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And Now... The conclusion!

Danny Grant sat behind his desk at the LAPD, sipping his coffee.

Suddenly, there was a loud –BOOM-, and then a knock on his office door.

He opened the door, and the body of a woman fell into the room.

He caught her, and gasped when he saw her face.

Lying her carefully on the ground, he hurried to his desk and pulled out a flier that had been faxed to him just hours ago.

Holding it next to the woman's face, he let out a surprised expletive, and then rushed to his desk.

Picking up the phone, he dialed the number on the flier.

"F.B.I, Agent Hanson speaking."

Danny cleared his throat. "Ms. Hanson? This is Danny Grant with the LAPD. We've got Angela Petrelli in custody."

"You've got her? How?"

He scratched his head. "I don't know really. She's pretty banged up, too. Smells like smoke, and her skin is a little burned."

"Alright, Danny. Keep her there until we can come get her."

"Okay. Ms. Hanson? Any idea who Peter and Claire are?"

The other end was silent for a second. "Peter and Claire?"

Danny bent down. "There's an envelope pinned to her jacket with those names written on it."

"Peter is her son. Claire… I only know one Claire that's been associated with that family. Claire Bennet was a cheerleader on a case I worked in Odessa, Texas. Peter rescued her from a mass murderer. That's strange that it's addressed to the two of them. We'll be there in an hour, Danny."

"Okay, Agent Hanson."

"You can call me Audrey."

Peter and Claire were awakened the next morning by a knock on the bedroom door.

Claire motioned for him to stay under the covers, and pulled her bathrobe on. "It would take you longer to get dressed."

She winked at him, and opened the door.

Nathan stood there, and there was a familiar face next to him. "Hi Claire."

Claire gasped. "Agent Hanson? What are you doing here?"

Audrey smiled. "I have something for you. Well, you and Peter."

Claire cleared her throat, and glanced over her shoulder. "Um, can you give us a minute?"

Audrey's eyebrows shot up. "Us? You're both in there?"

Claire blushed a little. "We'll be downstairs in a couple of minutes."

She closed the door, and leaned against, clamping a hand over her mouth.

Audrey and Nathan heard Peter's laugh through the door.

Peter and Claire appeared in the living room a few minutes later, fully clothed.

Peter shook Audrey's hand, and she smirked. "Well, the relationship between you two has certainly developed since the last time I saw you…"

Claire laughed nervously, and Peter wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "You said you had something for us, Agent Hanson?"

She nodded, and pulled an envelope out of her jacket pocket. "Your mother was found at the Los Angeles Police Department last night. She was pretty beat up. This was pinned to her jacket. Your names are on it."

Claire took the envelope, and tore it open.

Peter looked over her shoulder as she read it aloud.

Peter and Claire,

A little present, from the two of us, to the two of you.

We're really not bad people, we've just made some bad choices.

We're going to be different now, and we hope this will show you that we're changing.

Maybe we'll run into eachother one day.

We could have a double date or something.


Adam and Elle

Claire chuckled as she folded the letter and placed it back in the envelope. "We owe them…"

Peter nodded slowly. He looked up at Nathan and Audrey. "So what happens now? Nathan's press conference is going to have consequences."

Audrey nodded. "Things are going to be hard for you guys. For everyone with abilities. Some people are probably going to adopt a 'don't-ask-don't-tell' policy. But honestly, hiding it from the world was worse. You would have to be constantly afraid of someone finding out about you. Now, while some people may look down on you, at least you know that you can live in the open."

They all nodded.

Nathan cleared his throat. "And I'm in a position to help make political changes. To have laws that protect us, so that no one can ever do what The Company was doing again."

Audrey glanced at her watch. "Well, I have to go. It was nice to see you all again. Peter, Claire, I expect an invite to the wedding."

Peter chuckled nervously, and Claire blushed.

Six Months Later

Peter squeezed Claire's hand as they rang the doorbell.

Sandra Bennet opened the door, and nearly hurled herself at Claire. "Oh, Sweetie! I've missed you so much! And so has Mr. Muggles!"

The older woman released her daughter, and bent down to lift the fluffy dog into her arms. "Haven't we missed her, Mr. Muggles? Yes we have! Well don't just stand there Claire, introduce me to this guy that you're so crazy about."

Claire smiled, and turned to Peter. "Mom, this is Peter. Peter, this is my Mom."

Peter moved to shake her hand, but Sandra pulled him into a tight embrace. "Oh, no handshakes in this house, young man. Well, you certainly aren't hard on the eyes, are you?"

Claire laughed. "Mom, you can let him go now."

Lyle walked out of the kitchen, and his face lit up. "Claire!"

She hugged her brother close, feeling the lump growing in her throat. "I've missed you, you jackass."

Lyle grinned. "I missed you too, sis."

She motioned towards Peter. "Lyle, this is Peter. My…my boyfriend."

She looked at Peter, and the two of them burst out laughing. "It feels so weird to say that, doesn't it?"

Peter nodded, grinning.

Noah emerged from the kitchen, an apron over his suit. "I hope the two of you are hungry, because I made my world-famous lasagna."

Peter smiled. "We're starving."

The meal was a pleasant one, and they agreed to make it a more common occurrence now that the Bennets were living in New York.

As they rode back to Nathan's in a taxi, Peter wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Now that we have your parents' blessing, I'd like to start looking at apartments. I feel weird imposing on Nathan and Heidi like this. Although, I think they like having us as built-in babysitters."

Claire chuckled. "Probably, but that sounds good to me."

Peter ran a hand through his rapidly growing hair. "Nathan has offered me a job. It's nothing big, but it's a decent salary, and I'd like the opportunity to work with my brother."

She nodded. "What would you be doing?"

He played with one of her curls, loving the feeling of the silky strands between his fingers. "I'd basically be his publicist. Take phone calls, release statements, set up interviews, all that kind of stuff. I don't have a lot of experience, but I think he likes the idea of a publicist he can trust. His last publicist leaked some top-secret information to the New York Times™, and Nathan had to fire her."

Claire nodded. "Can I get a job, too?"

Peter grinned. "Didn't I tell you? He's looking for a new secretary, too."

She squealed, throwing her arms around his neck.


Nathan's revelations led to the government putting new laws into action that would protect people with abilities.

Unfortunately, opposing laws were also presented.

Nathan was instrumental in crushing a bill that would have forced everyone with an ability to register with the government.

He became very popular, and won his party's presidential nomination with almost no trouble at all.

Adam and Elle married, and had a baby within two years of their escape from The Company.

They named the baby Peter.

Angela was sentenced to life in prison for her crimes against humanity. She died in prison.

Peter and Claire married three days after Claire's twenty-first birthday.

Claude walked her down the aisle, Nathan was Peter's best man, and Noah and Lyle were groomsmen.

It was the happiest day of Claire's life.

Six months later, they announced to their families that they were expecting their first child.

Claude smacked Peter upside the head, and then patted him on the back when Peter referred to him as 'Grandpa Claude'.

Eight and a half months later, Claire gave birth to twin boys. They named them Isaac and Zach.

It had been a long journey, with lots of tears and heartache. But in the end, it was all worth it. Peter and Claire were together, they were happy, and they were safe….

…For now….

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