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Of Lovers and Life: Chapter One

'Soul meets Soul'

'On lovers' lips'

"Rukia, what the hell are you reading!?" Rukia looked up as Ichigo marched in, rubbing his head with a towel. He sported a look and tone that clearly stated, stop-reading-mushy-smut-stories-out-loud.

Well, it was clear to her!

"What's it to you what I read in my free time?"

Ichigo grunted as she looked back down at the book.

After all the time the two had spent together, Rukia had come to understand Ichigo's strange expressions. She knew he wasn't annoyed with her for reading out loud, he just was actually genuinely curious and didn't know how to ask. She knew when he was pretending, and she knew all his hidden meanings. He had his good hidden moments, when all he seemed to do, was done in order to help the people around him, and she couldn't help but admire him for that. He had his faults, but she had come to love those too.

Wait, Love!?

No…accept! That was it! She had come to 'accept' them.

As Ichigo flopped onto his bed, Rukia looked up from her place on the floor and silently studied his face. His orange hair was still dripping from his bath, his bangs hanging down his face instead of pointing up in their usual sharp-looking way. His warm Cinnamon coloured eyes lifted and met hers for the briefest of seconds.

She felt a strange flutter inside her that made her whole body warm. She gasped quietly, and buried her face back into her book.

Damn. It was really hot in here.

Ichigo looked down at the petite girl on the floor. She had her face buried in the book she was reading, but he could have sworn she had been looking at him…

But hey, the midget was showing some interest in something that wasn't riddled with bunnies!

Unless she was reading a bunny-love story. But he highly doubted that.

He watched her kick her legs up and down in an almost hypnotizing manner. All his previous thoughts fled him, a result of his brain melting into a non-responsive mass.

No! Get a hold of yourself Kurosaki! You some kind of pervert!?

Ichigo gulped and turned away.

No, he was not a pervert.

He really wasn't in the mood to lose himself to his unexplainable feelings. He wasn't one to lie, to himself or otherwise, so he found that forcing these strange desires to the back of his mind allowed him to neglect answering to said feelings.

This is honestly not so healthy for a hormonal teenage boy.

'Beep Beep Beep Beep'

The two jumped as Rukia's phone began vibrating and beeping. As she dug it out of her pocket and flipped it open, Ichigo peeled himself off of the floor he'd fallen upon in his surprise.

"Moshi Moshi?"

A frantic voice spoke high pitched and fast on the other end. Ichigo cringed at the sound.

"Oh, really? Okay. Yeah, we'll be right there." She hung up the phone and looked at the expectant Ichigo.

"It's Urahara! He said he needs our help with 'a big issue'."

Ichigo sighed.

"For an ex-head of the technology division, he sure needs a lot of help!"

But somewhere deep down, the two teens were happy for the distraction. As sort lived as their relief may be, at least they had something to take their minds off of…things.

They hastily left through the window and began to run the short distance to Urahara's store, unaware of the piercing yellow eyes watching them go.

"What is Urahara up too? He can't be thinking…? Aw hell, I knew I shouldn't have given him that thing!"

Yoruichi shook her small, fluffy head as she quickly followed after the two.

At Urahara's

"Oi! Urahara!" Like always, Ichigo's form of greeting consisted of yelling and smashing his fist against the door. Rukia twitched. "Be quiet you baka! You're going to wake the entire-"

She was cut off as Urahara slid open the door and Ichigo fell in, hitting the floor face first. Needless to say, he exchanged some rather colourful words to the unsuspecting floor.

"Ohohohohoho! Glad you could make it Kurosaki-kun, Rukia-san!" He pulled out his fan as he laughed. Ichigo jumped up, rubbing his nose, and yelled.

"You planned that, you sadistic old man!"

"Of course not, you just need to learn to balance properly!" He turned away from the pissed off berry boy and smiled at Rukia.

"Thank you for coming so quickly! This was a rather urgent matter!"

He led the two into what appeared to be a small library. The amount of times the two had been in Urahara's Shop and they hadn't even known this room existed. Rukia tensed instinctively, surveying the tiny red, green, and gold room for danger. Ichigo, on the hand, didn't even bother. The biggest threats in this place were Urahara, and himself. And he knew which threat worried him the most!

"As soon as I received it, I knew it would help you two!"

Those few words alone were enough to strike fear in the teens. They weren't sure they liked the way this one was going…

"Help us?" Rukia asked.

"Help us how?" Ichigo asked skeptically. He could never be sure if 'help' meant 'something that will make you stronger' or 'something that could quite possibly kill you'. Or both.

"You shouldn't be so suspicious! It will help you. Have I ever lied to you?"


Yes you have!

He began to skim the bookshelf, before pulling out a large red and gold book and holding it out to Rukia.

"There you are! Open it and take a look!"

"Don't listen to him Rukia, it'll probably explode or something!"


Ichigo crouched on the floor, rubbing his head, as the madly grinning, psychotic looking Urahara lowered his cane.

"Pay no attention to the paranoid child my dear" He nudged Rukia.

"I guarantee it'll help!"

He gave one final grin as he left the room, shutting the door behind him.

Help…what exactly?

Ichigo stood up and looked over Rukia's shoulder, rubbing his ever growing bump.

"You might as well take a look…"

Rukia nodded as she opened the book to the first page.

What happened next was something the two could never have been prepared for.

With a flash and a bang, the teens were gone.

And the book fell to the floor with a thunk, closing itself up.

Yoruichi jumped through the open window and stared at the book. Her eye twitched as Urahara opened the door cautiously.

"Kisuke…you'd better have a very good explanation for this."

Urahara: 1

Ichigo and Rukia: 0

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