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The people talking about sniffels and such are Haylinn and Zexion, the rest is, well, the rest.


In another, boring, dull, 3 am meeting.

"How about The Annoying Fangirl?"

"That's not very nice Zexion. Sniffels."

"Did you just say sniffels?"

"And what if I did?"


"That's not even a word."

"Wait, what are we talking about? The snore or the sniffels?"

"Somebody wake Demyx."

"The sniffels."

"Demyx? Asleep? What happened with all the coffee rush and stuff?"

"Well, I say that sniffels is a word from now on, you walking dictionary."

"Don't dis my weapon, newbie."


"Why did someone just said that?"

"Oh, Larxene just kicked Demyx off his chair."




"From his mommy."

"Riku, get outta here."

"Grumble, grumble."

"What is it with people saying what they're doing today?"

"I don't know. Sit."

"Face palm."

Zexion and Haylinn continued to talk about several meanings of utter nonsense while the rest of the organization concentrated on the remains of Demyx. Currently they were discussing on how to get him off the floor.

Axel suggestion was to burn him and vacuum clean the floor afterwards, and put the ashes in the unused cookie jar where the nocturne will happily rest in peace. And also to get Jesse McCartney to choke on the cookies. Mainly the latter.

Xaldin said he could chop Demyx up and use the best parts for the next meal, but majority disagreed with that. Maybe they will get some kind of a Demyx disease.

Vexen said he could use another experi- and Larxene electrified him before he could finish. The last experiment was already anoying enough, they didn't want to know what could happen with Demyx.

Xemnas had enough of this. He yelled across the room for attention.

"BEEPERS! SHUT UP! XI(11), get a shovel and dig IX(9) out of the ground. The rest, SIT!"

Marlurxia left while the rest took their places on their extremely high chairs.

"Now, have you found a name for XIV(15) yet?" he asked. They shook their heads. Haylinn raised her opinion in the matter.

"I got it! The Energetic Dancer!"


"I like music, you know."

"Alright, you'll have that name for now, until we decide other. Meeting closed." Xemnas ended. All left that instant, going back to their beauty sleep. Except Haylinn of course.

"Guys, how do you get off these chairs without hurting yourself? Guys? GUYS! DON'T JUST LEAVE ME HERE!"

-In another part of the castle-

"Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!"

"Dude, that's never gonna work."

"Shut up if you don't have a better plan, got it memorized?"

A black portal appeared and Luxord stepped out.

"What in in the name of Kingdom Hearts are two doing?"

"Nothing." Axel and Xigbar said simultaneously.

"Anyway, come with me, I have found the secret entrance to stoner land."

"Stoner land, you say?"

"No way! I thought that was just a myth!"

"Ha! I knew you two were fucked up little pot smokers!"

"Hey, cut the language, Demyx's fish is listening."

"You mean it's still just a myth?"



Dead silence. Axel spoke first.

"Xigbar. Don't. Ever. Do that again. Got it memorized?"

"You're not a damn pirate, mate."

-Else where-

"I feel like I'm talking with myself here."

"Well, that's cause you are talking with yourself, genius." Jesse replied.

"No, I'm talking with you."

"Dude, I am you." the singer said annoyed.

"Still. But put that aside, what did you want anyway?"

"You should really stop eating that much ice cream. It'll make ya fat."

"Shut up, I don't need your advice."

"Don't tell me to shut up! You need me!"

"No I don't! I got, I got,... my ice cream!"

"Now you lost it completely. Give me that devil's food!"

"NO! It's mine, my own, my... precious."

"I knew I shouldn't have let you watch that movie. You need help, little guy."

"I don't need help! The precious will help me! Go away!"


"Go away and never come back!"

"You're not gonna survive without me, you know?"

"Go away and never come back!"


"Ha! He's gone! We're free! We're free, my precious! Roxum, Roxum!" the teen sang and danced like wild. Then he started liking his precious with such pleasure it would have given Axel a greater nosebleed than he had from Haylinn before.

Heh. I luv putting Jesse McCartney and Roxas together. It's so much fun to mess with.


Red head: chill! Just jump down, Roxum's gonna catch ya

Roxum: precious?

Haylinn: ok, I'm gonna jump

Haylinn: any minute now

Haylinn: almost

-Roxas goes up and pushes her-

Haylinn: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH- look, I can fly! -HHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Red head: onoes! You squished Roxum!

Haylinn: owie

Roxas: since when do I have a split personality that actually walks around?

Red head: hey, it's not walking anymore. It's ...very...flat

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