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Chapter 1: The Beginning

The boy had run off with the bag in hand.

Yoruichi seized the opportunity to practice her flash steps. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. She closed the gap between them within seconds. She could have reached out to grab the boy and snatch back the stolen item in his hands but she didn't. She wanted to play.

Slowing back down to the running speed of a normal person, Yoruichi allowed the boy to further the distance between them. She would let him get to the end of the district before she continued her chase.

Sighing, she slowed to a stop. There was no fun in the chase of such a slow prey. Folding her arms in annoyance, she studied the gradually retreating figure of the boy.

He was fat, overweight, heavy set. She bet that when he was alive, he must have been one of those kids who would camp out at a fast food restaurant and gorge himself silly on. His hairstyle was awful, almost as if he'd put a bowl over his head and tried to cut round it. Probably some sort of computer nerd, perhaps even a mummy's boy. Being tactful was not one of her qualities, she noted in amusement. He was pretty far away now. Time to resume the chase.


Yoruichi sped past the civilians of Soul Society, her cat-like eyes focused on her prey. This was the most fun she had had in the chase so far. There was no point in chasing a prey that was too close to her. She would have had him down in an instant.


The distance between them was swallowed up by the extreme speed of her flash steps. Once more and she'd have him.


She appeared in front of the boy and grinned cynically. She enjoyed the look he had plastered on his rotund face. Yoruichi reached forward and pried the tiny brown bag from his fingers and waved goodbye before she flash stepped back to where her friend was waiting.

The wind rushed through her cropped hair as she raced back. She loved flash stepping. It gave her the feeling of superiority, as if nothing in the world could touch her. The adrenaline surged through her with every step she took. It was her dream to be the best at flash stepping once she grew up.


A short seemingly twelve-year-old boy with a hat nestled on his ruffled blonde hair stood there waiting for her, the hat casting a shadow over his eyes.

"Here." Yoruichi dropped the bag, tied with a string, on his head, squishing the hat. She eyed the hat and squinted. "Hats are unflattering on you. You look like an old man."

"Aw, don't be like that, Yoruichi-san," Kisuke waved his hand in dismissal. He untied the string and opened the bag, picking out a sweet and popping it into his mouth. "Want one?"

"That was what you made me chase after? A bag of sweets?"

"I never actually made you get them back. The boy stole them from me and ran away with it. You just started chasing after it. And would I, your best friend, have stopped you from having fun with your little cat and mouse game?" Kisuke replied, examining another sweet. "I, on the other hand, would have merely let him run away and gone to his hideout at the edge of the 78th District and taken them back. He's been snatching food from the other kids for ages."

"You and your over-analytical mind," Yoruichi rolled her eyes. "Stop eating those sweets. Your teeth will decay and drop out."

"But I like them," Kisuke whined like a baby. "If becoming a Shinigami doesn't work, I'm going to own a candy store and sell sweets to all the little kids like me."

Before Yoruichi could retort back at her friend, officials in black flowing robes pushed themselves through the crowd to the two kids. The leader pointed at Kisuke and shouted orders at his comrades and they advanced.

"Oh dear," Kisuke muttered to himself, though he didn't sound the least bit worried. "I think we'd better run, Yoruichi-san."

He tore down the street in the opposite direction, Yoruichi right on his heels. Though she could overtake him with a little bit more effort, she didn't. Why were they running from Shinigami from the 13 Protection Squads? Her family knew she could take care of herself so there was no reason for them to send people looking for her. Suspicion led her to glare at her friend, still popping sweets into his mouth.

"What did you do, Kisuke?"

"I might have gotten into the Department of Technology and found something," he answered, digging in his robes for a small round sphere.

The sphere emitted a faint red glow, ridding the shadow that the oversized hat cast over his hazel eyes. It was small, just fitting into the palm of his hand, yet it seemed to contain a high concentration of spirit particles.

Yoruichi glanced back. The Shinigami officials were having no trouble keeping up with them, their yells for them to stop getting closer and closer. Frustrated, she let loose some of the remaining energy in her and surged in front of Kisuke, though not by much.

Glancing back again, she saw Kisuke store the orb back in his robes. She would question him later. He looked up and saw her staring at him. He grinned, his don't-worry-so-much-it'll-all-be-fine grin.

Suddenly, the smile slipped off his face. Quizzically, Yoruichi furrowed her brows and studied his expression.

For a split second, she lost her concentration and took a flash step in the direction she was headed, not noticing what was in front of her. Yoruichi felt her foot catch on a ledge and she fell forward, forwards and downwards. The force and speed of her flash step hurled her into the air above the azure water.

She was falling, falling from the highest ledge in Soul Society into the deepest lake. Fear froze her as the water came closer and closer. There was absolutely nothing she could do as her deepest fear rushed up ever nearer.