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Outside on the street the rain was pouring down, soaking Olivia and Elliot as they both got out of Elliot's car and ran into the precinct. Elliot had thrown his long coat over Olivia as she ran in a crouched position next to him.

As they got into the 1-6 they pulled apart from each other, smiling.

"I wouldn't want you getting a cold Liv". Stated Elliot taking off his coat as they walked over to their desks.

"Oh you worried about me, Elliot?" She said with a smile that made him go weak at the knees. She sat down at her desk.

Cragen walked out immediately as Elliot sat down. "Olivia, Elliot. Can I speak to you both for a minute?" He said it like a question, but it was actually a demand.

They both got up and from their desks at the same time and followed Cragen into his office.

"What's this about Cap?" Elliot asked as he stepped through the door. Olivia followed him in, closing the door behind her.

"Olivia this concerns you…" He paused as he spoke. He could see the confused and worried looks on his two best Detectives faces, and it killed him

"Me Cap..?" Olivia couldn't help but be confused.

Cragen looked at her for a moment before continuing. He offered a concerned glance at Elliot, then went back to Olivia.

"Don please, what is it?" She was practically begging him but she knew his present behaviour meant that something was wrong.

"It's Richard White. He escaped from prison last night." Cragen said going silent as the last few words escaped his mouth, the reason being the fear and confusion on Olivia's face.


Olivia sat at her desk. She was looking at the others as they spoke but she wasn't really hearing what it was they were saying. "What do ya' say Olivia..?" Olivia looked up at the mention of her name, but just looked around as she wasn't sure who had even spoken to her.

John spoke again. "I said maybe one of us should stay at your place for a few nights. Just to be sure…" Olivia shook her head before he had even finished.

"Thanks guys, I appreciate it, I do but there's no way that Richard would be so stupid as to come back to get his revenge on me, he has to know that police would be on the lookout for him." She said sounding confident, but not feeling it inside.

She smiled at them all encouragingly. Then she got up and walked off, the others all giving her looks of empathy as she strode past them.


Olivia was on the roof. She stood there looking out through the heavy rain, wondering if she might see him, hiding, watching her. 'No' she told herself, there's no way he'd be so stupid.

Elliot walked up behind her, looking on at her worried as she stood out looking onto the lonely rainy streets below.

"Hey. You really think you should be stood out here alone?" Elliot stated in a friendly manner as he tucked his hands in his pockets, away from the frosty, bitter night.

"Oh you worried about me Elliot?" Olivia said with a smile, reverting back to her earlier answer to his earlier question.

"You know me, I'm the worried type." He smiled as he playfully nudged her. "Why don't you come back in? You'll freeze if you stand out here much longer." It wasn't the real reason he wanted her to come back in, but it sounded truthful enough, or at least he hoped it did.

"You know El, I just want to go home." She said, looking up at him with pleading eyes. She looked exhausted, since the shift had begun and they had been given the news, the only talk in the squad room was related to her and Richard White. That and her heavy think had had an effect on her. Her eyes told him she wanted to just go home and be alone with her thoughts.

She knew her own eyes were deceiving her, because what she would really have liked is for Elliot to go back home with her and stay over and hold her, just so she would feel safe and would actually be able to get some sleep.

"Okay. Let me get my coat and I'll take you home. You know you really should have someone stay over the night." He said walking off, not bothering to wait around just to hear her refuse the offer.


As Elliot pulled over outside Olivia's apartment, she didn't even flinch, she had been looking out of the window the whole drive, she had been in her own little world. "Liv..?" Elliot's quiet but sudden announcement startled her and she looked at him like a fire alarm had just gone off.

"Sorry." She said shaking her head and smiling. "You know I think maybe you jinxed me before, I think I may be coming down with something. I'm just going to go in and have a hot bath, and climb into bed." She said sounding tired.

"Well I know you won't allow me to walk you to your door, but I am gonna wait till you get in and flash." Elliot said a smile spreading across his face when he saw the one growing on hers.

"Excuse me Detective Stabler?" She knew what he had meant, but she couldn't resist.

"Your lights Detective Benson!" They both laughed. Olivia grabbed her purse and after opening the door, she climbed out. "Goodnight Elliot." She said as she strode towards the main doors of her building. "Goodnight Olivia." He shouted at her through his now open window, usingthe same sarcastic tone as she had jsut.

Olivia turned and smiled at him before entering the building. He sat in the car, smirking to himself. He glanced around to make sure everything looked okay and how it should. It did. As he looked up he saw Olivia's apartment lights flicker three times. He smiled then pulled away, beeping his horn twice.

Olivia reached the window in time to see his car head out of sight down the street. Suddenly the place was silent adn she hated it.

That night, after ditching the bath idea, Olivia climbed into bed. She tucked her gun under her pillow and looked around, then turned the light off next to her. After only a few seconds of darkness she turned it back on and looked around again. Then she lay down, leaving the light on and not daring to shut her eyes.


Two days later.

Olivia and Elliot had not long walked out of yet another cold lead on where Richard White could be, Olivia had to place her hand over her mouth to silence the yawn that had escaped. "Am I boring you Liv?" Elliot asked, slightly amused, but also slightly concerned.

"What… I…Umm, yeah I guess."

Elliot laughed, she obviously hadn't heard his question.

"I'm sorry. What was your question?" She said knowing she had not heard him right the first time.

"Am I boring you?" Elliot saild slowly.

"No." She said looking as confused as the collection of words that had just come out of her mouth. elliot just laughed.

They were now at another possible lead, an old girlfriend of Richards.

Elliot smiled at Olivia as the door opened. "Hello?" Came the woman's confused voice as she looked on at the visitors on her doorstep.

"Detectives Benson and Stabler. We're from Special Victims. Can we come in and talk with you?" Olivia said to the puzzled looking woman.

"Special Victims. Is this about Richard?" She said sounding slightly pissed. "I heard he'd escaped on the news. Let me guess you think hes here." She said growing more angry.

"Look we have reason to believe you may be in danger Ms. Marces." Elliot said, trying not to sound annoyed himself, but he was cut off by the woman.

"Richard and I came to an understanding a long time ago. He's not coming for me." As the woman spoke Olivia couldn't help but recognize her. She new she knew her from somewhere.

"Have we met?" 'Oops' She had thought that and it had come out of her mouth like word vomit. Elliot gave her a strange look. He was definitely confused now.

"No. Look I'm burning something I really have to go. Good day to you both." As the woman went to shut the door Olivia put her foot forward, blocking it.

"Are you sure we haven't met I could have sworn…" Olivia started.

"No Olivia you've got me mistaken". The woman slammed the door shut.

They both should have realised something was wrong with that last sentence, but Olivia was raking her brains trying to figure out where she knew this woman from, and well Elliot was just trying to grasp the whole situation.

"Are you going to tell me what just happened, or am I supposed to guess?" Elliot asked. He was busy looking at the front door that he hadn't even noticed that Olivia had walked towards the lift.


"What?" She shouted back in a tone that was similar to what his had been.

He had to run to keep up with her as she practically ran out of the lift. "Olivia wait!" He ran after her, only stopping her as he grabbed her arm, swinging her round to face him. He was as surprised as she was when she ripped her arm away from his grasp.

"What's with you Olivia?" He asked, only concern in his voice. She looked at him, they both looked at each other, but their eyes were giving away no secrets.

"Nothing…I just want to leave here El." Elliot nodded. "Okay only if you promise me your okay." He commanded.

"I promise." Really, she hadn't answered the question, but she wasn't sticking around to debate the subject.


John and Fin walked over to their desks both looking equally as peeved. "Bad day for you two too?" Elliot asked, seeing the looks on their faces.

"Every lead we had were just time wasters." Fin stated.

"Those that would speak to us" John said throwing his feet up onto his desk.

"Yeah well join the club, the one person who said more than 'get lost' said she had nothing to worry about, that she and White had come to some sort of agreement on a prison visit." Olivia looked up at Elliot, she hadn't heard that part, but she'd been to busy trying to place the woman's face.

"Well I'm sick of this case, in my opinion this guys skipped town already." Fin said. "Looks like you got nothing to worry about Liv." He finished.

"We've had calls from out of town, people saying they've seen him. I think your good Olivia" Cragen said as he stepped out of his office and joined them.

They all looked at him. "You may as well go home. Next shifts in in five anyway. That means you too Olivia!" He noticed everyone but her had their coats on and were walking out of the door.

As Olivia sat in her car she watched the others as they all walked towards the nearest bar, for a much deserved drink. She had declined; she just wanted to go home. She waved to Elliot as he stepped out of sight.

As she pulled off and drove down the street, another car pulled off, it had been parked a little further down from where her own had been. It followed her down the street, keeping all its lights off. As her car turned, so did it, not much further behind.


As Olivia opened the door she ran over to the ringing phone and picked it up. "Ben… Hello" She always forgot she didn't have to answer with 'Benson' when she was at home like a normal person.

"Hey Liv I was just checking you were home." Elliot shouted, even though he was stood outside of the noisy bar.

"What's wrong with my cell?" She questionned.

"Well this way i know you home." He said, pleased with his answer.

Olivia hadn't even shut the door behind her, and hadn't realised she'd left it open. "Look El, I am fine. Like you said White's not coming after me. Just try to have some fun okay."

"I just wanted to check on you." She could help but smile as she knew her reply. "Oh you worried about me El." It was the third time she had said it tonight, but she liked the smile it brought to his face, and she could just imagine it now.

Olivia didn't see as someone stepped into her apartment behind her, silently closing the door behind themselves. "Night Elliot." She said as she hung the phone up. Elliot could only look at his phone as it went dead. "Night Liv." He returned his phone to his pocket before returning to the warmth of the bar.

Olivia looked at the phone for a moment.She had a half-smile on her face, but her eyes were also watering, 'why does he have this effect on me' she wondered. She suddenly heard a click from behind her, as she turned the only thing she saw was a fist being rammed into the side off her face. She fell hard into the wall, hitting her head. As she felt arms grabbing her she flung her arms out. She knew she got a good hit in, as the other arms fell away from her.

As she treid to run away she felt the same arms grab her and, placing one hand in her hair and the other on the small off her back run her into the wall, once, then twice, on the third time, her attacker let her go and she fell to the floor.

As she landed in a crumpled pile, she felt a boot slam into her ribs. Pain soared through her body, and she immediately knew they were broken. It suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't cried. A few yelps had escaped but that was it.Even as he continued slamming his heavy boots into her weakened and sore body.

He must have heard her thoughts because as she opened her mouth to scream, she felt a boot come into contact with her jaw. The force flipped her from lying on her stomach practically, to laying on her back.

As she looked up, she realised her vision was completely blurry, the fact the room was spinning didn't help the situation at all either. Then as she met her attacker close up, as he threw himself down ontop of her, she immediately knew the extent of the danger she was in.

"White…" It came out sounding nothing like it but the SOB knew what she was thinking.

"Hi Olivia! I told you you'd never get me out of your head. How's my favourite girl doing?" She could feel his arousal on her thigh and it made her skin want to crawl away from her body.

Not to mention her aching body being trapped under his heavy one, was making each breath painful and more unbearable than the previous one.

"Did you think I wasn't coming back for you?" He said with a disappointed look on his face. He laughed when he saw her reaction. Fear, Confusion, SHOCK!

Olivia clenched her lips together as she felt him suddenly kiss her, he was trying to force his tongue into her mouth and it made her want to gag.

He pulled away satisfied enough. "Ha, ha, well I should have known you'd be sore. I suppose our last meeting didn't go to well. Remember with the knife in the park." He suddenly pulled out a knife from his back pocket.

He brought it down on her throat. She tried to hold her breath so it didn't move against the metal bladebut her entire body was shaking so it was making that virtually impossible. He suddenly slashed her top open. She screamed as he did, nicking her skin with the blade. It didn't pump with blood, but the crimson fluid started to trickle down her stomach. Richard was to busy playing with her black lacy bra to notice.

She couldn't stand his touch anymore. She threw her leg up between his, she had aimed for his groin, but her entire body was shaking so verosiously,that it ahd been a complete flop. He grabbed her head in his hands, and brought it up slightly off the floor, before slamming it down hard, the impact sent her out like a light.

She had no clue or ability to stop him as he picked her up and carried her out of the room, towards the bedroom.

And so began the night she would never forget.

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