Party Kiss: Futile Efforts. Can't ignore the cries of the heart.

Konnichiwa all… My brain cells are like. Almost all dead. And this is the 3rd chapter of this story that I have written today. Enjoy this half-dead bunny's story!

--- Pathway of Sakura Park ---

Pitter Patter could be heard coming from Tenten's shoes as she ran away from the truth/ Away from her team mate. From the one she loved. Tears which were supposed to roll down her smooth cheek flew in the wind. Those words that Neji said ran through her mind over and over again.


"Tenten" He said when he stopped walking and turned to face her. "Do you like me?"

---End Flashback---

(Tenten's P.O.V)

No! I don't like him!!! When did he start thinking that!?! NO!

I don't like him. Do I?

No. I don't do I!?!

I just want to stay as friends! I don't want anything to change!

Why?! Why did he have to say that!?! Why is he making my life miserable? First he stole my heart and did not know it. Now this!?! How much more pain can he inflict on me?

Stupid Neji.

Stupid Neji!


---Tenten's house ---

"Ah Tenten! You are back! Could you help me…?" Tenten's mother's voice trailed off as she slammed her room's door shut. "What's wrong now?" She asked herself, looking worried.

---Tenten's room ---

She screamed into her pillow as the tears ran down her cheeks. She tried to stop them, but it was of no use. It just kept coming down.

I hate you Neji!

I love you!

Hate you!

No! Love!

"I hate myself." She muttered. "I hate myself for being weak." "I hate myself for loving you." "I hate myself for meeting you." "I hate myself for missing you" "I hate myself for thinking of you." "Why did you have to do that? Stealing my heart? Why does a rich prodigy like you need it? Jerk." Tenten cried herself to sleep. She woke up at night about dinner time at 6.53 pm. She walked down the stairs in her house slowly, just to realize, she could not cheat her feelings, her heart. She stopped dead in her tracks and ran back up to her room. She curled up in her bed and thought it over. She knew it. She knew she always loved him. She wanted him to notice her. She wanted him to like her.

Why did I run away? What did I do?

Her bed sheets rustled as she got up.

I bet Neji will be angry. He would ignore me! I deserve it. I have been such a jerk. The way I treated him? I am such an awful person. I don't deserve him, nor his attention! I hope he forgives me… Please! Please please forgive me. Wait. How can I just stay here and do nothing!?!

She dashed out of her room, out of her house and out of her shell. She was ready to take on reality. She headed for the Hyuuga manor.

--- Hyuuga manor's gate. ---

"Excuse me! Is anybody there?" She shouted. A shadow approached at rapid speed then aimed a kunai at her. As usual, she had dodged it, like when she trains with Neji. "What do you want?" Shouted the voice from afar. "Neji! Is he home?" She asked. The shadow came closer. Closer. Much closer. Till she saw Hiashi Hyuuga, Hinata's father. "No. Neji has not come home. Do you have some business with him?" He asked. "Never mind! Thank you!" She shouted as the distance between them widened. She went back to the Sakura Park, where she last saw Neji. Dark clouds approached and thunder rumbled. She had finally reached Sakura Park. She looked around for a shadow. Anything that gave off a sign that Neji is there.

She found…



Her knees gave way and she collapsed as it had a huge impact on her. "Pitter Patter" went the rain drops as it fell to the ground. She looked up to the dark, grey sky and her hand reached out to feel it. The rain drops ran down her face and some merged with her tears that looked like pearls rolling down. She had been kneeling on the ground for 10 minutes now. She stood up. "Well. I'd better b going home. Mom must have cooked dinner already." She told herself when she felt a presence coming from behind her. There was somebody on the bench. She turned around and her buns unrolled to become long and straight hair.

She looked at who it was.


She gasped and put her hands to her mouth as he walked towards her. "How long have you been here?" Tenten asked when she felt his cold hands touch her cheek. "Long enough." He teased. "I'll ask again. Do you like me?" He asked when he put his hands down. Tenten caught his falling hand. "No. I don't like you a bit. I love you!" She said as she looked up at him, smiling. "I love you Tenten." He said. "I always did. And I always will." He said before he leaned in for a kiss. A long and memorable one.

--- Back at Tenten's house when she got back ---

She touched her lips. She could still feel his warmth. "Yum." She thought. "Tenten! Where have you been! Didn't you know it was to rain? Whatever am I going to do with you!?! What have you been doing huh?!" Tenten's mother asked angrily. "Having the time of my life mom! I finally got out of my shell!" She said. "Huh?" Her mom looked confused. Tenten giggled as she looked back at her mother from the stairs. Then ran back up.

--- After word! ---

Konnichiwa all.

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