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Christmas lights are EVIL. I'm saying that with the horrible knowledge of experience. Really, one light goes out, the rest of them go out, too! It's like that song!

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"Ugh…I hate Christmas lights…" Ed muttered in a clearly annoyed tone, carefully unwinding a string of twinkling, brightly colored lights. Al seemed to be taking the task a little more light-heartedly…he was laughing and effortlessly winding his own string of lights around the trees outside of the Central Headquarters. Ed was still on his first set of them, haphazardly winding them around his own trees near the door.

"Come on, Ed!" Colonel Roy Mustang yelled from his corner. Of course, he and Riza Hawkeye had the neatest looking trees in the whole vicinity. "You can't just wind them around any old way! You have to do it carefully!"

"I'm trying! Why do we have to put these stupid lights up anyway?!" yelled Ed, struggling to keep his string of lights from getting tangled.

"Because the annual light-up night is coming very soon, Fullmetal," Roy said, motioning for Havoc to come over to get his second set of lights, leaving Edward in last place with only one set of lights hung up. Ed groaned loudly. It was already getting late, they had been working for hours…when could he leave for the Philosopher's Stone?

Luckily, all Ed really needed to do was lasso a string around a tree and he was done…and Roy would stick him with more lights. He sighed and lazily winded the last loop of lights around the top of the small pine tree, then moved so he could be with the others and Al.

"Finally you get done, Edward," Roy said sarcastically, smirking. "How lovely. Now maybe we can actually light this thing up and go home."

Ed stuck his tongue at the Colonel, but Roy was busy yelling out instructions to Fuery, who was working the lights.

"NOW JUST SWITCH IT ON! IT'S READY!" Roy yelled, signaling wildly to the mechanic. Fuery nodded and with just one flick of the switch, the whole headquarters lit up as if by magic.

Ed felt his breath catch. He looked around, seeing the sparkling and shining of all the lights. The headquarters always managed to look plain during the day, but lit up night, it was lovely, glimmering and shining.

Ed could feel Roy's proud gaze beam at them all, even him. It was amazing how a simple holiday like Christmas could get everyone so excited, so kind to one another.

For once, rigging up the lights seemed worth it this time.


This one was a little more serious, which is what I'm planning for the next few chapters. But yay, Christmas! Sorry, they're going to be around this short, but you know…drabbles. Well, don't forget to review on your way out.