Now let's start another one. After I rolled the idea for a month. I'm gonna start now. So this is set a little after GS but, no suprise there, it's gonna be GSD. more info look for the end.

Gunshots. Beams. Hits. Aegis coming towards him. Pain. Explosion.



Kira jolted up from his bed. It was dark. Nothing made sense anymore. His senses seemed to be too alert.

H calmed himself slowly. It had been a nightmare, nothing to worry about at all. But still he felt too nervous. Was there an attack? No it couldn't be. The war had ended. Right?

Kira stumbled to the bathroom to have some water. While he was going he glanced the clock. 2 am.

He lit the bathroom light.

And his breath hitched to his throat. Cold and lifeless eyes looked him back. They were violet but reflected no light. They were his eyes.

Kira understood. That's why he'd been more alert. He was in SEED mode. Kira tried to calm himself. Inside he knew that it was impossible. He was stuck like this.

He went back to bead.

The next day

After waking up, Kira went to Lacus. He stood there with his eyes closed so that the kids couldn't see.

"Lacus. I need to talk to you, please."

Lacus diverted her eyes from trying to get one of the kids to stop whatever he was doing. She knew this was important.

They went to the beach. There Kira showed his eyes. Lacus was shocked and scared. he looked like this when he was killing people.

"Lacus, I think I should go away." Kira stated eyes closed.

"What are you going to do when you go away?"

"Maybe I'll start another orphanage. Eyes closed of course. I'll just be a civilian who was blinded during the last war."

"I'll miss you."

"Me too but this is for the best." Kira breathed in and out. "The kids and all. It's better that I'm not here. I'll have to tell Cagalli and Athrun. It just…. pains me to leave like this but I can't stay. Someone might find out."

Lacus was silent and then offered her cell. "Call them now. Lets not delay this longer."

Kira made the phone calls. They also agreed to keep in contact via cells but they wouldn't know Kiras location. Cagalli also made the requiring paperwork. Kira was on a plane the next day.

So Kira will be a kind of Malchio the II but it wont stay like that. Our dear GSD cast will appear and all that. And that damn insignifigant war (no pun intended) and the politics will be on the background. Now I just need to think a good name for Kira to use. Please review. Suggestions will be taken. Thanks!