, I'll stop," Ash responded; ready to remove himself from Misty's opening.

"No," Misty gasped, "I want to do this. It won't hurt forever. It can't. It won't. Don't stop now."

"Are you sure?" Ash whispered, massaging the outside of her thighs.

"I love you Ash," Misty responded.

"Okay," Ash replied, "Just tell me if you want me to stop."

"I will," Misty tenderly smiled.

Ash smiled back, "We make a good team, don't we."

"Yeah," Misty replied, "I just happen to be the carrying force behind it, aren't I? Now stop talking and make love to me."

"You got it, Mist," Ash smirked as he retracted his penis slightly from Misty's opening and moved back into her slick folds. Misty gasped as another wave of pain washed over her. Ash uncertainly continued his movements, keeping his eye on the water Pokémon trainer's face. With no complaints, Ash slowly and gently continued. The look of pain slowly left Misty's face as the pleasure began to make its way past the pain.

Through the thrusts and the pants and moans, Misty's voice was heard, "Ash, please, go harder."

Ash gladly followed her direction; relieved, as he had held back in order to keep the experience as pain-free as possible. With greater, faster and harder thrusts, Ash's vision began to blur. He could feel pressure make its way towards the tip of his penis. He picked up the pace of the thrusts as the pressure intensified. "Misty, I think, I think I'm going to- going to- argh- come."

"Come Ash, come!" Misty exclaimed, hands grasping the sheets beneath them, "Please, come for me Ash!"

With a load groan Ash felt himself relieve his juices in Misty's womanhood. " Don't stop!" Misty cried as felt the warmth of Ash's fluids enter her vagina and seep around her folds. "Please don't stop. I want to come, I want to come!" Ash hunched himself closer towards Misty, not allowing himself to relax as he increased his thrusts, squirting the juices he released within her out of her opening. "I'm almost there Ash!" Misty screamed, squeezing the sheets underneath her harder. Ash pumped in and out of her womanhood. Finally, at the point that he thought he would collapse, he felt Misty shudder and heard her let out a scream from underneath him. "Ahhh!" Misty exclaimed as she convulsed. Relieved Ash fell limp on top of Misty.

"Geez," Ash sighed, "You really make me work."

"Nothing," Misty panted, completely limp underneath her lover, "comes," pant, "without," pant, "hard," pant, "work."

"I know," Ash smirked, "sometimes the best things in life don't come free."

"You," pant, "should know," pant, "Pokémon master."

"I love you."

"I love you, too," Misty sighed, "oh, Ash?"

"Yeah?" Ash asked, sleep slowly making its way towards his senses.


Ash smiled and kissed Misty's cheek; bodies still connected. Sleep overcoming both.

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