Hate me, kill me, kiss me, make me disappear... I wont continue that... Now for a kinda filler-like chapter. Bear with me but it's necessary. And I suck with plots.

The walk wasn't long. To the village, you know. Kira felt the ocean breeze all the way.

The laughter that rang in the air was simply calming. It lightened up his soul. He had met the mirror again this morning. It had hurt, like every morning before. But he looked after the kids. It brought light to his life.

He could hear the villages sounds already. Had the walk been shorter this time? He willed a gentle smile to his face. Façades were something of a must. For him.

As he stepped inside the village, the kids ran immediately to their friends. They had a deal that they'd meet before sunset in the same place and everyone would have the assigned item with them. That left them less work.

Kira hoped that it would go without a fight. He himself walked to a café in the centre. He'd agreed to meet some friends there.

They were already there when he reached the café. He could hear their voices, as loud as they were.

There was Sharon, Jiod and Fens (completely random names). The first meeting between them had been a bumping in the street. After that they had just started to hang around every time Kira visited.

-Keith! Finally you came. We waited for ages." Sharon spoke enthusiasm in her voice.

-It was five minutes, Miss Exaggerator Sharon. You should fix your sense of reality." Fens shared his opinion with the class.

-Sense of reality!!! How dare you blame a fine lady like me of something like that? I should just………"

And so the bantering continued and Jiod told Kira where the chair was. When he was sitting down, Jiod cut off the argument.

-Now you two, lets behave since our hardworking friend is here with us. And Keith I orderedyour coffee already. And more drinks for the old marriage couple at the other end of the table…" Jiod said with a sickening sweet voice that was laced with playful malice. It really sent cold shivers down your spine. Sharon and Fens were quiet in seconds.

Jiod tended to have that effect.

They spent the day chatting and talking. Away from the looming war, even though that ZAFT Gibraltar base was quite near the town. Sometimes the soldiers came to have some R&R.

The fights were inevitable. It wasn't about being a Coordinator or a Natural; it was more of a matter of public peace. Soldiers were sometimes violent.

After a day of nice sunshine and good company, it was a shame to ruin it. But the evening brought some trouble.

When the sun was setting Kira found himself with the kids again. Wind had gotten colder and by the time all of them should've been there, it was almost freezing. Well, that what it felt to them after a warm day. Then something was noticed.

One of the kids wasn't there. A boy named Sean.

Kiras stomach turned but nothing could be seen from the outside. Other children were nearly panicky but Kira calmed them down. He told them to listen. Soon enough, they heard the cries of a child.

They ran, following the voices. They found the source.

It was an alley where they found Sean. He was surrounded by five drunk ZAFT soldiers. Or that's what Kira thought based on the sounds they made. He also spared a passing thought to the amount of alcohol they had drunk. It wasn't exactly easy to get a Coordinator drunk.

-Hey you guys!" He shouted. "Leave him alone. Go and take on someone your own size." (That's sooooo corny…..)

-Well well, if it isn't some stupid Natural who doesn't know his place." The slurred speech was like a hammer to his ears. The meaning of the words almost escaped him. The men decided that a kid really wasn't a beating they were looking for so they were closing in on Kira.

Kira made a simple hand gesture and the kids knew to back up. They didn't know what he was going to do but they knew that the men were dangerous. Sean ran to the other kids.

Then suddenly- "Hey, you morons! You feeling so great that you can beat up a blind man, huh?"

There were his friends, Sharon being the one who shouted. The soldiers came to the conclusion that now wasn't a good time.

"Hey you Natural! We'll finish this later, remember that." And so they left, running.

"Keith, are you alright?" A worried voice inquired. Sharon sounded a bit upset.

"Yeah I'm alright; they didn't get to do anything to me. Thanks for coming." A sheepish smile, certain waves of hand and that's it. Sharon was calm.

"You sure? They promised to get back at you later." Jiod sounded a little suspicious.

"It's nothing, really. I'll be fine. Now I need to get the kids back home….. Thanks again."

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