Author's Notes: We come to the end of another fic, I would like to send a thank you out again to Shiva the Sarcastic for the inspiration to the original one shot that spawned this story and ArmoredSoul for the idea to redo it as multi-chapter fic. Thank you to all who reviewed my fic.

Shiva the Sarcastic: You got to love the idea of the Pumpkin King and the Ghost Boy in a dance off. I'm glad you enjoyed the fic and thank you again for the inspiration for the oneshot.

Chapter XXIII: Trick-or-Treat


"Skulker seems to be taking awhile to get back," I said as I sat at my desk reading a book, but was startled when I heard noise outside my office.

"Hey boss," the hunter said as he slowly phased through the door and entered the room.

"Skulker, how did the mission go? I ask him hoping he told he took care of the ghost boy for me.

"Well everything was going fine, I was even going to settle an old score, until this infernal device went off and I had to leave to look at a zombie gorilla," he said sheepishly.

"Don't make excuses Skulker, get out of my sight," I said massaging my temples as he left, why do I have such incompetent henchmen.


"Thanks for everything, Jack and Sally," Sam said as she and Jazz helped clean up from the party. Jack was right this was the largest party in Halloween Town history.

"Anytime, we were glad to have you here. I just wish it was under friendlier conditions," Jack said as he took down the banner. "You are lucky to have a lover like Danny, treasure every moment with him," he says thoughtfully. That was one of things I love of about Jack he can be so romantic and philosophic that he seems almost like a undead poem.

"I don't worry, they will," Jazz said laughing, "This town surely is amazing," she continued as she helped swept up the floor.

"I know we've been around for at least 10,000 years," Jack told her as he gathered the dishes and gave them to the dish washing monster who left to clean them.

"Do you have libraries or archives, I'd love to see them sometime," Jazz asked excitedly.

"Next time you're here, I'll take you to the royal library," Jack says as he goes to see how Danny is doing cleaning the stages.


"I AM THE BOX…," the Box Ghost shouted before I shut him up.

"Did you get the table cloth cleaned," I asked him as I put some silverware away while keeping my eye on the specter lest he creates trouble.

"The Box Ghost does not clean table cloths, he…," he yelled before I blasted him and he got to work right away.

"Is he always like this," Jack said nervously as he watched the ghost working. I don't blame him and I almost feel bad leaving Boxy with Jack but he did lose the contest and the Box Ghost is mostly harmless so it won't be too bad.

"Just make sure to give him a new box everyday or else he get's cranky," I told him as I finished sweeping up. "Thank you again for the party," I tell him as I put the broom away.

"Anytime, Danny, it was a pleasure to have you here," he said as I heard a clock strike the hour.

"Come on guys we better go to before mom and dad start to worry," I said as finished up cleaning.

Before we left Jack walked up to us and gave us a map, "just follow this map, it will lead back to your world," he said as followed us out the door.

"Thanks, jack, by the way are there any souvenirs shops, I want to pick a gift for a friend," I ask him with a grin on my face.

"Well, there's a general store near your destination, you might find something there," he says as we wave goodbye and take off for home.

Jack Skellington

"looks like we cleaned up just in time," I said as I watched the vampires pour in and sit down, "gentlemen, have a lucky evening," I tell them as I walk outside and look at the moon. This has truly been an unbelievable couple of days, even for Halloween Town.

While I was transfixed, Sally came out and walked beside me, "what are you thinking about," she asks as she lovingly tilts my head down.

"I was just thinking about Danny, who can believe that the Halfa is real," I told her awestruck and mesmerized by the silver orb in the Heavens.

"I know, it'll be something to tell our children when we have them," she said as I leaned closer to her and we kissed passionately.


Slowly, I walked up the steps the steps to the Fenton Works and took a deep breath. I would need every ounce of composure to pull this off.

I calmly knocked on the door, "VLADDIE!" I heard the annoying voice of Jack shout as I looked up and saw my 'old' friend standing in front of me.

"Hello, Jack," I said trying to keep my cool, "I…," I started say before he grabbed my arm.

"COME IN V-MAN! HERE HAVE A SEAT," he said slamming me onto the couch with a thud, "MADDIE, BRING OUT SOME DRINKS, VLAD'S HERE!" he hollered into the kitchen.

"No, that's okay; I can only stay a short awhile. I just wanted to tell you some news concerning Daniel," I told him trying to act sad.

"DANNY! GET DOWN HERE!" Jack yelled, that can't be right Daniel's in some other dimension, he can't be here.

"Is this important da…oh hey Vlad, I was just about to come and see you," he said as he came down the steps and smiled.

"You were Daniel?" I ask him confused as to how he could be here, "and why is that, my boy," I ask him trying to keep my cool.

"I wanted to give you a gift to thank for the lovely vacation," he said as he handed me a box, "I had you all wrong, Vladdie. I thought you were creepy old geezer, but you're really a nice guy," he said smiling, for a second I thought his eyes flashed but not even Daniel is that stupid to do it in front of his parents.

"Well…I'm glad you enjoyed and thank you for the present," I said getting up and smiling.

"You're welcome, just wait until around 10:00 to open as it plays a special tune at that time," he said in a sickeningly sweet voice.

"I will…be sure…to do that," I said as I showed myself out and walked back to my limo. Once I was inside and the windows were up and fumed, "Curse that miserable fool, but one day you will be mine," as the car headed up to the mansion.


"Even though you can't see it, there's actually a black hole in that constellation," I told Sam as she gazed at Cygnus, the swan through my telescope.

I had invited her over for a special date tonight; I owed her one, since Plasmius ruined the first one.

"If you can't see it, how do you know it's there?" she asked as she turned to look at me, "and don't tell me because Clockwork told you," she teased me.

"What if I said Clockwork did the calculations and Steven Hawking confirmed it," I joked taking a sip of my soda as I watched her contently.

"Well, I don't need a telescope or an all knowing ghost of time and an astrophysicist to see this new binary system," she said excitedly.

"NEW BINARY SYSTEM!" I said choking on my drink, "What does it look like?" I asked her I raced over to her like a kid on Christmas Morning.

"Well…the two stars are blue in color but sometimes a rare cosmic event makes them look green," she said trying to sound serious.

"Wait a second, no stars change color that fast," I said as I grabbed the telescope and peered in only to be scared by two blue eyes staring at me. "GAH!" I screamed as I fell over and landed on my face.

"After all the ghosts you've faced, you're scared of your own eyes," she said shaking her head and waving a picture of me in the air.

"No one messes with my telescope and lives, you are so dead Manson," I told her playfully as I stood up.

"You'll have to catch me first, Fenton," she retorted as I was about to chase her only to stop, "You're in worse shape than Foley," she said stopping.

"You'll pay for that and for messing with my telescope, but not now or you'll miss the Cosmic Cry," I said looking at my watch smiling.

"Is this a trick?" she said walking cautiously over to where I was standing.

"No, just listen," I said as I put my arms around her and counted down, "Three…Two…One…and…."

"AHHHHHHH I'LL GET FOR THIS DANIEL I SWEA….AHHHHHH," Vlad screamed halfway across town after opening his gift.

"I think getting Vlad a talking severed head was really a nice gesture Danny," Sam said laughing at the Fruit Loop's misfortune.

"I know, I wanted to give him something nice," I replied as I leaned closer to her and we kissed passionately, I have never been happier.

The End.