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Sasuke groaned. Team 7 had just gotten back from a simple mission, and the dobe was going on about ramen. Again. Sasuke had managed to ignore his loud-mouthed teammate for some time, but Naruto always seemed to irritate the Uchiha more than he thought possible. Finally Sasuke had had enough.

"Will you shut up dobe. Your voice is giving me a headache."

"I shut up when I feel like it teme!" The rambunctious blond then went on to talk about how many bowls of ramen he would be eating for lunch.

Sasuke was about to throw another insult at him when he saw a woman looking straight at him. Normally he would have ignored her, but something made him keep looking at her through the corner of his eye. She was defiantly older than him, maybe even twice his age. But he kept looking at her. 'What is it about her? Why do I keep looking that way?'

Sasuke was about to turn and look at the mysterious woman directly when something pushed him. He caught himself before he fell, and stared at Naruto who had fallen on Sasuke after Sakura slapped him for "being mean to Sasuke-kun. He looked up to see that the woman was gone.

Sasuke started walking back to the Uchiha compound. He wanted to think on the woman he had seen. Something about her had drawn his attention. He still couldn't place it, and that was bothering him. He was used to knowing things, not wondering why.

The next day, there were no missions, so Sauske went to go train by himself. On his way to the training grounds, he saw the mysterious figure. This time, she was looking in his general direction, but her face was blocked. Sauske was about to walk over, when he looked again, and the woman was gone. He was starting to become unsettled. 'How could someone go that fast without anyone noticing? Am I seeing things?'

At the training grounds, Sauske worked himself harder than before. He was still focused on killing Itachi. He would never forgive his brother for killing his entire clan. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, when suddenly he felt a presence behind him. He turned around, activation his sharingan. Sitting on a tree branch was none other than the mystery woman. She was smiling, and seemed perfectly at ease.

"Calm down. If I was here to harm you, I don't think you would know that I'm here." She smiled wider, and Sauske simply tensed up. The woman jumped down from the branch and landed three feet away from Sauske. "Kid, if you really want a fight that bad, try finding someone your level. I'd wipe the floor with you." She simply stood in front of him, no longer smiling, but giving him a blank almost emotionless look.

Sasuke looked at her, trying to find what made him interested. She was slightly tall, but leaning towards the average height of a 28 year old. Her short black hair went halfway down her neck. She was just an average woman. Then he saw her eyes. They were onyx, and seemed to go on forever. Sasuke stared at her eyes and realized why he couldn't stop staring. They were an exact reflection of his own.

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