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Nasty Little Surprises

I couldn't…resist… I swear it was the rum that did it in for me! (Points)

But, on a more serious note, YES, I have somehow managed to…create yet another wild and spontaneous crossover that most of you will probably think of as odd: Pirates of the Caribbean meets Fullmetal Alchemist and then…there's just us, me and Bish, we're just…there… Oo; But, also, this is more of an experimental story than an actual story itself, and with the help of Killjoy, who's been giving me helpful advice and plot ideas, I think all I can say is that things are gonna go a little wacky on the Black Pearl when four weird idiots are brought on board after a rather nasty storm hits the Bermuda Triangle. ;) And we all know that weird "phenomena" happens around there, now don't we?

And of course, hurricanes are very popular in that area, and thus…the story itself had taken root in my brain and now will bounce around along with my other stories until I fix it up nice and pretty for y'all. Now, to elaborate, I'm going to say this: YES, I purposely named the story after an orchestral movement in the third PotC soundtrack, to get rid of one thing. Another is, yes, the storyline will follow the pre-second, second, pre-third and third Pirates films. Why have I chosen such an odd crossover? Eh…I dunno, really…it just took root in my brain a few weeks back and started to fester there, like an unneeded tumor that would stay until it was either taken care of or would ultimately destroy me. So, listening to the inner Muse—not to be mistaken with the band, sorry, Bish hun! —, I decided to take action and write this story and (obviously) post it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the anime/manga Fullmetal Alchemist. It and all its respectable characters are © to Hiromu Arakawa. I also do not own Pirates of the Caribbean. It is © to Disney and Buena Vista Films. However, all writing contents and semi-plots here are © to me; unless it is stated otherwise. I belong to myself, and Bishquet, my lovely friend here on belongs to herself. All shows/ books/ video games/ songs that are mentioned in this chapter are all © to their respective owners, I do not own them.

Summary (since I couldn't fit the whole damn thing in the summary box): Pirates, Alchemists and Krakens, oh my! Wait, isn't Fullmetal Alchemist supposed to an anime? And weren't the Pirates of the Caribbean films supposed to be just films? What in the name of Calypso is going on around here! The Caribbean is a lot more fun than Bish and I thought…

And now, to go on with the story, and hopefully, this'll be at least a decent hit in the stories department. The story's setting in "present day" will be in 2009, whilst it is 1926 with Edward and Alphonse, and although there is not an EXACT year for the PotC films, it is said that it is based around the 18th century, i.e. the 1700s… So, because I'm VERY picky on exact dates and such, I will post a date up for the time being: 1772. My reason? I checked a timeline and although there wasn't an exact date there either, I believe the date I've chosen predominantly when wedged up against the other dates on the timeline seemed fitting enough. If not…I'll change it later.

And of course, a big thank you to my beta, Bishquet, who helped me through this story, and stayed up late many a night, helping me avoid unrealistic plot devices here and there, correcting grammar and such that I had missed on my own few rounds lurking for the little buggers. (Hugs and love to the Bishquet) Thanks, hun, I owe you!

(Captain Lupin cracks her knuckles with a roguish grin and sets off on another wild, not to mention weird, crossover story)


If you're feeling good, don't worry. You'll get over it.
- Anonymous


"Oh, man, can you feel that breeze? It feels great!"

Bish rolled her eyes heavenward and looked to the deep blue Caribbean skies, the spray of the sea flitting up into the air. The Hispanic woman grumbled a little before moving away from the railing and towards the door that lead below the deck. "I don't know about you, but I really don't like how the salty air is messing with me. It's making my lips go chapped like a mofo, and the heat is not helping either. And I just put some sparkly suntan lotion on and I'm still baking! I'm going down, hun. You want something to drink?"

"Eh, how about a Coke or a DP or something?"

"What, no rum?" Bish teased and Lupin held back a loud laugh.

"HA! As tempting as it sounds, I don't think we have any."

Bish blinked and disappeared into the cool retreat of the ship. The sounds of rummaging could be heard before footsteps herded closer to the below decks entrance. "Actually, we do. And whiskey."

"You gotta be kidding me."


"…I'll try some later when I'm not driving the boat."

"I thought so, whore."

"Bitch, bite my shiny, gold, Aztec-cursed medallion." Lupin replied with a snarky little grin, one hand reaching up to waggle that Pirates of the Caribbean Aztec gold coin replica hanging around her neck. Bish rolled her eyes once again and turned back to go inside the cabin below.

"Aye-aye, Captain Lupin." She called sarcastically over her shoulder. Lupin snickered and breathed in the balmy Caribbean Sea air, the lofty scents tingling her nose as she gazed out towards the seemingly never-ending horizon.

Is this how sailors felt whenever they were at sea during the time when ships were made of wood and had cannons for weapons? Is this how freedom feels? A calm and resolute smile crossed the wolf's lips and she let her eyes slip half-mast as she stared out, half-conscious of what she was doing and then the other half was busy fantasizing about how real pirates and merchant sailors lived, and how those days would never come back except for maybe in ancient logs and journals of those long-forgotten sailors. And, of course, there were the book and movie industries, but the wolf wanted to know how it was really like, what it really felt to have calloused hands and to spend months at a time at sea.

It seemed stupid; to be daydreaming about stuff that would never come back, but hey, Lupin could think whatever she wanted.

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me…" She sang under her breath before chuckling. "Drink up me hearties, yo ho."


"You gotta be kidding me! Come on, Al!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Rushing motions were set into place as coats were shoved on and bags were draped carelessly over shoulders. "Dammit, I can't believe we overslept! Hurry!"

The overpowering smell of the ocean and dock life teamed extensively as two figures rushed down through seas of people, the first shoving everyone out of his way whilst the other profusely apologized for his companion's rudeness.

"Stop horsing around, Alphonse! Hurry up!"

"Brother, wait, you're going past our ship!"

Golden eyes snapped their attention towards the younger amber-gray eyes and then flit to the name of the ship. The S.S. Suduffco. It would take them back to Europe from New York City. They started towards it as soon as they heard the alarming horn resonate, renting the air with its low thrumming timbre. And all this wouldn't have been necessary if they hadn't been given such an obvious false lead. It pissed the elder Elric off to no end that they had been led into circles, but at least they did get one thing out of this whole trip: the notes for the bomb were being planned for something; something big and loud; and terrifying to the world if such notes ever reached the wrong ears and the wrong hands. And that damned scientist led them in these circles.

Dashing up the gangplank, they were greeted by a haphazard and surprised crewman, and with the flash of a few tickets, hurriedly they settled onto the ship, a giant freighter, but it was transport nonetheless; transport with food, shelter and safe passage back to Germany, where Noa waited anxiously for their return. It had been one of the only ships left for transport and the Elric brothers were lucky to have caught a lucky break.

Everything seemed to be going to plan, as the freighter, an hour later, was pulling out of the Manhattan Bay past the Statue of Liberty and the cool sea breeze tickled against Edward Elric's face. He stared out past the iron grey skies, overcast, but not dark enough to be considered storm or hurricane clouds; which, in itself was good, considering the freight wouldn't have set sail if a hurricane or large squall were to threaten the goodwill of the precious cargo right when it was scheduled to set sail.

The only thing the freighter had to worry about were pirates; not the 18th century, cutlass wielding versions, but pirates of this day that wielded actual guns and the like. Sure, there were no cannons attached to their ships, but they were fast enough to surprisingly outrun the old clunky freighter and with little to no protection; especially in European waters, there was nothing to protect the freighter.

Al joined his brother in staring out at the horizon; the sea was all that was left ahead of them for a few short weeks. "It's disappointing…"

The younger Elric blinked and looked to his brother. "What is?"

"That we came all this way for nothing…all on nothing but a wild rumor that was meant to throw us off track, most likely…" He sighed, disappointment ringing clearly in his voice. Al frowned and nodded.

"But we did get to see some interesting sights…and meet some helpful people."

"Not to mention unhelpful people…" Edward grumbled, hunching over against the cold wind. Bringing his duster up a little closer, he huffed out, stamping a foot. "And I can't wait to get back to where its warm…New York City was too cold. It was hard to get a decent night's sleep."

Al laughed at his older brother's seemingly childish antics, but he did have to agree with Ed; it had been cold and nippy for the past few weeks in New York City. Of course, it was just coming out of a rather nasty cold spell from its previous winter. Only last week did the snow actually melt, but some dangerous sheets of ice on the streets and sidewalks still remained.

Ed yawned, as if to boast of his lethargy and stretched his left arm up to the sky, arching his back. "I think I'm gonna go down and get some sleep. Wake me when its time to eat, okay?"


It was mid-afternoon before any meals were officially given out. Al clomped down the runway to the cabins, where the crew slept on one side, and the few passengers, including himself and his brother, slept. But, just as he was almost to their small accommodations, Alphonse bumped into one of the crewmembers, and they both apologized profusely.

"Sorry about that, I should have been paying attention."

The young man, who was not much older than he or his brother, laughed and waved a hand at Al, as if waving off his apology. "Don't worry about it; I wasn't paying much attention, either. I've got a lot on my mind."

At this, Al had to nod. Yes…there was plenty on his mind as well. The young man grinned, as if not noticing the younger Elric's inner dilemma and inhaled loudly.

"Ah, I just love that smell…the smell of the ocean. Can't wait to get to California."

Al caught himself just in time, stopping his nod halfway through. And he blinked. "W-what?"

The young man, whose name was never given, blinked and looked at Al with a solemn expression. His eyes were wide with surprise. "What? You didn't know that this freighter was headed to California?"

"No! I thought it was headed towards Germany!"

"You're on the wrong ship?" The young man sighed, frowning. "That's too bad…maybe when we hit the Caribbean, we can have you transferred to one of the other ships in port that are headed to…Germany, right?"

Alphonse felt the panic lessen, but this was still bad news. They had gotten on the wrong ship… This wasn't good. And how could he and Edward have made such an obvious mistake? Well, then again, they were on the verge of panic if they missed their only ship to Germany… Which had probably set sail by now, without him and Edward.

Perhaps things would go their way and they would be able to switch ships? As tempting as it sounded, the Caribbean was still far away and the freighter had enough supplies to head past the Caribbean. And it would put them at least a month or so behind schedule.

"Can't we stop in one of the ports in New Jersey? Or somewhere before the Caribbean?"

He shook his head at Al's questions. "Sorry…Captain Turner doesn't make unscheduled stops. We're veering away from America and heading out to open sea right now, so we won't be seeing land until the Caribbean. I am really sorry to hear about this. Are you traveling alone?"

"…No. I'm traveling with my older brother…" Alphonse answered.

"You might want to tell him that you're on the wrong ship if he doesn't know." He said, pausing before adding, "Oh, by the way, my name is Jeremy Strider."

Jeremy held out his hand to Al, who hesitated for a moment, before returning a weak smile. What a disaster… Brother is going to be furious about this…

"Alphonse Elric." He replied. Jeremy nodded, his eyes twinkling with pity.

"Again, I'm sorry of this misfortune. I'll talk to the captain to see if we can't sort out this mess before we hit the open waters, but I can't make any guarantees."

Al nodded, grateful for at least that much. "Thank you, for your help, Jeremy."


"Oh man, it's hot… Why did you have to choose the hottest place on Earth, Loopy? We could have gone to Italy or France, or even Spain!"

Lupin patted Bish on the head sympathetically, wiping the sweat from her own brow.

"The Caribbean isn't the hottest place on Earth. It's balmy, and it's very humid, but it's not the hottest place on Earth. Death Valley is hotter than this place. Would you rather be there, at this time of year, hm?"

Bish paused, looking at the wolf, who had a raised brow at her in question and Bish narrowed her eyes, huffing a little.

"S' nice here…"

"S' what I thought. Now, what shall we have for dinner?"

Lupin got up from the small-seated alcove that served as a table within the small yacht she and Bish had bought out for a month. The ship pitched a little and Lupin staggered, but regained her balance, moving in tune with the ship's rocking motions. Bish stuck her tongue out at the wolf.

"How in the hell do you do that?"

"Do what?" Lupin asked, looking over her shoulder as she paused at the small pantry.

"Walk…like that…" Bish blinked.

For a moment, the wolf didn't answer, and just stared at Bish before shrugged. "I dunno…I'm just weird like that."

"Pffft, you're a freak."

"And proud of it! Now, dinner, what is it? I'm hungry, and I want food."


The sea was calm and peaceful, sending no connotations of violence or hatred. Dark, almond eyes masked behind a shield of kohl flitted sharply towards the different faces lining his crew; those same eyes hidden behind a mask of seemingly unintelligible comprehension…a façade, of sorts.

Joshamee Gibbs stood at attention, staring out besides his captain towards the sea. Despite the calmness of the sea around them, slowly, as the Black Pearl in all her restored glory, sailed onwards, the water became choppier. The skies faded from the deep, clear blue to sheets of iron gray clouds, dusting over the sun, hiding it. But the fading light only added to the dreary and cold effect that was draping a clammy hand over the collision of the Caribbean and the Atlantic. The unwelcome cover came from the stern of the ship; directly behind it and gaining considerably enough to make a few men worry, but not overall panic.

Suddenly, a bell broke the monotonous silence that dreaded the ship and Gibbs sighed quietly, running a hand over his steely gray sideburns. Four rings…five…six. Just six, simple rings, but it signaled seven o'clock at night. The sky grew darker.


Those dark eyes moved to look over his first mate, and with a swift tilt of the head, Captain Jack Sparrow nodded once. "Seems like a storm's coming." He mused aloud.

"That's what I'm afraid of, Cap'n. It could mean good news for us if we pull out ahead of it, but then again, what about those naval vessels we saw to the aft of the Pearl naught but a few hours before. We've lost them now, aye, but what of this oncoming storm, Jack? We could get caught in it, same as them."

For a moment, the captain didn't answer, a cold breeze sending an involuntary shiver down his spine and the familiar creak of wooden planks beneath his feet was a welcome feeling, along with the pitch and sail of the gentle rocking movements the Pearl made. Yes, this was his one and only home, Jack's freedom, as it were. No other ship felt quite like the Pearl whenever he worked on others; never anything like the Black Pearl.

Finally, the orders were given. Have every sail, every sheet out, to put as much distance between the Pearl and the storm. What crew that was there with him stared for a moment, looking to one another, then to the stern at the steely colored clouds that were growing darker by the minute.

"Well? Hop to it, then!" Jack finally barked after a moment's silence and no movements. They scattered, their orders clear, Gibbs remaining before coming back to Jack's side.

"What do you think will happen t' the poor devils caught in that hurricane?"

Jack leaned against the railing in a casual manner, his position comfortable. "I haven't the foggiest, Mr. Gibbs, but I can tell ye one thing: most, I presume, will not live t' see another day if they are caught up in that nasty little storm. And I would hate t' be caught an' have the Pearl go through such a tragedy when I've only gotten 'er back, mate. Let's try t' keep 'er in one piece, shall we?"

"Aye, sir. I'm sure we can coax some more wind into her sails."

At this comment, it made the captain grin and a few gold teeth became visible. "Good. Now, Mr. Gibbs, if you'll please return to your duties…"


The yacht pitched once again and Lupin gripped the helm a little tighter than necessary. Bish stiffened besides the wolf and grappled herself onto Lupin's arm.

"Jeez, it's getting kinda nasty out here…you don't think there could be a storm coming, do you?"

The wolf frowned at this and stared out overhead, where the skies had darkened and quickly with cloud cover during the time she and Bish had been below decks, eating their small, but enjoyable dinner. And the horizon was darker than normal, causing Lupin to cant her head to the side and study it carefully, but she honestly didn't know what to look for. She wasn't a terribly experienced sailor, although she had been taking plenty of lessons and as many as she could for the past year or so with her stepfather, who sometimes took her out fishing in the Pacific.

They had once, only ONCE, gone squid fishing with other people, even after Scott had claimed he'd never do it again after his first initial squid fishing before hand a few years back, but Lupin had begged to go. It had been hard, trying to pull those fuckers out of the goddamned water… And most of her 'sailing' was for electric start boats, but she had also taken quite a few sailing lessons on yachts since then, simply fascinated with the art, even if it wasn't sailing old pirate or merchant ships she so loved from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

It was as good as she was going to get and she was going to take what she could. And this was a first time experience she had sailed under such weather conditions, and without a proper and experienced sailor. Maybe I should have taken up some more sailing…actual lessons, like on weekends in classes and stuff…

Lupin had wanted to teach Bishquet, her longtime friend and fellow partner-in-crime—and among other things—to sail and show her the joys of how to use the sea to the ship's advantage. Bish had agreed, and after Lupin's high school graduation, their arrangements and plans were made real. Lupin and Bish had paid two-thirds of the yacht, whilst Lupin's parents had helped pay for the rest, and then for passports and tickets to the Caribbean, where they would be sailing.

"I've always wanted to visit the places that pirates sailed, and why not do it by sailing around like they did? I think it would be kind of neat." Lupin had proposed. The rest came, as long as Lupin had kept her grades up, which she did, thankfully, along with keeping a job and saving up enough money to pay for her end of the bargain.

And now…here they were: in the Caribbean, sailing, on their fourth or so day. The days had been balmy yet the settling summer heat was finally kicking in, and most of the day, when Lupin wasn't at the helm or helping teach Bish what she knew of her experience in sailing, they both were in the cool retreat of below decks, either watching a movie on Lupin or Bish's laptops, listening to music, writing—again, on the laptops they both brought, although the Internet connection wasn't all too great—, or in Lupin's case, drawing. Bish came to watch, and sometimes, she even joined in, which made the wolf happy; she liked drawing with friends. Lupin cooked, with minimal help from Bish, but she knew her friend would just push her aside on helping.

"I'm afraid that we might have to abandon ship if I helped you cook, Loopy. I'd probably have to pull a Panama on this damned thing to make it look like an accident."

At this…Lupin had laughed her ass off, wondering when Bish picked up on the Sahara movie innuendo. It was funny in the least, and finally Lupin found resolve in agreeing. Nobody had to abandon ship and there was very little smoke that spewed from the cornucopias of the stove. Well, at least black smoke didn't come up; just white steam-smoke; the good kind, if there were such a thing.

So, now Lupin stood on the precipice of decision, wondering herself what to do.

"Is it a storm?" Bish asked quietly. Lupin pursed her lips together.

"I…I dunno. I think so, but I'm not sure. I…was never taught how to sail in case of a storm. I guess Scott forgot to teach me. Or he probably thought it was too dangerous."

Bish could only stare at her friend, wondering if stupidity had befallen her friend during her sailing lessons. She should have taken some classes or something. This is total bullshit.

"You're nineteen, for God's sakes Lupin! You should've thought to press him! You're smarter than this!"

"I forgot, okay? I'm sorry." Lupin winced at her friend's words and sighed before adding, "Look, I think Haiti is to the starboard side of the ship. I think we can get out of the way of the storm if we hump it."

Bish stared at her friend. Starboard? Hump it? What the fuck?

Then she burst out laughing.

"Haha! What the fuck? Hump? Hump what? The wheely thing?"

"What? Starboard's to the right!"


"…It's a Navy thing, all right? It was in G.I. Jane, remember?"

"Yeah, but you make it sound WRONG."

Lupin rolled her eyes. "Everything has to sound wrong when I say it, doesn't it?"

It was at this point Bish was wiping an imaginary tear from the corner of her eyes before slipping her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. "Yes, yes it does. Now, just please…speak English, woman. You're not in the Navy, and you're not a pirate."

"Ah, that's right; I'm a pirate-ninja." The wolf laughed. Bish rolled her eyes and held onto the railing as the ship once again pitched and rolled with the waves. It was getting choppier and she eyed the boom mast with suspicion as it jarred and rattled, but it held its rightful place without budging so much as an inch.

"Whatever, freak. Just tell me where we are, how far away the nearest land is, and how long it's going to take us to get there. I really don't feel comfortable out here where there's no people to know where we are exactly and my parents almost didn't agree to let me come with you because of that fact. But, I begged them to let me come so that I could see the Bimini Road."

The wolf looked to her friend, sympathy mixed with pity in her eyes before she exhaled slowly, nodding. "Okay, okay, okay… Um…land, which is Haiti, is to the right of the ship. And if I'm correct…it's most likely going to take about three hours to get to land, four tops. Right now…I think we can just barely graze past this storm, if we start towards Haiti and don't make any unnecessary misdirected paths."

"Why would we do that?" Bish asked, looking to the wolf with suspicion. Lupin avoided her friend's gaze, feeling stupid for adding on any unnecessary—not to mention, impossible—information and odds.

"Nothing. I won't make any mistakes. I know I'm right. Just forget I said anything about getting lost; we'll make it to Haiti by like nine, maybe ten at the latest, okay?"

The Hispanic woman stared at her friend, studying the wolf's face before slowly nodding, satisfied. "That's all I want to hear, Loopy. Just get us there safely, okay? I'm…I'm counting on you."

At this, the wolf nodded in return and smiled. "Don't worry, I've got things under control. If the worst should happen, we can always use the radio to call for the Coast Guard and they'll either pick us up by air or tow us back by sea. We'll be fine, as long as the radio doesn't die on us."

I can only hope I'm right…


"I STILL can't believe we got on the wrong damned ship! Dammit to hell!" Ed clenched a fist, resisting the urge to pound against the metal hull with his automail hand. Instead, he settled to looking out into space angrily, glaring at absolutely nothing. "I could have SWORN they said that the S.S. Suduffco was going to Germany…" He mumbled.

"Everyone makes mistakes, brother. We'll just have to wait it out until we reach the Caribbean…" Al stated, trying to shift his brother's point of view to the brighter side.

"Yeah, but the longer we're taking to try and amend for those mistakes, that crazy bastard is out there, safe as can be, knowing that we're not on his trail because he gave us a false lead! We can't afford any mistakes, Al!"

For a moment, the younger Elric didn't reply, and this made Ed pause, sitting up in his bunk to stare down at his younger brother. Al looked to be deep in thought, with fingers laced together and propped under his chin, as he stared out the porthole without a look of interest, lips drawn together in quiet resolute.

"Alphonse?" He asked quietly, his anger melting away instantly. Al blinked before he looked to Ed, a small smile crossing his features quietly.

"Don't worry, we'll catch him, but for now, we need to figure out what to do about getting back to Germany. Noa's still waiting for us, remember?"

Ed found himself nodding. Noa…she had been traveling around with them for some time now, helping them in any way that she could, refusing to leave the Elric brothers' side. It was only when they had forced their hands and made her promise to stay and wait in Germany did she finally have to concede to their wishes, but she promised to wait for them while they were away in America with their business. But, they might as well have brought her; nothing important or life threatening happened at all, except for maybe that fight with a few drunkards Ed had gotten himself into just a week ago…

Not that Ed himself was drunk, no; he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time…which, seemed to find him in the most peculiar of situations many a time…

It was the only thing they could do. They were stuck in virtually the middle of nowhere, at the mercy of possible pirate attacks; opposing country attacks, and of course, squalls, storms and hurricanes. All they could do was wait until the opportune moment was within their grasp.


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Historical Facts:

On March 14, 1926 the S.S. Suduffco disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle whilst on its way to Los Angeles from New York City. It's captain, Thomas J. Turner and its crew of 29 men, all disappeared along with the freighter, never to be heard from or seen again.

In August 29, 1772, Puerto Rico was damaged by a hurricane. This hurricane, for the fictional settings of this story, will be used to open a path between worlds for Bishquet, me, Ed and Al to get to Jack's time. :3

The Bimini Road is an unusual rock formation made up of limestone in Bimini, a group of small islands in the Caribbean, very close to Bermuda Triangle. Some say it's the road that leads to Atlantis. Others say, in the Bimini Islands themselves, somewhere; the Fountain of Youth is located…

It's good to do some homework before going to work, yes it is. :3 I almost, ALMOST, changed the ship from the S.S. Suduffco to the S.S. Sapona, but the S.S. Sapona ran aground, it didn't disappear, so I kept to the S.S. Suduffco because of its odd disappearance. Not to mention, it's choice in captain. ;)