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-A shinai is the weapon used in the art of Kendo. It is a wooden sword with four slants of bamboo tied together with leather. (In Rurouni Kenshin, it is the weapon Yahiko uses…)

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Kagome took a deep breathe in an attempt to calm herself. Her hands tightened around the hilt of the shinai, the wood cracking slightly from the intense pressure being placed upon it. She could feel the weight of the padded armor on her, but she ignored it. She quickly focused all her energy and attention to her partner, shifting her feet slightly, completely ready for anything he threw at her. Eyes open and alert, she silently waited for his move.

That was just Kagome's style of fighting in kendo. She preferred to make her move after her opponent took the initiative. Sure she may have been a tad predictable, but that was just her style, both in kendo and life. Wait and watch before striking. It had saved her many times before, so why should she stop now?

"I'll let you have the first move baby…" her opponent taunted, all knowing crystal blue eyes gazing at her from behind the wired mask. At Kagome's silence, he chuckled lightly and shifted his stance to a more serious one.

"So like you Kagome…" he stated, before emitting a powerful cry, aiming his shinai at the top of her head.

Quickly seeing this, Kagome sidestepped to the left. Just as her opponent regained his footing, Kagome counter attacked, releasing a battle cry of her own. She stopped hard on the ground with her left foot to gain momentum, but her enemy was much too fast for her. He swiftly darted out of the way as she flew by him. Kagome turned around and readied her stance just as her opponent cried out ready to strike her shoulder.

Kagome flinched slightly and closed her eyes, waiting for the attack, but it never came. She slowly looked up to see the leather tip of the shinai just inches from hitting her. Pulling his sword away, her opponent relaxed visibly and strapped the wooden sword on to his belt.

"Let's take a break…" They had been practicing for over an hour. Pulling his wire mask off, he walked over the cooler, and grabbed two water bottles. He tossed one to Kagome who barely caught it for she was just pulling her mask off as well.

"Thanks Kouga…" Kagome mumbled, twisting off the cap and pouring the cool liquid down her throat. She drank it greedily, feeling the some of the water dribble down her chin.

"Try to get some in your mouth…" Kouga remarked snidely. Kagome threw him a glare, as she sat down in the chair next to her.

"Shut up…"

Kagome had been performing in the art of kendo ever since she was little. Her mother and father divorced when Kagome's father became too engaged in his fighting, but Kagome still carried on the family tradition. Kagome and Kouga had met each other in their freshman year at Kyoto University, both being the captain of their school kendo teams. They hit it off immediately and they had been dating for about a year. To improve her skills, Kagome had asked Kouga to spar with her for extra practice at the dojo at school. Kouga had whole heartedly agreed.

Midterms and classes were now over thus engaging the college in summer activities such as hitting the beach, shopping, and of course, the big international kendo tournament of Osaki coming up. Kagome needed all the practice she could get.

Kouga laughed and made his way over to Kagome, taking the chair next to her. He casually flipped it around so that the back was pressed against his lean torso, his body lazily slouching against it. He grasped Kagome's hand in his and pressed a soft kiss to her knuckles.

"Baby… I swear… you are getting harder and harder to beat everyday." He whispered softly.

"Was that supposed to be a compliment?"

"I suppose…"

Kagome sighed.

"I'm kidding Kagome!" Kouga exclaimed, tightening his hold on her hand. He gently stroked her fingers and gazed in to her eyes fondly. She gazed back, her eyes a little hard from his previous comments.

"Look…" Kouga began, "Put it this way… you're getting so good, that I have to play my hardest against you. You've gotten a lot faster and your timing is excellent."

Kagome's face flushed at the compliments and she smiled. She leaned closer to him and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"You're looking pretty good yourself…" she purred, her lips inches from his.

"Why thank you Kagome…"

"Of course, that's what I should expect from the captain of the kendo team…" At her comment, Kouga's eyes instantly brightened, a male cockiness creeping its way in to his face. Their lips were still almost touching.

"Pretty soon you might not even need my extra teachings… You're probably better than half of the guys on the kendo team, with your skills improving each day…" Kouga whispered, his chair now leaning on the back legs. His hand came up to rest on the back of her neck drawing her in.

"Hell. I've got to start watching myself around you…" Kouga continued. Kagome giggled low in her throat as she caught on to his double meaning. His eyes regarded her lazily.

"I've got no problem with th-" She never got to finish, for Kouga's lips were on hers in a bruising kiss. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward, deepening the kiss. She barely noticed the hand stroking her thigh while his other hand tangled itself in her hair.

A loud beeping noise echoed throughout the dojo, effectively interrupting the couple. Kouga pulled away, looking mildly disappointed and reached in to his pocket to pull out his cell. A message blinked in the screen and Kouga sighed as he read it.

"What is it?" Kagome asked.

"My dad needs me… says it's important…" Kagome sighed, also saddened by the fact that their moment had been interrupted. Standing up out of her chair, she grabbed her shinai and made her way to the girl's locker room as Kouga proceeded to the boys.

They both meet outside and walked hand in hand to their cars. Kagome quickly pecked Kouga on the cheek before hopping in to her car.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Kagome called, for they both had kendo summer practices around the same time the following morning. Kouga smiled and nodded, pulling out of his spot and driving off. Kagome sat in the car for a few minutes longer. Kouga and his dad weren't exactly on the best of terms, especially after Kouga's mom had died.

Kagome shook the thoughts out of her head and started the ignition. She backed up, and drove out towards the freshman dorms.


"Seriously Kagome! Is that all you two did!?"

"Are you sure you're not leaving anything out?"

"Yes! Yes! For the last time Eri, all we did was practice like we always do." She hoped that the team didn't notice her blush.

"Kagome are you blushing?"

Damn Ayumi…

"Oh my God! She is! Give us the scoop!" Overcome by the onslaught of questions and giggles from her teammates, Kagome could only hold up her hands in some form of defense, shaking her head rapidly in hopes of subduing their comments.

The girl's kendo team of Kyoto University was walking towards the dojo to get some early morning practice. There were seven of them in all for the girl's "A" team, but this year, they didn't have a "B" team put together just yet. They were all wearing the protective padding and clothing necessary for kendo. The topic of their captain's relationship had come up and Kagome was helpless against the six of them.

"Come on Kagome!"

"Yes please!"

"Look you guys…" Kagome began once the questions began to get a little…inappropriate. "My relationship with Kouga is between him and me. I can't just spill out everythi-"

"So then I just slipped my tongue in and she was just begging me to continue!" Kagome's gaze snapped from her teammates to stare at the large group of boys surrounding Kouga in the dojo. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as she balled her hands in to fist at her side. Kouga was proudly boasting about their relationship, exaggerating at every question thrown at him.

Throwing her bag on to the floor rather roughly, Kagome grabbed her shinai and stomped over to Kouga, an angry glint burning clearly in her eyes. The crowd of boys instantly parted for her, their silence alerting Kouga of her intrusion. He turned around in confusion and came face to face with a very pissed off Kagome.

"Hey baby!" He cried cheerfully throwing an arm around her shoulders. She shrugged him off immediately, continuing her glare. Dense as he was, Kouga still continued to stare at Kagome brightly, seemingly unaware of the death glare she was giving him. Everyone in the dojo was watching now.

"How dare you…" Kagome hissed, "How dare you gloat about our personal relationship with everyone!"

At her outburst, Kouga's facade instantly dropped, a look of confusion replacing it.

"Well the guys asked and I wasn't about to turn them down."

"Don't I have a say in what details you were giving your friends!?"

"I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like it's anything they haven't heard before." Kagome instantly stiffened over his words. So he had spoken of their relationship to his friends multiple times before. She felt betrayed and used, like a trophy prize in Kouga's life.

"Those aren't things you should be flaunting over! Those moments are special…"

"If they're special, then what's wrong with a little share and tell?"

"It's none of their business!" Kagome cried, her face flushed with anger. She looked pretty deadly with that wooden sword in her hands. But before Kouga could reply, an angry voice silenced them both.

"That's enough!"

All eyes shifted from the arguing couple to the owner of the loud and firm voice. It was Master Kaijinbo, the head coach of the boy's kendo team. He was a short stout man that was clearly balding despite only being in his late thirties. He had sharp face with a rather large nose, and piercing coal black eyes that demanded attention.

"There will be no more of this petty arguing during practice! Understood!?" he roared, his attention clearly focused on Kouga. Kouga could only nod and gulp quietly. He knew better than to challenge Master Kaijinbo.

"And you!" Kaijinbo yelled, rounding on Kagome. She took a slight step back at the out burst directed at her. "What are you girls doing here?!" he asked, speaking the word "girls" like it was venom on his lips.

"We are the girl's kendo team." Kagome replied, a little fearful, "Summer practices begin today, so here we are."

Instead of answering, Kaijinbo let out a quick, but loud sadistic laugh, rolling his head back. He smirked widely at her.

"Didn't you hear? There is no girl's team."

Kagome paled. "What?"

"The girl's team was cancelled this year due to lack of players."

"What are you talking about? We have seven girls right here! That's plenty enough for a match!" Kagome countered, suddenly feeling very brave.

"The board finds it unnecessary to have a girl's kendo team. Its part of the budget and plus, there is a lack of interest. Got any new incomers this year?" Kaijinbo asked mockingly. His sneer further fueled Kagome's rebuttal.

"They can't do that!"

"It's already been done."

Kagome growled low in her throat at the news. She was angry. Beyond angry. First Kouga and now this? Turning around she caught the eyes of her teammates. All of them looked completely crestfallen at the news. For some of them, their whole life was about kendo, including Kagome. And she wasn't about to let that go…

"Fine…then we'll try out for the boy's team." Kagome stated defiantly. A few gasps were heard including eyes widening from both Kouga and Master Kaijinbo. Then Master Kaijinbo chuckled low in his throat.

"You're joking right?"


"What on earth could bring out such a request from you?" he sneered.

"I don't see the problem. You know we're good."

Kaijinbo snorted.

"Plus, aren't you short for the boy's "B" team this year?" Kagome pressed.

"Look." Kaijinbo commanded speaking low, but firmly. "You girls maybe good, but that's for the girls division. You wouldn't last one minute in the ring with us boys. Of course, it's nothing to get angry about. Boys are just naturally stronger, quicker, and more athletic than you girls. Nothing personal…" he added, but hardly sounded like he meant it. Kagome glared at him.

"Kouga!" she called, glancing over Kaijinbo's shoulder. Hearing his name, Kouga quickly walked over, standing next to Kaijinbo with his arms crossed. "You're the captain. What do you think about this?" she asked him.

"I think Master Kaijinbo said it all." He replied not faltering in the slightest. His answer shocked Kagome.

"But yesterday you said that I was better than half the guys on the team!" she accused angrily. Mummers went throughout the small crowd that had gathered around them. Kouga's face paled slightly, but it was quickly gone.

"I never said that." He replied, his face completely indifferent. Kaijinbo looked pleased.

"What are you talking about!? Why are you lying!?" Kagome cried, tears just beginning to form in her eyes.

"Just shut up Kagome." Kouga mumbled quietly, clearly embarrassed by the looks the boys were giving him. He refused to be ruled by his own girlfriend. But Kagome had heard him loud and clear, and reeled back as if she had been slapped, but she didn't cry.

"Fine. It's over Kouga." She spoke just as quietly. A mummer of excitement went through the crowd of boys. At her statement, Kouga's face instantly fell and look of regret crossed his face. He stepped towards her to reach for her, but Kaijinbo stopped him in his tracks.

"That's enough. Back to practice." Kouga had no choice. Giving one last look to Kagome, he walked with the boys to the locker room. Kagome turned around and gave a small smile to the sympathetic looks her friends were giving her. She shook her head slowly, ignoring the boo's and catcalls coming from the other boys. She gathered her stuff and left with the rest of her teammates.

She ignored her friends' reassurances and insults toward Kouga. For some reason, she didn't feel sad or angry. She just felt tired.


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