Musings over dinner

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Violet was trying very hard to keep her face expressionless during dinner with Uncle Monty, a feat which was particularly difficult as she felt the blade of Stephano's knife rubbing gently up and down her knee. Violet could feel the Goosebumps forming on her skin and tried her hardest not to shudder.

She looked up and saw the shiny, shiny eyes of Stephano staring at her, daring her to speak but his threat towards Sunny was enough for her to keep quiet, just as it had when he had wanted to marry her to acquire the Baudelaire fortune.

A "charming girl" he had called her, empty words from a murderer. Violet remembered other words and phrases that sometimes haunted her if she let herself dwell on them. They hinted at something dark, something that Violet at only fourteen had not yet experienced.

She remembered the play, and the hopelessness that she had felt as for once in her life she had realized that this was one situation in which inventing things would not help. Other things came to her as she remembered that night. The looks that Olaf had given her, his pressure on her hand. Now as Violet sat there trying hard to not show the turmoil in her she realized that once more she had failed to look out for Klaus and Sunny, once again she had failed her parents.

As Violet felt Olaf's blade against her knee she wondered how much self control he was exerting not to draw blood.

She stared at him as she heard him speak to Uncle Monty. The fact that he could speak so calmly while threatening her at the same time amazed her. She saw Uncle Monty smile around the table in a jovial way and her heart sank. Even though Uncle Monty was a kind and loving person he had still, like so many others failed to realize the danger of Count Olaf.

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