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The Moment After
Can you say 'Oops'?

"I'm the God of War, Princess. Therefore it would be either God of Warback ride or Goddyback ride. It's all in the terminology. Please keep that in mind?" Nevertheless, he continued stomping around…

Gabrielle stood there, frozen in shock as she watched both God and mortal prance around like.. like.. children. What was worse, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well, maybe that wasn't so bad, but the bard had never expected to see a sight like this! Xena and Ares doing a thing like that? This was just too ridiculous! She had to be dreaming. Even if she wrote it down as it was actually happening, no one would ever believe this.

"Xena!" It took her a moment to realize that she had actually spoken. The fact that Ares and Xena had stopped acting like two overgrown chits and were staring at her, wide-eyed as if she was the strangest thing they'd ever seen, had been a big help in figuring that out too.

The raven haired Warrior Princess mouthed a choice word before quickly dismounting the leather-clad War God, who was still wearing a look that rivaled the one on the bard's face. A nudge from Xena brought him out of it though. "I thought you said she was sleeping like the dead and wouldn't wake if the world exploded," the Warrior Princess accused the War God. "She was, until you woke her up with your shouting," Ares replied. "As if you were being so quiet." Xena huffed. "My dear, I'm a God. I can be as quiet as I want to." The War God smirked with his usual superiority. "You sure as Tartarus weren't quiet when you were acting like a horse." Xena threw back. "Neither were you." Ares answered. "But I wasn't a horse!" exclaimed the Warrior Princess. "That's besides the point." The two of them were glaring daggers at each other now, neither of them willing to take the blame or to back off. "Anyway, you're a God, couldn't you have made her sleep through it or something?" "I.." "SHUT UP!"

Surprisingly, that did the trick as God and Mortal effectively shut up and the look of shock was once again firmly in place. Gabrielle looked from Xena to Ares and back again. "What... How… Why.. I mean. What were…" The bard stammered, unable to form any coherent thought let alone sentence. Suddenly, Ares waved his hand at her and she felt her eyelids get heavy. She sagged to the ground, her consciousness clouded with sleep. Before Morpheus' realm claimed her completely however, she could have sworn that she heard Ares ask in a voice so casual that it was highly doubtful that he had said it at all,

"So, wanna go again?"