Party kiss.

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Today I am having a bad day. Mostly unlucky. X.x and I thought of this idea at 2am, 26th November. So don't blame me if this story stinks. Thank you.

Note: I don't own Naruto, but Tenten, Sasuke, Neji and Kakashi are mine. Bwahahaha.

--- 26th march. Sakura's house. 7pm… ---

"Thanks for inviting us Sakura-chan!" Hinata said shyly. "No problem! After all, what would a birthday party be without friends?!" (A/n: My birthday this year had no people round. And very quiet. So nice…) "You said it!" Ino exclaimed, patting Sakura in the back. "Eh. Where are your parents?" Ino realized. "They went out of town after I told them I wanted the house to myself for my birthday. So they decided to take a vacation." She replied. "All the more better!" Temari shouted. "Stop that Temari." Shikamaru told her.

"Hey Neji?" Naruto asked with dull eyes. "Hn." He replied. "This is a girls party right?" "How would I know?" Neji answered calmly. "We are not girl. Why are we here?" Naruto asked. "Dope. I agree with you for this once." Sasuke answered with the same sort of dull eyes while watching the girls squeal over nothing. (A/n: It has been 2 years since Sasuke came back to Konoha.) Lee said nothing. He just stared at Sakura .(A/n: I thin he is a pervert. Kekeke.)

"Aw right! Time to partay like we know it!" Temari shouted. "You tell them gal!" Tenten said while punching her fist into the air. Soon, all the food were brought out from the kitchen and put on the dining table. "Yay! Let's eat!" Naruto happily said after seeing that there were ramen. "Dope." Sasuke muttered. All of them were happily picking out the food they liked. This was kind of like a buffet to them so they took huge amounts. "Sakura where is the Sake?" Temari asked. "Eh? You want to drink sake?" Sakura said confused. "Of course! Food always goes best with sake!" Temari answered like a know it all. "Ok. If you say so." Sakura obediently went into the kitchen to get a few bottle of sake, not knowing that the sake that her father bought were extremely strong. She poured each of them a cup and then Ino proposed a toast to Sakura's 17th birthday. "Happy 17th Birthday to Haruno Sakura!!!" They all cheered, disturbing the neighbours in the process. They all gulp the drink down, except shy Hinata who took sips.

--- 10pm, after a few glasses… ---

"Wakakakakakaka! Finally the party is started!" Temari shouted while standing on the dining table, obviously drunk. Sakura lay one the floor, holding a huge bottle of sake, and kept hiccupping. Sasuke challenged Naruto to a sake fight, seeing who could drink more sake. Hinata kept slamming the table, asking for more, though she was holding a half-full sake bottle. Ino was poking Shikamaru's face while he was sleeping like a baby. Tenten slept with her belly exposed and Neji leaning against the couch, asleep. Tenten woke up, though still drunk. She looked at the boy sitting besides her. Her hazel brown eyes closed as she leaned forward, getting closer to his face till she felt his breath. She then leaned in for a kiss. Her cold, sake filled lips touched his. This woke Neji up. All the people in the room looked at Tenten, eyes wide open. Mouth agape. "I… hic L-love you hic Neji!" She proclaimed, still drunk. Then she fell down, back to her deep slumber, leaving Neji stunned, together with the rest of the people in the room.

--- After word! ---

Konnichiwa! Bunny Tenten is back and having a huge sugar rush! I am seriously disappointed with this fan fiction of mine cos it is too short. X.x But please review it though? Arigato! --- Bows ---



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