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Chapter One

For years it's been the same damn thing between them, the fighting and name calling. It's always "mutt" and "moneybags" and Joey was tired of it all. He has in a weird way been in awe of what Kaiba has been able to do, he is the CEO of Kaiba Corp. and that's really something for someone who is still a teenager even though he's almost an adult, but how many adults can be a damn good looking as Joey thinks Kaiba is?

You'd think since they are almost adults the name calling would stop, but no it's the same old thing and today Joey's made his mind up that when he graduates from Domino High he's going to take what money he's saved up and leave Domino and he doesn't care where he goes at least he won't have to listen to Kaiba putting him down every time he sees Joey.

Yugi and Yami are really worried about Joey because of the way he's been acting lately and when Yugi asked him about it Joey just smiles and says "Yug, it's nothing don't worry about it soon it will get better."

Mokuba is Seto's younger brother and he's wondering what is wrong with his brother too. Seto has been rather quiet lately and even though the people who are around him lately are kind of glad about it well they too are wondering what's wrong and why hasn't he been yelling and ordering them around? What's going on?

I know, but then I'm writing this story and I'll never tell. Ha ha….

On his way home from school, Joey decides to go through the Park and he sits on one of the benches and closes his eyes and lets his imagination loose and soon he's in that other world where he and Seto are a couple and they are happy and the world is finally a good place to be.

As Joey imagines how his world would be if he and Seto could get along, while in another part of Domino, there sits Seto at his desk and he's thinking what it would be like if the world was different and if somehow he and Wheeler could be together and how different it would really be.

Then the strangest thing happens and a Genie appears and is hovering around Seto's head and he's reading his mind and then he giggles softly to himself and he touches Seto's head with his wand and Presto! Seto and Joey are together in Seto's different world and a Seto begins to smile.

In the Park where Joey is sitting and imagining what it would be like if he and Seto could get along and what if they got together and were a couple and a smile came to his face, well another Genie appeared hovering around Joey's head and he too was listening to what Joey was thinking and like the Genie who is with Seto, this Genie too touched Joey's head with his wand and Presto! He and Seto were together and were happy for the first time ever.

Then the two Genies appeared together and slapped their hand together and giggled as they witnessed what they had just done and the older of the two said "For just four hours you both will be happy and maybe this is even make the two of you want to be together and it that does then great, but if not at least you both are having the same dream and are happy for the first time in your lives. Then they disappeared.

In their minds both Seto and Joey are together and all their friends are happy for them. Even though Joey is worried about what the Press will do when they find out about them Seto assures him that he doesn't give a damn and that they will never be apart again. Mokuba is so happy for both of them, but he's also wondering when this all happened?

It's been three hours since the Genie's put that spell on both of them and for some strange reason Joey is waking up and he's wondering where the hell he is, and then he remembers he went to the Park to think. For some strange reason he feels like something weird has happened but he can't remember what it is and he gets up and goes home.

At Kaiba Corp. Seto come to also and he too has a strange feeling that something has happened and like Joey he can't remember what it was and he closes his lap top and calls Mokie and "tells him that he'll be home early and they can go out for Pizza if he wants to."

Mokie nearly falls off the couch when he hears what his brother just said but he said "That's great big brother I'd love to go out for Pizza."

When Joey got home he discovered that he forgot to go shopping and there was no food in his Apartment so he decides to get cleaned up and go out for Pizza.

What will happen when Joey and Seto see each other, will they remember what they dreamed of????

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Chapter Two Coming Up...The Pizza Hut...