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Yang Jun-Kyu paused in the cabin doorway of the Mithril Gulf Stream aircraft and gazed across the heat hazed tarmac of Sydney Airport, Australia. It was a clear blue sky so the sun was giving Australia a full broadside and while it was a dry heat as opposed to the hellish humidity of Merida Island, Yang still felt the need to tug on his collar.

Yang had worked bodyguard duty before, so he already had a kit together for such a mission. He wore a grey three button summer suit with a white shirt, no tie. The ends of the coat were long enough to conceal the adjustable driving holster he wore on his left hip and the double magazine pouches behind it. The dossier said this would be an easy assignment, but the group of Mithril Intelligence agents in front of two Ford Taurus' looked like they knew what they were doing. He dropped the handle on his suitcase and took a quick assessment of his new comrades while he wheeled over to the group at a leisurely pace.

It was a four man team, or rather three man and one woman team. He recognized all of them from the information in the mission dossier and from what the Captain had told him back on the Danaan…

Two days ago, somewhere in the Atlantic, the Tuatha De Danaan briefing room.

"So, you will be leaving immediately. Do you understand Corporal?"

Across from the West Pacific Fleet's Princess, Yang stared at the thick dossier on the briefing table between them. He chose his next words carefully, his hands gripping each other firmly behind his back as he stood at parade rest.

"I cannot in all honesty recommend myself for active duty. To be truthful, I don't quite understand why I was told to set sail with the De Danaan when I was still under medical leave." He was looking over her head, seemingly intent on winning a staring contest with the map board behind her.

Tessa smiled sadly at his words, looking down at the dossier between them. She'd just laid out his next mission, one she felt was their best chance at getting Yang back. Matting her lips, she made her way around the table and picked up the dossier, thrusting it out towards the Corporal.

"I believe you are the best person suited to the job. Are you not the best driver in Mithril." she worded the question as a statement. Yang indeed had the highest scores in offensive and defensive driving in the entire organization, let alone the Pacific Fleet. Yang's shoulders shifted uncomfortably at the praise. Even in his current slump, the Captain's praise ignited a flame of pride in his breast.

"Yes ma'am, I do hold the top marks in offensive and defensive driving courses." He replied.

"Then you are the best choice for this mission. I will be honest with you Yang…this mission is also a statement. It's no secret that we at Tactical do not have a positive relationship with Intelligence. It has become worse since the incident in Hong Kong. I want to make sure that they are properly protecting the VIP after their recent failure in the protection of Kaname Chidori, and I want to send them a message by sending one of our best to show them how things are done." She added a smile that could melt a glacier. It was powerful enough to draw a tiny smile from Yang, despite his depression.

"I understand Captain…I won't fail you." He took the dossier and tucked it under his arm, standing to attention and saluting. Tessa seemed pleased with his response, noting a bit of spring in his step. It would pass, but Tessa had briefly restored some measure of confidence in the young man.

Returning his salute, she surprised him by offering him her hand, smiling again. "Good luck, Corporal."

Yang left that room feeling better than he had all month.

The present.

"Corporal Yang Jun-Kyu?" The leader of the protection detail stepped forward and thrust a hand in the Mithril operative's direction.

Nicholas Walker was in his early fifties with salt and pepper hair closely cropped in a military crew cut. He had a leathery, tanned complexion and steely grey eyes. Yang immediately warmed up to the man, who radiated a kind of paternal feeling when he grinned. He was a tall man, just under six feet and had apparently done a good job of keeping fit despite his age, as was evident in the strength of his grip when Yang took up the offered handshake.

"Yes Sir, Agent Walker?" Yang smiled politely, but Walker could feel a kind of emptiness behind it. He gave him pause before he resumed grinning and released the boy's hand. "You've done your homework, that's good. Still, let me introduce you to the team."

From Mr. Walker's files, Yang had a feeling things would turn out like this. The man was an old war horse of the United States' Central Intelligence Agency. He had been through several field positions from NoC to the Covert Action Group, the CIA commando's. In his later days with the Agency he'd become a case officer with several embassy postings to his credit. How he came to Mithril was classified, but that seemed rather fitting considering his status as an ex-spy. Or rather, a reinstated spy.

Yang followed Walker to the center of the group gathered in front of the one of the vehicles. Walker introduced each in turn, starting with Dominik Vikowitz, a former member of Poland's elite GROM. Not all former soldiers wound up with Tactical, the other branches had quite a few operators themselves.

Vikowitz was only slightly taller than Yang with a barrel chest and built like a fire plug. He had a blonde haired soul patch under his lip and a shaved head. He had a thuggish face but one of those ridiculous grins that reminded Yang of his fellow teammate, Kruez Weber. He wore a conservative business suit not unlike those worn by FBI and Secret Service personnel.

"Nice to meet you Corporal, I hear good things about you." The man nearly crushed Yang's hand, rocking the younger soldier's bones with a slap on the shoulder.

"It's nice to meet you, Agent Vikowitz."

"Call me Vik, eh?" They shared a chuckle, although Yang's was considerably shorter.

Moving on, next up was Charles Price, former British MI-5, military intelligence. Price was everything you saw in the stereotypical bond character. Movie star good looks, perfect black hair and a tan summer suit with blue shirt and golden tie, and, naturally, the charming British accent and personality.

"Cheers mate. Welcome to Australia." He and Yang exchanged nods and handshakes before Yang and Walker moved on to the female member of the group.

Veronika Gagarin was a rarity in Mithril in that she was a former Soviet KGB officer. Russians in Mithril were few and far between, but it made sense that they would include her in the protection detail considering the mission principle was also a Russian national. Veronika was a tall, attractive blonde with a dancer's figure and olive tan skin. She had cold, blue eyes that sent shivers up Yang's spine. She was obviously an ice queen, and this was reinforced by the rather brief touch they shared in a poor excuse for a handshake. She wore a woman's black business suit and white shirt.

"Everyone, Corporal Yang Jun-Kyu. Not that we didn't know that already. We'll be going to pick up the Mission Principle, Yang. She's at her appointment with RD, they have their own security on site so once we deliver her she's under their care until we pick her up. You ride with me and Veronika in the carrier, Price and Vik are in the trail vehicle. For now, Veronika will drive and then you'll take over tomorrow, sound good?" Yang just nodded in response. "Alright, let's get to it."

They piled into the Ford Taurus' and started to drive away, leaving the Gulf Stream behind. It would stay overnight before returning to Merida Island in the morning. Back to the Ford Taurus, Yang could immediately tell there was something off about the vehicle. Looking at Walker, who sat in back with Yang, he asked him about it.

"These are modified, aren't they?" Yang hoped to god they were, because the Taurus, while the most numerous vehicle in America in its hay day, was a terrible vehicle. Hardly something you want to drive a possible target in. Walker arched an appreciative brow at the Corporal.

"They are. Under the hood, these things are completely different. New engine, suspension, the works. Glass is bullet proof and the doors are reinforced so the car is a little heavier than normal. Two MP-5's behind the seat-" the Agent elbowed the seat they were in. "- and deployable smoke grenades under the bumpers."

Yang felt better now that he realized the cars were modified. A good car made his job easier, should the worst happen. He made a note to familiarize himself with the vehicles when he got a chance. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Veronika looking back at them through the rear view mirror, and for a brief moment their eyes met. She immediately broke the contact and looked ahead, silent for a few moments before speaking up.

"Heckler and Koch P7, yes?" She had a distinct Russian accent.

Yang looked down at where he'd habitually brushed the left side of his coat open so he could have access to his driving holster, which was tilted forward so he could cross draw it quickly and easily while sitting. It could be tilted back into an upright position for when he got out of the car, but the weapon still required a cross draw, because he was right handed. It wasn't as fast as if he wore a holster on his right hip, but he'd chosen this because if he had to draw his weapon, chances were high that he'd have to do it while driving.

The sidearm Yang had brought with him was something he felt was perfect for the mission, that being the Heckler and Koch P7M13. It featured a unique squeeze cocking mechanism that works by simply depressing the large cocking lever in the front of the grip. This cocks the internal striker, as the pistol is self enclosed, and for all subsequent shots the weapon is cocked automatically as the slide recoils. It had a larger grip than the original P7 to accommodate a double stacked thirteen round magazine, firing 9mm rounds. The internal striker de-cocks automatically when the cocking lever is released. Thus, while having no manual safeties, it is a very safe firearm. Like all HK firearms it is durable, accurate and reliable. It was a good bodyguard pistol because it could be cocked and fired one handed, leaving the other hand free to control the mission principle.

"That's right…" Yang replied unsurely. Veronika grunted, and grew quiet again. Yang looked uneasily at Walker, who shrugged helplessly. Yang drew his coat loosely over the holster and looked out the window as they hit the highway and were apparently going to drive through Sydney to reach the RD facility. He decided to enjoy the view, spotting the Opera house on the river and other Australian landmarks.