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John stood back and watched the fallen body of Eliza. Despite how things turned out, her face looked peaceful with the smallest hint of a smile.

"I'm so sorry," he said, though he wasn't sure whether he was saying it to Eliza or Sam.

There was movement behind him.

"Uhh, what the fu-," Dean groaned as he tried to pull himself up.

"Dean!" John called as he hurried over to his struggling son.

Dean jackknifed up and looked at his dad square on the face, his mouth agape. "Dad!" He looked around frantically. "Where's Eliza? That bitch, she…" Dean trailed off when he noticed the bloody machete in his dad's hands and then his eyes moved towards Eliza's decapitated body. "Holy shit!" he whispered. This time Dean had no trouble pulling himself up. He walked over to her corpse and looked at her face, and then he looked back at his dad in disbelief. "You didn't." Dean looked agitated. "Oh man Sam is going to go into shock if he sees her body like this."

John nodded and started to spur his body into action. "I'll get rid of the body. I'll need your help though. You can clean up the mess of blood here while I go bury Eliza."

"How are you going to get her outside without anyone seeing you?" Dean asked.

"Let me worry about that," was all John said.


Sam stood in the doorway to his old home with Eliza. He was staring at the clearing and watching the woods glow a golden color. He felt a presence behind him and then a warm hand on his shoulder.

Surprised, he looked behind him and saw Eliza. His stared wide-eyed at the vision that was Eliza. Sam had never seen her like this before. She was beautiful. Her face was flushed a healthy pink not a deathly pale. She looked radiant and alive. She was wearing a white dress and she was warm, not ice cold. It came as a surprise for Sam because all he ever remembered of Eliza's touch was cold.

She smiled at him and squeezed his shoulder gently. She let go and started walking down the stairs and to the woods.

Sam watched as she got further away. Before she disappeared in the woods, she turned back once and smiled again and a soft whisper of good-bye floated into Sam's ears. He stood frozen as Eliza turned her back on him and was engulfed in the golden light of the woods.

"Bye Eliza," Sam whispered back.

Sam knew that he was never going to see her again but at least now he could remember her in all her beauty. Her true beauty.


The roar of a car woke Sam up from his strange dream. He lifted his head slowly and blearily looked around.

The Impala? How'd I get here? Sam didn't remember getting up and going in the car. He looked up and saw that Dean was looking at him intently.

Sam leaned on his elbow and pulled himself up. "Hey Dean."

Dean looked confused. "Hey Sammy. How are feeling?"

"I feel fine."

"Don't you remember something?" John asked as he spared a glance over at his youngest son.

Sam frowned and concentrated. What are they- That's when he remembered Eliza. He gasped and blurted out, "Dean! Are you okay? I remember Eliza hit you pretty hard." That's when he took in the dark purple bruise on Dean's face.

He heard John and Dean sigh at the same time and then Dean looked at him in the eyes with relief, "Well, at least now we know you didn't get your head busted again."

Sam looked at his brother. "What happened to Eliza?"

Sam didn't miss the way Dean flinched. He looked over to his dad and saw him tense up. Something happened and they don't want me to find out about it. The dream drifted in his mind and Sam gasped. "Oh God!"

Dean looked at his brother in worry. "What is it Sammy?"

"Stop the car," Sam said instead. His voice was surprisingly calm as those three words left his mouth. John showed no sign of complying so Sam looked at the little mirror knowing his dad was looking at him through that. "Please Dad just stop the car for a movement."

Sam gave John the look without knowing it and the older Winchester caved in. "Okay."

Dean gave him a look of surprise but didn't say anything.

John maneuvered the Impala to the edge of the empty road. Sam got out and started walking towards the vast field. It was actually a bright and sunny day.

Dean got out and started following Sam but Sam turned and just shook his head. "Don't. I need to do this alone. I'll be right back, I promise." He looked away and continued walking further away from the car.

Once he was sure he was far enough away from the car, Sam stopped and looked around. He saw a lone red tulip and he knelt to touch it lightly. "I know Eliza," he said to no one. "I know that you're gone. But, even though it makes me sad, I'm happy for you because I know you're in a better place." He smiled. "I saw you in my dreams. You were beautiful. I'll remember you like that for ever." He got up and looked at the flower as it swayed gently by the wind. "Good-bye Eliza," he said before he turned away.

Sam didn't cry. He was happy that Eliza had found peace.

He reached his family who had been watching him from the distance. They both had grim looks on their faces and Dean moved to say something to him but Sam just smiled and said, "Okay, we can go now."

Dean had his mouth open before he closed it and shrugged. He scratched his head and said, "Um…"

"Okay son, we'll go," John said. He watched as Sam opened the door and sat down. His face looked at peace. Whatever he did sure made him feel better.

John knew that Sam had figured out Eliza's death. There was no point in telling him now. He'd told Dean not to say anything about it anymore. What was done was done.

Sam gazed out the window as the Impala started again. He closed his eyes and started reliving memories with Eliza. Even though he'd had a good life with Eliza, he couldn't deny that he loved being with his own family. He knew that Eliza had left so he could be happy with is family.

Thanks Eliza.

"So, I hear there's a poltergeist problem over in Louisiana," Dean informed. "What to check it out?"

"Definitely," Sam grinned.

Dean reached out and punched Sam playfully on the arm. "Gonna need to get you back in training."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Oh joy I remember that."

Dean grinned back. "Bitch."


John just shook his head with a small smile on his face. "Louisiana it is."

Sam and Dean continued to bicker and everything was at ease.

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