A phone ring shook him awake in the middle of the night. He groaned and reached over Maureen for his phone. "Lake," he grumbled as Maureen began to stir.

"Man, we got a case. 72nd and Charles. We got a new vic."

"What about Benson and Stabler?"

"Stabler is useless now that he's playing the daddy card and Benson is useless without Stabler. Its you and me Lake."

Maureen moaned and started placing kisses along her lover's chest.

Chester groaned felt himself giving into her desire. He then heard laughter on the other line and grew pink with horror as he heard his partner say, "Im giving you an hour man. Pay her and move on, fool."

He closed his phone and Maureen started laughing as he leaned his head back against his pillow. Her body had successfully found its way too his lower torso as she asked, "So I'm your hooker now, baby?"

As her tongue assaulted his skin, he pulled her up to his face and kissed her furiously. "Whatever you want to be, babe," he smirked rolling her underneath him, her laughing as he tickled her sides.

Fin pulled up to the crime scene and couldn't help but smirk at the thought of what his partner was doing. He remembered that needed release when he first joined the squad. Though Fin missed working full time with Munch, Lake was a smooth transition. He was young, and simply finding his way in the world of crime prevention.

Fin exited his vehicle and moved over to the scene, tarp already covering the corpse. "What do we have here Melinda?" he asked crouching down to the body.

"We have the body of Emily Brown, 23, strangled and raped with her blue eyes gouged beside her dying form. Unfortunately, your perp is smart and used a condom. However, I have a feeling she collected some skin fragments underneath her fingernails. That is one of our first assignments when we analyze her body."

"Any phone? Any witnesses?"

"The couple who found her body are being interviewed by Officer Morgan. She'll write that up for you at the precinct, I believe."

"We got a sick son of a bitch on our hands," he grumbled as he turned away from her dead form to call his partner. He heard a couple rings and wasn't surprised to find his voicemail. "Lake, when you get to the precinct, I want you to dig up all the information you can on an Emily Brown. 23, blonde, blue-eyed. Unfortunately, the perp is a sick son of a bitch and I have a nagging feeling that this can expand. This needs to become top priority. See you at the squadron."

Fin closed his phone and started moving toward the car when he heard, "Fin!"

He turned and Melinda quickly strode toward him. "I found this note beside her. Good luck, we'll run it for prints once you copy what it says."

Fin turned the bloody card over and read the cryptic message:

Haha... seems a certain someone

needs a comical clue

2-2-2 find out who the



l I am! Good luck



e playing card is



e #A...

"Oh, boy. Here we go again," Fin said, shaking his head in respectable confusion.

Chester was staring at the victim, Emily Brown, broadcasted on the large screen. She reminded him so much of Maureen that it scared him. He couldn't help but remember their night together last night, and knew that he needed to keep her safe. He took out his phone and quickly text her: Thinking of u. Still in bed?

To his surprise, he got a response quickly and opened to read: Yep, & waiting 4u naked n bed baby. I vote u come on ur lunch... & all nite long. :P Reen

He released a groan was surprised to find a strong grip along his neck. "Hey, keep that noise in the bathroom, Lake. Didn't think we needed to tell you about public sexual displays," Stabler teased.

Lake instantly tensed, knowing that he was in fact remembering his daughter riding him just hours before.

There was a small amount of teasing coming from the squad room doors as Fin, Munch and Benson entered separately. Olivia moved silently to Elliot's side and Fin commented, "Yeah, its my bad that I called during hooker night."

"Hooker night?" Munch asked, his eye brows raising significantly.

"Yep, poor bastard. I called him in the middle... I hope." Fin said with a laugh.

Stabler just laughed and Olivia rolled her eyes. "You be careful, Lake. You're going to get a bad rep."

"Hey, wasn't Maureen into the bad boys," Fin asked jokingly toward Stabler.

"Nah, that was Kathleen, the rebel rouser," Munch said taking a bite out of his donut. "A donut not created by our corrupt government."

"1: shut the hell up, Munch," Elliot said taking a drink of his coffee. "And 2nd: both my daughters have pretty decent heads on their shoulders. They know better than to look around here for male attention. They should be focusing on school."

Lake suddenly felt extremely awkward and lost his appetite.

"Oh El, they are young. Im sure they will want to look around for fun," Olivia said drinking some of his coffee.

"Liv, anyone in this squadron is at least ten years older than my oldest. If anyone was to come near them, I'd break their arm."

"Oh El," she said with a laugh and rolled eyes as she strode toward the coffee pot. What she didn't notice was him checking out her ass. That was until Munch through his second powdered donut at Stabler's head.

Before Lake could excuse himself, Cragen came in and demanded, "What do we got?"

"Vic is Emily Brown, 23, single, live in a small apartment on Vine. She was the weather girl for KYPC news." Fin stated looking at his fact sheet. "She was strangled and raped, with a cryptic note beside her. I think found the start of a chain of dead bodies."

The note was posted next to the screen and Stabler couldn't keep his eyes off the scene. "She looks so much like Reen, Liv," he whispered.

"I know, El, I know," she said, touching his back softly.

Lake swallowed and found his confident voice when asking, "What do you want us to do?"

"You and Fin check out the family and neighbors. Find out who would want to hurt her. Benson, Stabler, you will go to Warner and find out more facts about the scene. Munch will start decoding the note. Questions?" Everyone nodded and he clapped his hands once, saying, "Lets catch this son of a bitch."