For six long years, Issun has remained alone. Gone are the days of adventure and companionship that he spent with Amaterasu, and now spends his time within the depths of Yoshpet. However, deep in the shadows of Agata Forest, where the last wisps of Yami's dark power still lurk, a new trouble awakens. In a single night, the guardian saplings wither and die, and as the last sakura blossom falls, it once more becomes Amaterasu's duty to defend the world. Immediately, she seeks the partnership of her most true ally - and soon realises how much her departure had crushed the poncle, and just how bitter time has made him. But as she battles against the odds, she must fight not only for survival, not only for Issun's trust, but for revenge. [epic![slight ammun



The celestial plain was peaceful, the springy grass bouncing ever so slightly in the faint breeze, as the unearthly light streamed down from the crescent moon. Upon the highest ridge, a Sakura tree swayed, far larger and more intricate than any of it's earthly decedents. Beneath the long shadow cast by the ancient plant, slept a white, canine figure. Her body with lithe, yet muscular, and she held an aura of power and authority, even in slumber. Crimson markings swirled delicately into her ivory pelt, and the tip of her curled tail was jet black. One perfectly shaped ears twitched, and blinking blearily, the amber eyes of the she-wolf opened. Her powerful jaws parted in a yawn, and she gazed contentedly down at her sanctuary. The stars continued to shine, stark white in the endless skies, and for a single instant, there was a sense of complete and utter peace.

But the moment did not last long.

A chilling, inhuman screech broke the air, followed by a blast of icy wind. Amaterasu leapt to her paws, as a second, more desperate cry met her auds. She gave a sharp bark, bounding down the ridge and summoning a flaming disc upon to her back as a weapon, but before she even reached flat ground, there was silence. Narrowing her eyes, and pumping her legs faster, the goddess hit the ground at last. And suddenly, without warning, there was darkness. Amaterasu gave a yelp of shock, skidding to a halt. She swung her head from side to side in desperation, but it was hopeless; the stars, moon, and even the glow from her own divine instrument were completely extinguished. She threw back her head, letting out an ear-splitting howl, but knew it was too late - there was nothing she could do now but wait for the light to return.

And it did, just as suddenly as it had left. Amaterasu was on her paws again in a heartbeat, dashing around the hill, over the rocks, and down another slope, tail streaming behind her and ears flat against her head. She burst around the corner, only to give another startled cry of shock, sliding to another awkward halt. Golden eyes wide in horror and maw hanging open in shock, she gazed down at the still, lifeless body of Waka.

No, she thought, refusing to believe what she saw. But after leaping to his side and nuzzling his face, the wolf knew it was true. Letting the tears stream freely down her narrow muzzle, she threw back her head and let out a long, mournful wail, before crouching beside her friend once more, nose pressed against his cheek.

In her despair, the deity did not even notice the tip of a black, scaled tail as it whipped around the edge of the hill and out of sight.

And silence reigned once more.



Yes, I've decided to take another stab at writing fan fiction. I type slowly, and am poorly motivated, but damnit, I'm gonna try. I'd just like to say… reviews are my lifeblood. I need those things to survive… or, at least, to write. So, here you have it; my attempt at Okami fan fiction. Be warned, the rating will most likely change. I enjoy violence, and swearing. Oh yes.