Star Climber, Sequel to Skybreaker & Airborne

Disclaimer: I do not own these books or the character

Chapter 1: Nervousness

I was nervous. I mean I had fought creatures no one had ever seen before, I had discovered a 40 year old lost ship, I had fought a vicious pirate-lord, I had discovered a new form of flying mammal, but all that palled in comparison to meeting Kate's parents. Apparently, Miss Simpkins had arranged this due to our latest adventure both her blind eyes had magically healed and she had decided that Kate's parents needed to meet the "bad influence" that Kate had taken such a liking to.

This had all started when Miss Simpkins had decided to get some air after her evening nap about two weeks ago and found Kate and I kissing on the balcony of her apartment.

" What are you still doing spending your time with a ragamuffin like this?" she said to Kate while her face was as red as a tomato.

" Because I choose to and I happen to like this ragamuffin very much, thank you very much. So if you will excuse us we need to make up for lost time" Kate said with that mischievous look she always got when she decided she would do what she wanted no matter what was in her way.

And right then Kate made a large mistake in that she kissed me right on the lips right in front of Marjorie Simpkins. Well, instantly the meanest look I had ever seen her give anyone was multiplied by 10 and directed right at me as if it was me who had said and done those things. She then proceeded to give that same look to Kate and walked off muttering about how she would not put up with this.

Two days after that I was at the movie with Kate and I had no idea what was playing when she said there was something she needed to tell me.

" Hey Matty?" she said with her arms still draped around my shoulder

"Yeah" is said annoyed about the interruption.

"There's something I wanted to ask you," she said in a high falsetto voice

"Yeah, what is it?" I knew something bad was coming because the only time she used her high, cute, happy voice was either when she wanted me to do something or when she had done something bad.

"Well do you remember when I kissed you in front of Marjorie?" she said still continuing with the falsetto voice.

"Yeah" I said beginning to feel nervous.

"Well, she told my parents about us and they insisted on meeting you."

"What? Your parents are Upper class high society people and I'm just a new academy graduate waiting for his ship comes in."

Literally, in fact I had been waiting for the Aurora to dock for 2 months now but she wasn't scheduled to come in for 2 weeks. I had been in contact with Captain Walken who said he would be happy to offer me a place aboard his ship as navigator until a more suitable position for me came up.

" It won't be so bad. Daddy is a very nice gentleman and my Mother… well we'll just have to work on you a little bit. I'll just have to give you some etiquette lessons and you'll be fine"

She said all this while she gave me the "puppy dog" eyes. I thought she was adorable and would have done anything she asked me when she looked like that but I didn't want her to know that.

" I don't know. When, would I have to meet them?" I asked still afraid.

" They'll be back in two weeks from Tokyo."

"And will that devil of a chaperone be there?" I asked dreading the worst.

" No, whenever they're home they dismiss her for the time."

" I'll do it on one exception."

"What?" She asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"There must be plenty of breaks during our lessons for some of this" I said as I leaned and kissed her.

We broke apart and she said, " Well, of course. What kind of a teacher would I be if I didn't include those kind of breaks?" she laughed as we began a "Bread" that would last the rest of the movie.

Well, two weeks and 10 break-filled etiquette lessons with Miss Kate De Vries later I was walking up the drive of Kate's apartment with her on my arm and was as nervous as a cloucat without wings.