Danny Phantom What Is This?

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, he belongs to Nickelodeon and the Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Mr. Tim Burton

Author's Notes: ArmoredSoul suggested I take my Danny Phantom Nightmare Before Christmas crossover oneshot What's This? and rewrite it as a multi-chapter fic. So here it is, don't fear A Phantom's Blood is still on. This is not on the same timeline as A Ghostly Holiday. Thanks go out to ArmoredSoul for the idea and Shiva the Sarcastic for the inspiration for the original oneshot.

Chapter I: Plans


"And so many scholars believe that Marlowe is really," Lancer said as the bell rang, "Now remember to read The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus for tomorrow's lesson," he tells us as we leave for home.

"So Danny, what do you have planned for the weekend?" Sam asks me as we along the sidewalk.

My plan was to invite her out for dinner tonight so I can tell her how I feel for her. Yes, I am finally going to tell her that I love her; no more hiding and blushing. This was it.

"Uh…I actually I was wondering if you would like to come over for dinner, we're going out to eat tonight. I might actually be able to convince them to take to Walburga's," I tell her. Walburga's is her favorite restaurant and was going to have my parents allow us to sit at separate tables so that we can be alone.

"Are you asking me out on a date, Danny," she says as she gives a strange look before blushing.

"Um…no, it's just that I thought it would give you a break from Caviar Night at your house," I tell her. I knew that I should have phrased it differently. I am such an idiot, now she'll probably never agree.

"I would love to Danny, when are you plan on leaving?" she asks me with a smile.

"Six," I tell her as I sigh in relief that she agreed to come with us. I wasn't going to blow this one come Hades or High Water; I would tell Sam how I feel about her.

"I'll be at your place at 5:30, see you then Danny," she says as she left to go to her house.

"Maybe for once things will go my way," I say as I approach my house and walk inside thinking of how I will tell Sam my feelings.

Jack Skellington

"Jack, Jack, I have terrible news," the Mayor yelled as he raced into my study. Normally, any little thing upsets him, but there was something about him now that me gave a bad feeling.

"Calm down, Mayor and tell me what happened," I tell him as I give him some water to calm him down.

"Thank you, Jack," he said as he took a sip and placed the cup back down. "I just got back from the library and found from the bookkeeper that a book's missing," he says as he looks around nervously as if he thinks he's being spied on.

"Well, that's good, that means people are reading," I tell him happily but that did not relax him.

"This wasn't any book Jack it was…," he whispers to me after checking to see if his alone.

I gasped in fear, "I see what you mean," I tell him trying to remain calm as possible. The item that was stolen was incredibly powerful and if it gets into the wrong hands it could spell disaster.


"How nice, the little badger is going to tell the Goth girl his feelings for her," I said watching the information my spy cams had collected for me.

My cat who was sitting on my desk made a face of those words and then coughed up a hairball in disgust of that.

"Bad Maddie," I scolded her as I called in the janitor to clean up the mess. "Don't worry though, I'll make sure this is last romantic moment they have," I tell her as I pick her up and take her to see my latest work.

I walked over to my favorite painting and move it to the side revealing the entrance to my lab.

"Wait until you see this, Maddie. Daniel won't know what hit him," I told her as we walked down the steps and walked to my workbench where I had a strange device lying.

Maddie looked at me then at the device curious as to what it does.

"I don't want to ruin the surprise, my dear," I tell laughing as I pick it up and examine it, "Once I make sure he is out of the way for awhile I can kill Jack and leave Maddie for me," I tell her as I stroke her fur and laugh as I begin to plan my attack.


"Did you get it?" Shock asks me as I enter the hideout.

I don't answer her but simply remove my mask then place a large ornate book on the ground.

"I don't get it, it's a book so what?" Barrel says as he eats his lollipop and goes to pick it up.'

"DON'T touch, the last thing we need is the book to get all sticky," Shock says hitting Barrel in the head before opening the book up herself. "Now let see resurrections," she says skimming through the book.

"Do you really think this will work, I mean no one has actually used one of these spells in ages," I tell her incredulously as she continues to read.

"Of course it will work, we just to find the proper ingredients," she told me smiling as she finds what she's looking for, "Hmmm?" she says as she studies a sentence curiously.

"What is it?" I ask her with smile, hoping she was wrong and I was right.

"There must have been error when they transcribed this book. This one sentence is wrong," she says pointing the 'error' in question.

"The Body and Soul of one who is dead yet alive is needed to perform the ritual," I read, "That's easy, it means we need a vampire," I tell her sticking my tongue out her in victory.

"No, cobweb for brains, it would have said 'vampire' if it meant that, but don't worry we'll figure something out," she says as she closes the book and we start to get ready for the ceremony tonight.