Kakashi's Blood line limit


Chapter twenty-three


The apartment was cold and empty until a wind of leaves blew in it, revealing the form of a silver-haired man. He slowly tried to walk to his room to his bed but found that it was too much trouble to get there without him falling unconscious so he decided to head for the couch.

His apartment wasn't that big but it sure was comfortable to live in. After all there's nothing like home. It consisted of a bedroom, a living room where the couch was placed, a small kitchen and a bathroom. He threw himself over the leathery couch and sighed a sigh of relief now that he was finally away from the others and resting.

Though he knew that this peace won't last, as they would start searching for him and his home would be the first place. However he paid that fact no mind, he wanted to rest and sleep a little. He could feel danger was approaching him and Konoha, and it wouldn't be long till it strikes.

Finally, unable to keep his eyes open any further, he allowed himself to drift off to sleep. It's going to be a long day and he needed every bit of energy he had to survive it.


The Uchiha traitor kept his calm expression on his face, as he saw the copy ninja escape from the hands of the ANBU and his teammates. He could see that the former ANBU captain was becoming more aloof which was of course in his favor, as the man he was watching didn't even trust his students anymore.

The minute they saw their sensei, he quickly teleported himself away from them, and now that the Kyuubi carrier was away from his sensei, his job was a lot easier not that Kakashi was much of a threat to him in the first place, but after the incident of the blood line, he had to be more careful.

He saw them leave the ANBU building and decided that it was time to strike and get that fox demon from the unfortunate blonde shinobi. He slowly walked towards them, the wind was blowing against his cloak making it sway slightly, eyes were blood red and shining with the intent of capturing the Kyuubi carrier at last.

Sakura was walking next to Naruto after they parted ways with the Godaime. Naruto kept insisting that they should go and find their sensei again, but the pink-haired medic tried to reason with him; that maybe the silver-haired jounin needed some time alone or he wouldn't have gotten away from them. Though, Naruto didn't like his friend's way of thinking and kept on rambling that they should help him and that he had gotten a lot of time alone so he kept on trying to persuade her.

Sakura sighed, unable to get some reason into her thick-headed teammate, she finally agreed, with that she suggested that they should first search in his house, it was only convenient. However, before they were about to start their trip to the always-late sensei, they were stopped by a calm yet dreadful voice which could only be recognized as, Uchiha Itachi's.

"Don't you think it's time for you to come with me Naruto-kun?" he asked while opening the first buttons of his cloak, a signal that he was ready to fight the blonde if needed.

"Itachi," Naruto mouthed, swallowing his saliva down his throat, already beads of sweat were trailing down his cheeks but he did nothing to wipe them and simply ignored them. It was no secret that Naruto felt a little fear when he was around the Uchiha traitor but that only lasted for a couple of seconds as he quickly regained his composure and courage back "What are you doing here?" he demanded while clutching his fists hard.

Sakura stared at the man wearing the black cloak with red clouds and noticed something was different about him. Her thoughts started racing and her heart beats quickened, afraid of what will come out of this unexpected encounter.

Last time Kakashi was there to help them and get Naruto to safety but at what cost? He nearly lost his life but thanks to him her most trustful friend remained alive and was standing next to her now, and thank god she didn't lose her sensei too which was a relief; because she didn't want to experience the loss of a friend.

There, she found the little missing part, his blue and talkative partner, where was he? Could he be hiding somewhere waiting for the best opportunity to capture Naruto. She looked around her, studying everything with sharp and observant eyes so as not to miss anything. Surprisingly, she found none.

"Where is your blue friend?" after the little observant, Sakura decided to voice her thoughts and the most of her concerns for the time being. She waited patiently for the answer to come and when she was about to ask again, she heard a low chuckle coming from the direction of where Itachi stood.

She raised an elegant eyebrow and asked him "What's so funny?" tapping her foot on the floor, she kept her eyes trained on him, waiting for him to do anything that may result into a fight which she knew would be pointless as the gap between their powers is so big to the point that even her shisho wasn't able to defeat him so what chance did they have.

Though, she wouldn't give up easily and admit defeat, get her best friend and teammate captured and killed just because of that. She once promised herself and Naruto that she wouldn't get in the way and that exactly what she will do; she will fight side by side with Naruto, protect him with her life if it meant that he will stay alive.

"Nothing, I was a little...amused with the name you gave Kisame. And feel at ease, he's not here at the moment, I'm by myself for now," he answered her. The cherry blossom felt a wave of relief wash over her, ok...so they were going to fight against only one Akatsuki instead of two, well...that could be easier, she sweat dropped at that idea. Who was she trying to kid? They had no chance in hell in beating this guy.

Naruto looked at her and knew exactly what she was thinking because he was thinking the same thing; they had no chance in winning if they were to fight this Uchiha prodigy. Nevertheless, he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and gave her one of his biggest grins "Don't worry Sakura-chan. I want let anything bad happens to you,"

Sakura's head snapped in his direction, "Naruto, it's you that I'm worried about not me," she wanted to hit him hard on his thick skull. Here he was, worrying about her safety even though she wasn't in any danger. Instead he was supposed to be worrying about himself but even at this time he didn't. This is how she always knew him, a person who cares about his friends more than himself because he valued them, he knew the feeling of being alone and didn't want to experience it again.

He waved her off, and readied himself for the upcoming fight and quickly Sakura followed suite. They stood in dead silence for seconds which felt like hours, the atmosphere around them was getting thicker as each of the ninjas was radiating the intent of killing. Finally, Naruto couldn't take it any longer, the feeling reminded him of when Kakashi fought with Zabuza and they had to stay away from the fight, it was the same feeling, the intension of killing coming from true ninjas, yes they were finally able to call themselves true ninjas.

He placed his hand inside of his back pouch and quickly took out three shurikans. Throwing them at the standing figure in front of them. While the shurikans sliced through the thick air eager to thrust the traitor, a smirk was plastered on his face making Sakura feel at unease. The shurikans finally reached their target as a sound of metal clashing was heard through the quiet streets of Konoha. With that, the fight of fate has begun.

A wave of chakra shock the air in the busy streets of Konoha, everyone felt it even if they were not a ninja. They all turned to the direction they felt the chakra coming from, some of the Konoha shinobi recognized it as Itachi's and Naruto's chakra while the others who were still new in the ninja field didn't.

Tsunade was climbing the stairs that led to her office when she felt a strong wave of chakra pressing on her then disappearing, another wave came and as fast as it came it left. It was as if there was a fight going on between two or more skilled ninjas with high energy, and there was.

She quickly turned on her heels and changed her way from her office to go to the source of the chakra, she knew whose chakra it was, it was Naruto's and Sakura's, the two looked like they were fighting against a strong opponent, a very strong one, as a matter of a fact, their chakra seemed like nothing compared to his. Itachi.

She ran down the streets of Konoha towards the place she figured they would be fighting in, she noticed some dust flying in the distance there for, she increased her speed. She was now sure that she was running in the right direction.

Finally, reaching her destination, the pink-haired ninja quickly noticed her and by the look on her face, Tsunade realized that they were having a tough time fighting the Mangekyou Sharingan user, not that she had expected anything more than that.

There were voices and they were getting nearer by the minute, as she tried to determine where the voices were coming, she remembered that they were standing in front of the ANBU HQ so it only made sense that those voices were the ANBU's.

She averted her sight to look at the entrance of the building to find an ANBU coming out of it, he looked at her and she motioned with her head for him to attack but when she did that, she didn't know that Itachi had noticed the ANBU too and was ready to make a move.

"We don't want any interruptions, now do we Naruto-kun," he stated more than he asked and quickly made several hand seals. A minute later, a glassy wall appeared in front of the building, blocking its entrance and forbidding anyone in it from coming out, however, the ANBU were still granted the bliss of watching the fight.

The Godaime muttered a well-chosen curses under her breath while trying to come up with a way to beat this murderer. It was a fact that if she were to try and fight him, she would most probably lose and the same goes for the two teammates who were now trying to get rid of the Akatsuki member.

However, she couldn't just leave them like that, she wouldn't let them fight alone. They would lose their lives if she let them and Naruto would be taken away by the traitor to get the Kyuubi out of him and that would only result to his death.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down and decided that she would join the fight even if it meant her demise. She was the Hokage and her job was to protect the citizens of Konoha and those two are no exception. The moment she moved her foot to walk into the battle field, a flash of white ran past her in a blinding speed, and stopped her in her tracks.


Kakashi jolted out of his sleep by a strong chakra that he immediately identified it as Itachi's, he concentrated for a minute in attempt of knowing the other two chakra and they were none other than his students'.

He quickly sat up at the edge of his couch and just when he was about to stand on his feet, he felt a wave of dizziness hitting him hard enough to make him stumble back on the couch. He held his head between his legs and closed his eyes.

This wave of dizziness was only the beginning, he knew that losing his blood line would result to something like that, it was only convenient. He lost most of the source of his chakra and now he was losing the rest of it, he could feel his power to even open his eyes leaving him.

But he had to pull himself together for the sake of his students, this was his battle not theirs. He had to get up right now or it would be too late, this time he will make sure not to be late. He couldn't afford to be late, not this time.

This time, he will save the lives of his friends, even if it meant him dying. He didn't care if he lived or died because either way it will be the same for him. There was nothing he wanted to live for, nothing was worth it. He had lived his life and now it was Naruto's and Sakura's turns to live their lives.

He gathered his remaining energy and remembered what the Hatashi guy had given him before he disappeared, he gave him the remaining of his blood line and warned him about an upcoming fight, telling him that he would need all the help he could get to win. Though, Kakashi wasn't planing on getting any help, he was planing to go through this alone.

Trying to stand up, he finally managed to walk to his door on shakily legs but he didn't forget the most important thing, his mask. Placing it on his face, he felt at ease again. This mask has become a part of him for the past few years. He has been wearing it since his father's death and he wasn't intending on leaving that habit.

Finding that his legs wouldn't stand straight or stop shaking, he took into consideration that it was time to use what was left of his blood line. Upon taking a deep breath, he felt chakra surging through his veins making everything that once hurt him, fade away. He knew that it was only temporary so he had to hurry.

He chose the roof over the road, and started leaping from one to another. It was faster and it managed him to locate where the fight was. As he neared his destination, he noted that it was in front of the ANBU building just where he was moments or hours ago, he couldn't remember, actually he didn't care.

He saw an ANBU coming out of the building and just when he was about to attack, he was stopped by a strange glassy wall. He figured that it must be one of Itachi's jutsus. He noticed that the Godaime was about to enter the fight although the odds were against her. So he increased his speed to run past her and stop her from making a mistake. She was no match for him so why was she trying to fight him?


The blonde Hokage took a minute to register what had just happened in her mind, after recovering from her shock state, she didn't find a trace of both her apprentice and the loud knuckle-headed ninja. She started to panic and looked around her only to find them placed on the roof behind her.

They too looked a little shaken, they didn't know what had brought them up to the roof. They looked at the Hokage then to where they were supposed to be standing and they only saw their sensei.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!" they both yelled in union and jumped off of the roof to stand next to the blonde Hokage. Kakashi only gave them his trade mark eye crinkle then turned to lock eyes with the calm missing ninja before him. The silver-haired jounin narrowed his eyes at him, headband was missing revealing the famous sharingan.

"Now, you will fight me and leave them out of this. But first we'll take this fight outside of Konoha," he said with a dead ice tone than sent chills down Naruto's and Sakura's spine making them even if they wanted to protest, keep their mouths shut and not try to utter a word of refusal so they simply just kept quiet with looks of worry painting their faces.

"Very well, if that's what you want then I will finish you first and after that I'll get the nine-tailed fox," he replied just as calm and scary as the silver-haired jounin. Naruto noticed that his sensei's hair wasn't white anymore although there was white chakra engulfing him.

He looked at his teammate then back to the Hokage and asked the waiting to be answered question "Why is Kakashi-sensei's hair isn't white? Isn't he using his blood line?" he asked curiously and waited patiently for any of them to answer until Tsunade started giving him his answer "It's because most of it has been sealed away and now he's using what had remained of it," she said apologetically and Naruto knew why so he didn't push the matter any further.

They were brought back to the battle as Itachi and Kakashi started heading outside of Konoha. After a couple of minutes, Naruto's insisting and persisting started "We have to follow him, come on let's go, move it you too. Hurry up or we'll lose them," he kept on that for a couple more seconds and that all what Sakura needed to jam him on the head.

Surprisingly, after getting out her anger at the blonde, she agreed and with Tsunade following suite, they were after the two. They followed them into the forest but the two didn't stop leaping from tree to another. Finally, after feeling that they were far enough, Kakashi stopped. They were now at the edge of the forest, near a water fall.

He noticed three figures coming their way and he guessed that they were Tsunade and his two students. He sighed a sigh of frustration, one of the reasons that he wanted to get away from Konoha was to not let his students get hurt but here they were following him.

First, Naruto landed on the ground followed by Sakura and Tsunade. They were standing near the water fall which was located behind them. They watched closely as they noticed Itachi moving his hands after saying something in a mocking tone that involved "not wanting to hurt your friends" so they guessed that he was making some seals.

He started making the same strange seals he used moments ago once again. Suddenly, the two ninjas were surrounded with five glassy walls. At the top, left, right, back and front, it was as if they were now in their own world where no one could interferer with their fight and that made Sakura worry.

They couldn't help their sensei any more. He was all alone against one of the most powerful Akatsuki members and probably the strongest one after their leader. It was now a matter of life and death, sure he is strong but after his blood line had been sealed, would his current strength be enough to assure him victory or staying alive.

Kakashi gathered his chakra and stood in a fighting stance, both hands in his back pouch. Good thing I remembered to bring my weapons, he thought as he quickly took out two kunais each hand and threw them at the standing figure before him.

Itachi smirked noticing that the kunais held an explosive tags. Who does he think he's fighting with? Was the only thought that found its way to his mind as he made the necessary seals for the Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu and blew a ball of fire out of his mouth burning the tags and making the kunais made of steel melt from the burning heat.

Kakashi quickly took the opportunity of Itachi being busy blowing fire and made two clones of him each of them had a Chidori sparkling in his hand. One of the clones went first and was easily avoided and destroyed by the sharingan specialist.

Then Kakashi gestured for the other one to attack and while Itachi was busy fighting of the clone, the silver-haired jounin took his chance to dig a tunnel underground. With that done, he appeared in front of Itachi almost punching him with a hand sparkling with a killer Chidori.

Itachi managed to dodge the attack at the last minute, though even when he did avoid it, it was not enough to stop any damage. The electricity of the Chidori slashed his cheek making bleeding scratch on his left cheek.

He saw as the former ANBU captain backed away from him with a look in his eyes that showed him that he was smirking. Though that look didn't last long, as it changed into a look of pain. He watched him as he started coughing violently. It must be the liquid substance that I gave to the ANBU in order to seal his blood line, the Uchiha thought. It was no poison, its work was to remove any traces of chakra produced by a blood line and by the looks of it, his body must be reacting badly to it, making him cough like that.

However, Itachi didn't waste that opportunity and attacked with his most favorable technique, Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu. Kakashi looked up awakened from his little cough fit by the yells of Naruto and saw a huge ball of fire approaching him.

He nearly managed to jump out of its way but that was not enough, his left leg was hit by the fire ball making him wince a little in pain but he soon regained his composure and stood on his feet even if it hurt him, to start round two.

At the same time Kakashi reached for his shurikans, Itachi did the same and threw them at each other which resulted a sound of clashing metal. Two fast figures lunched at each other, each holding a kunai in his hand. The silver surfaces of the kunais slashed at each other making a small sparkle escape from the power of the two shinobis.

They stood with their backs to each other waiting for one of them to collapse or to make a noise to indicate that he has been hit. First was: Kakashi who stumbled a little and fell on his knees with a big gash on his shoulder, then it was Itachi's turn who barely made a noise and turned his face to look at the injured ninja. He only had a bleeding scratch on his face and his cloak was slightly teared.

Kakashi knew that in his state, he stood no chance against the traitor. Even though he still had some of his blood line unsealed. His left leg was hurt and his blood line effects were slowly leaving his body to show him that he had to finish this fight quickly.

His chakra was decreasing thanks for his sharingan and for using complicated techniques. The Chidori alone took a lot of his chakra, and now in his current state, he realized that if he were to continue on fighting, he would most surely lose what remained of his blood line.

The silver-haired jounin sighed heavily, he had to fight. So he would lose his blood line, no big deal...he survived without it his whole life and now it's not like something had changed, it would be the same. He would just forget everything that had happened so far and resume his life like nothing had ever happened to him. Of course, it's easier said than done, now that he knew that he was able to save his fallen friends if he were to know about his blood line and that would only result to increase his feel of guilt.

"Kakashi-sensei!" both Naruto and Sakura yelled out of worry for their sensei, feeling useless and helpless to aid their sensei. Tsunade looked worriedly at the fight that was taking place before her however, that wasn't her only worry as she noticed the Kyuubi chakra within Naruto leaking slowly. It made her feel anxious just thinking about the jinchuuriki going crazy and lose his control which will lead to the destruction of Konoha.

Upon noticing the claw marks that were located on his cheeks getting clearer and deeper by the minute and his eyes changing into the color of the nine-tailed beast's eyes, crimson blood. It didn't help to know that, next to her stood a timed bomb waiting to explode at any minute, and she knew that it wasn't long before things got out of control. The Godaime noticed Kakashi glancing at Naruto with the corner of his eyes and she knew that he had realized what's going on with the blonde shinobi.

Itachi walked in a slow yet steady pace towards the kneeling-on-the-ground shinobi. "What's wrong Kakashi-san? I hope that it's not the end for you?" he said in almost sarcastic tone that made Naruto's blood boil even more.

Finally, reaching his destination, Itachi stared at the eyes of the silver-haired ninja coldly, not the least bit fazed by the glare Kakashi was shooting him. Without a second thought or even a flinch, the Uchiha's arm was swung and hit its demanded target. Punching him neatly in the jaw making the former ANBU captain go flying and slam into the glassy wall.

Kakashi coughed out blood which was obvious by the darker color that appeared on the spot where his mouth is located. His mask was slightly torn from the side, revealing a small amount of his cheek's white skin. He tried to stand up after this one of a hell hit and barely managed to keep himself balanced on his feet. Before he was completely stable on his feet, another hit was swung at him, he tried to dodge it and was able to but then the wound he sustained from his clash with the traitor made him paralyzed with pain, he couldn't stop the other kick that caught him on the opened wound.

Kakashi tried to stop the scream that was threatening to break through his lips and ended up coming as a wince of pain which wasn't spared from being heard by the watching ninjas. They saw the elite ninja end up falling on the ground with a loud thud, a little away from the missing nin.

Sakura gasped at what she saw and covered her mouth with both of her hands, her eyes were slowly filling with tears as she observed the fight, it was clearly that the odds were against the laid-back sensei. At this point, she didn't even want to think about what will happen if this were to continue because she fairly knew that the ending result of this battle wouldn't be good, it was obvious and didn't need any clarification, even Naruto knew what will happen.

Speaking of Naruto, she turned to look at him and noticed the change in his features, he was getting angry and that only will lead to unleashing the Kyuubi's chakra. He was clenching his fists hard to the point all of the blood was drained away from them leaving them a color of pale white. He was gritting his teeth which were changing into fangs by the minute he got angrier. She then averted her sight to check on her shisho who didn't look in a better state. She was muttering curses under her breath with a frown marring her face.

Upon hearing another loud voice with another low wince, she quickly turned to look at the fight. The pink-haired medic without even thinking, hurried to the glassy wall as if trying to break it. Her medic's instincts were taking a hold of her now. She couldn't take the sight of someone getting injured and wounded over and over again without someone helping him.

She placed her hands on the glassy wall, looking at her sensei helplessly. He knew that he stood no chance against this murderer so why did he come to help them? She watched the battle, tears threatening to break free as her sensei got another hit, though this time Itachi used his kunai and got a good hit at his face tearing his mask completely off.

Naruto soon followed and stood next to Sakura trying to control himself until he saw his sensei's mask getting ripped off revealing a handsome yet slightly bruised face. Lips were perfect not too big or looked like fish lips, they were just perfect and suited his sharp yet delicate nose. They saw as a trail of blood slowly slipping from his mouth as he coughed again making its way down his lips and chin.

Kakashi felt exhausted and drained, he should've known that without his blood line, he stood not even the slightest chance against this particular Uchiha. He was seated on the ground after the hit he was delivered, leaning his back at the wall behind him. At this moment, he realized that he would die in an honorable way and not like his father.

He couldn't feel his arms nor his legs, his body ached and didn't respond to his commands anymore. He just simply smiled a little and closed his eyes waiting for the upcoming pain and then the sweet scent of death that he has been longing to smell. However, that had to wait as a scream echoed threw the place, it's one and only source was, Naruto.

The blonde shinobi couldn't take it anymore, he couldn't bear looking at his sensei like that, looking at Itachi delivering the final blow to end an important and dear person's life. At that moment, he couldn't see anything but red and found himself in the exact place he found himself in when he came to ask the Kyuubi to lend him some of his chakra. The nine-tailed fox smirked at him.

"What do you want boy?" the beast asked or more like growled. He fully knew the reason behind Naruto's coming to him but he just played dumb to hear him or more like beg him for his help.

"Lend me your chakra," Naruto demanded the giant fox. The fox only stared at him with disgust then sighed as he knew that he couldn't just let the person who he is living in go like that with giving him what he asked for.

"So be it, but how about you remove that seal and get all of my chakra. I know all about your intention of saving that lazy sensei of yours," the Kyuubi waited for an answer but when he didn't get any, he sighed and lent him his powers.

Naruto slowly started growing the first tail as the fox's cloak started enveloping his body. With one furious growl, he attacked the glassy wall with all his might. However, the wall appeared to be more powerful despite its weak appearance.

His failed attempt made Naruto angrier and the smirking face of Itachi got his blood boiling which made it easier for the second tail to grow as well. Naruto only saw rage at this moment but he was still able to recognize friend from foe. Another growl was heard and was followed with a strong wave of chakra. This time when Naruto attacked the glassy wall, it started to crack a little from the force of his attack.

Sakura and Tsunade watched in horror the once cheerful blonde turn into a monster. Tsunade had anticipated that to happen so she wasn't as much surprised as Sakura who her cheeks were practically stained with falling tears. The pink-haired medic had seen Naruto like this and knew of what he was capable of when he used the fox's chakra but also knew that he would turn into a monster.

Naruto grinned and continued on attacking until with one last hit, the wall shattered to pieces. With that Itachi who had been plotting something from the minute Naruto grew his two tails, reached for his kunai. Kakashi noticed that and quickly started forcing himself to his feet. They were standing on a cliff especially Sakura who had backed off since Naruto used the Kyuubi's chakra. She was nearly at the edge of the cliff and if she were to be attacked in that position, he was sure that she would stumble and maybe fall.

Itachi smirked as he aimed to hit the bubble gum haired kunoichi, she was standing in a perfect place and if he got her out of the way now without much of a fight that would be better, not that she actually was much of a threat to him but just in case.

He threw the kunai at her, flying past Naruto whose expression turned from delight at managing to smash the wall into a look of horror as he watched the kunai aiming for his friend who stood too shocked to even move from her place.

Kakashi cursed under his breath, dug out his last amount of chakra and used it to get to the shocked medic. It all went in slow motion, as Kakashi ran as fast as he could passing Naruto and reaching for Sakura.

A loud scream was heard and all eyes were on the cherry blossom whose tears were running freely and to the copy ninja who had his arm out, in his hand was the kunai. He almost managed to save his student by letting his hand take the hit which successfully worked.

At this moment, Kakashi had a kunai stabbed into his hand which he tried to remove but was stopped by Sakura quickly coming to his side and carefully taking the kunai out of his covered in blood hand. He gave her a smile but was repaid by a blush. He wondered what was wrong until he reached for his mask to find it ripped showing his face.

Naruto sighed and looked back at the traitor before him who caused so much hurt. He was about to attack him when he saw Itachi make several seals and slam his hand on the ground. "Enjoy the ride Kakashi-san," with that said he quickly disappeared and Naruto relaxed, returning back to his normal state.

Suddenly the ground started shaking underneath his feet and the ground formed lines of cracking stones. The cliff started falling piece by piece and the ground that separated Naruto and Tsunade from Sakura and Kakashi started giving away. it split into pieces, Sakura looked at Kakashi and saw him all wounded up which meant that he was unable to walk alone, let alone jump. She grabbed him by his arm and using her monstrous strength tried to support his weight but was failing.

However, it didn't go as planned as he held her by her arm "Sakura get out of here now!" he ordered her while freeing himself from her monstrous grip.

"N-no, sensei! I can't just leave you here. You'll die," she shock uncontrollably as she fought the tears. This was happening, she was going to lose the first person in her whole life. She was going to experience how it is to lose someone close to you and a sensei who had become a friend never less.

"SAKURA! You have to, I told you once that I would protect you with everything I had even if it meant sacrificing my own life. I'm not going to let someone important to me die. You, Naruto and Sasuke were the very first students I ever accepted and yet I let one of you down, I'm not going to do the same with you. You and Naruto slowly cracked the wall that I built inside of me and I'm grateful for that. Thank you Sakura and tell Naruto that I expect him to be a great Hokage," with that said, he grabbed her arm and using the last bits of his power, he threw her at Naruto who ended up on the ground, her on top of him.

The cliff finally gave away and completely fell with the copy ninja. The last thing Kakashi heard was screams, lots of shouts that always held his name. He smiled and remembered how Obito had swung him before to save his life and now he did the same, oh the irony. With that being the last thing he thought about, he couldn't feel anything else.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!' Naruto yelled, already tears were falling freely from his eyes as Sakura was on the ground sitting, burying her face in her hands crying at the way her sensei, her friend died to save her. Tsunade had her head bent down, her golden locks were covering her face as she said "We better go back to the village now,"

she knelt beside the pink-haired girl and supported her as she tried to stand up. "WAIT! He can't be dead, he's the great copy ninja. We should at least check if he's dead or not. WE CAN'T JUST LEAVE!" Naruto yelled as he looked at the Godaime, his eyes were filled with tears yet they held a hint of pleading in them.

"I'm sorry Naruto. But even he is not immortal, it's impossible for someone to survive that," she mumbled as she started walking until she was stopped by a hand grabbing her. She looked back and saw angry eyes looking straight into her brown ones, almost begging for hope "I'll send for ANBU troops once we get back to check if he's alive or not,"

Unknowing to them a man smirked and pushed the rim of his glasses up. His glasses shone in the light of the sun as he turned away with his dark gray cloak swaying behind him by the wind. He took a look at the place were the cliff had collapsed before jumping on the rubble of stones.


True to her words Tsunade sent two ANBU troops to the battle location to check if there was a hint of the copy ninja. And now she waiting with Naruto and Sakura in her office refusing to budge from their spots. An ANBU puffed into the office holding what looked like a head band, on it the leaf's symbol. Not needing any words, the ANBU only said "I'm sorry," and left as quickly as he came.

Naruto and Sakura were stunned, they slowly made their way in front of the Hokage's office and stared at the head band that used to belong to their sensei. Naruto held the piece of metal in his hands and started shaking uncontrollably as he tried to contain his tears. While Sakura had a blank expression on her face and muttered under her breath something that looked like "It's my fault,"

The next day, the Hokage announced the sad news, everyone was stunned and didn't know what to say. Gai was weeping about how his rival had died and left him alone with no rivals to challenge while Asuma was smoking without making any noise with him stood Kurenai, face blank and devoid from any emotions.

Nearly all of Konoha assembled to his funeral to say their goodbyes. It seemed that not only the shinobi were going to miss the elite ninja but also those who were not shinobi, Konoha would never be the same anymore, that was what they all thought. There would be no one to annoy the hell out of the Hokage or to piss her off. There would be no one to make lame excuses for being constantly late. There would be no Hatake Kakashi anymore as his name was carved now on the black marble stone.

Drops of water started falling from the sky as it looked like the sky was crying as well for the fallen ninja. A sheet of rain fell upon Konoha, the weather matched how everyone exactly felt. Sadness and grief were living in Konoha now, not even the birds chipped happily nor did the children run in the streets, playing ninja.

Sakura paid her last respects and waited for Naruto to finish as they walked side by side in the pouring rain. Promising themselves never to forget such a great man and to always come and visit the memorial just like he always did in the past.


The End


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