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The blue light from early in the morning lighted the dark and gloomy mansion. A tall and dark figure sat by the window and watched the cloudy sky. The sun was starting to come out but it was being blocked by the rain clouds. The full moon was still visible in the sky.

The lonely figure sat with a melancholy face. Her pale white skin glowed in the darkness of her room. She was a lovely vision to behold. Long dark black hair that glistened into a dark navy blue, full red lips, killer curves, and sad blue eyes that reflected the sorrow in her inhuman soul. She could have only been in her twenties but she was shrouded by wisdom and age that couldn't be explained by a human.

A gun shot and yells brought her from her sad train of thoughts. She listened and heard another shot in the distance. It was miles away but she could hear it as clear as a bell. Slowly, she pulled herself up and elegantly made her way towards the door. Her long black dress flowed graciously around her and her light footsteps slowly made their way outside.

She listened and then continued to follow the sounds. She'd isolated herself for so long, her killer instincts were dead. She had fed from animals for so long, her thirst was controlled and in balance. She was lonely though. She had never met another of her kind in centuries. How she'd love to have someone to share eternity with.

Through the forest that surrounded her mansion, she walked and the shouts and gunshots became louder and more frequent. She could make out three different voices. One was an older man's while the other two seemed to belong to teenagers.

Soon she smelled them. They were so delicious. One in particular caught her attention. He smelled sweet and innocent like honey and flowers. She took a deep breath of his sent and found herself smile lightly for the first time in years. How could just a smell affect her this much?

Then she heard it, a loud growl. Then she smelled it, bitter and salty; a vampire's worst enemy besides hunters. Extremely curious now, the pale female pushed aside some brush and took in the scene in front of her.

She spotted the older man. He held a gun and fired but the werewolf was too fast and dodged. Another werewolf was battling it out with an older boy who looked to be eighteen. Then her eyes shifted to the younger human of them all. She inhaled and realized that the fantastic and enticing smell was being released from his body.

She cocked her head and took in his appearance. He looked to be about fourteen but she could tell he had great potential of being handsome. He had long, brown hair and hazel green eyes. He was lean and skinny. She could tell he was in his awkward years where he'd gone through a major growth spurt. Her blue eyes sparkled in excitement at just looking at him.

The boy moved from behind a tree and aimed his gun at one of the werewolves when all of a sudden; another one appeared from behind him. The pale female's eyes widened and a warning cry died in her lips. Why did she wish to protect this human boy? No one had ever had such an impact on her before. She felt tingly. Luckily the boy had turned around just in time to dodge the sharp claws from raking his side.

The older teenager saw too and yelled, "Son of a bitch! Damn it Sam! You were supposed to wait in the car."

The younger boy spoke for the first time and the pale woman marveled at his soft yet strong voice. "Well it's lucky I didn't listen. You two need all the help you can get."

The older man shot one of the werewolves dead and then spoke in a deep, commanding voice, "Get back to the damn Impala, Sam. I mean it!"

"No!" the boy, Sam, stated stubbornly. The female licked her lips. He just smelled so good. Why was she reacting like this? She was dead. She wasn't supposed to be feeling this way, especially towards a human.

The older man bristled before he shot at one of the werewolves. He couldn't say anything else because the last two werewolves had come together and they were heading towards the boy Sam.

They tackled him and one of them picked him up. He threw him over his shoulders and took off.

The older boy screamed, "No!" He aimed and fired at one of the werewolves. The one behind dropped dead but the other one carrying Sam didn't slow down.

Acting quickly, the pale female took off running as fast as she could go. Being as old as her, she had developed some interesting abilities. Her nostrils flared as the smell of the dog became stronger. She hissed before she grabbed the wolf's arm and yanked. She heard a loud pop as she dislocated its' arm. The wolf howled in pain and dropped Sam. Immediately, she picked the boy up and carried him in her arms.

She didn't even glance at the wolf as she left him withering in pain. The other two would find him and then put him out. She looked down at the unconscious boy. Right now, all that she cared about was the boy in her arms. She ran through the woods towards her house.

She reached it in record time and glanced down at the boy again. She just couldn't get enough of looking at him. His smell would have made her mouth water if she could still make saliva. She lightly, like a feather, brushed her fingers across his forehead where a bruise was starting to appear.

She needed to get as far away as possible. The other two men would be looking for the boy and she wouldn't or couldn't give him away. He was hers now.

Deep down in her dead heart, she heard the faint whispers of a thump. This boy was the one she was looking for. He was the one she wanted to spend eternity with. She couldn't change him yet though. He was too young but in a couple of years, he would be ready. She had waited hundreds of years for this moment. She could afford to wait a few more years.

Her eyes lifted back to her dreary house and suddenly it didn't seem as dark. She had to leave. She would pack a few things and make sure the boy slept through it all. She was pretty sure she had some pills lying around somewhere.

Everything would be perfect.

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