Kakashi's bloodline limit


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Chapter 1

It was a usual hot day in Konoha and all the jounins were busy training with their teams. Team 7 was as usual waiting for the silver-white haired jounin to show up because he was late again.

"DAMMIT, Kakashi-sensei WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" the blond boy yelled angrily at the top of his voice, Naruto was so angry that a vein popped out of his forehead.

"Oh, shut up Naruto he won't show up just because you are shouting, however he is really late," inner Sakura "Ahhhh, I'm going to kill him when I first see him."

This time Kakashi was late four hours for training and obviously it made his students have the intention of killing him but suddenly in a puff of smoke, he finally came, putting one of his hands behind his neck and the other in his pocket.

"Oh, gomen, gomen well you see I was --"

"STOP YOUR LAME EXCUSES!" Naruto and Sakura shouted in union, interrupting Kakashi from making up an excuse which saved him the trouble of thinking about one.

"Kakashi-sensei this time you've pushed your luck too far, you are late four hours, I think I'll use my Rassengan on you!" Naruto shouted while preforming the Kagi Bushin no jutsu "Prepare yourself because I will not stop just because you are my sensei," smirking evilly.

"Oh, shut up Naruto and stop being a child, it's not the first time he 's late,"

The pink haired girl gave Naruto a punch that made him go flying and then she glared at her sensei "And why don't we just hear his new excuse."

"You're right Sakura-chan, and it also may come in handy someday against granny Tsunade, but--Sakura-chan," now the blond boy stopped being angry and shook his head in agreement while closing his eyes "You didn't have to hit that hard," he said while rubbing his head with eyes full of tears.

"NARUTOO--" Sakura was about to give him a piece of her mind. If it wasn't for Kakashi holding both of her hands, Naruto would be now flying in the sky.

"That's it you two knock it off! Don't you ever stop fighting?" releasing Sakura from his grip after she had calmed down "Well, anyway I was just about to say before you two interrupted me and started shouting and fighting," glaring at them "I was at the Hokage's office and she told me that all the teams are taking today as a vacation and--"

"A vacation! That's great now I can go to Ichiraku ramen and eat as mush as I want without worrying about that old hag catching me," said Naruto with a cheerful voice and sparkling eyes full of dreams about ramen "Umm, should I put two eggs on it, umm I could almost taste it in my mouth," while Naruto was thinking about ramen he didn't see the punch that was heading towards him from Sakura.

"Oww, why did u do that for Sakura-chan?"

"Baka, you should listen first to what Kakashi-sensei has to say then start thinking about your stupid ramen, don't you ever grow up!" Sakura scolded at Naruto whom didn't seem to be affected by her screaming, after all he was used to it.

"Did you two finish shouting or not yet?" now Kakashi was getting annoyed from their continues fights "Anyway what I was going to say before being interrupted for the second time," Naruto was smiling sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head and Sakura was blushing "Tsunade-sama is holding a very big party for all the shinobi who worked on countless missions for the past few weeks."

"A party you say, I bet that she wants to have a party to run away from work and drink sake, I know that old hag," Naruto said while shaking his head up and down.

"You know Naruto you should learn to be more respectful, she is the Hokage after all," said Sakura while pointing at Naruto.

"Okay then I'll leave you now but don't forget it's tonight at 9 o'clock at the training ground three, Ja ne," and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Then Naruto and Sakura went on their different ways with a wave of goodbye.

Naruto headed as usual to Ichiraku ramen to eat while Sakura headed towards her home thinking about what Kakashi said earlier.

"I didn't know that Hokage-sama would ever let all the shinobi take a day off, Oh well I guess that people change when time passes," and kept walking while scratching her head.

AT the Hokage office

"Damn that Kakashi! He tempted me with sake so I would let him take the rest of the day off and have a party tonight, I'm going to kill him," Tsunade gritted her teeth angrily.

Actually what really happened was that Kakashi asked Tsunade to take the rest of the day off but she refused telling him that taking a vacation just to read his porn books wasn't a good excuse so he told her that if she agrees he'll hold a party with lots of SAKE so she accepted because Shizune didn't let her drink sake and she kept on telling her to stop complaining and do her job so she accepted his offer and gave all the shinobe except for the guards who protect the gates of Konoha a vacation.

"I'll show him how to miss with me but thanks to him I get to drink and gamble as much as I want, I think I'll let him go with it this time," she said smirking at her hidden sake bottle in the drawer.

"Shizune! Tell all the shinobe that we are having a party tonight."

" Hai, Tsunade-sama," and disappeared in a puff of smoke.


"Thank god that Godaime has agreed now I can spend the day at the memorial stone," Kakashi sighed with relief.

He asked Tsunade for a vacation today because he wanted to spend the day at the memorial stone, visiting his late friends.

"I'm sorry Obito that you had to die instead of me, it's all my fault that you are dead now, I hope that you have forgiven me," whispered Kakashi with eyes full of regret, standing in front of the stone.


To Be Continued....